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Both the Old and New Testaments, plus most of the Apocrypha, highly condemn the unforgivable sin of race- mixing (i.e., miscegenation). “Kind after kind” is repeated numerously in Genesis chapter 1; v.12, “......

This is a very serious Biblical story seldom, if ever, addressed anywhere in the various sects of churchianity! I attended church for about 35 years, and I never heard this subject mentioned one single time, so I doubt very much whether any of my readers have heard it either.

Not only is it the height of insanity to promote this supposition, but it borders on blasphemy! Many mediocre Bible students are aware of the original Temple built by Solomon and the 2nd more humble Temple rebuilt by Zerubbabel after the seventy years of Judah’s captivity in Babylon.

There are many who, when they attend a church func- tion or other stage-play featuring the manger scene, with the three wise men, along with their visit to consult Herod to determine the location of the then recently born Christ Child, fail to fully comprehend all of the events taking place in the surrounding history which are seldom revealed. This will be an effort to divulge some of the missing data.

Exhibit #1: The Complete Works of Flavius Josephus, Antiquities, Book 13, Chapter 9, Paragraph 1 in part, plus...

When researching Biblical chronology, it would be well to start with the book of Revelation, chapter 12, as it speaks of an event which happened long before the creation of Adam, and the consequences are still with us today. The four entities mentioned above are brought together into one collective category at Revelation 12:9 which states: