About Our Ministry


Here is the story of the beginning of Clifton A. Emahiser’s Non-Universal Teaching Ministries, in his own words from his very first Watchman’s Teaching Letter, a publication which is now about to go into its twelfth year: 

“…I am in the process of starting a teaching ministry. Since I came down with a heart attack February 6, 1998, I have dedicated the rest of my life (at least what there is of it) to full time writing for the Almighty. I really don’t expect to make any money at this endeavor as people simply do not like to support truth. My objective, therefore, in doing this is to at the least cover part of my cost from donations. 

“…Today, Tuesday, April 21, 1998, I am writing from my hospital room. Lately I have had some blood pressure bouts. It seems that I can be going along very nicely — then have a slight dizzy spell with a few heart flip-flops with my blood pressure going as high as 210/115 and a pulse of 137 without any warning. Of course, you know it never acts up while the doctor is around. Anyway, I made up my mind that I was not going to sit idly by in this hospital room and do nothing. There was a paper place mat under my food tray about 14” by 20”, so I asked the nurse for a pencil and that is how I am getting my writing done. So whether I ever recover much to do my writing, it’s going to be done whether it’s liked or not. It’s going to be the truth. There is an old saying that a lie can be in the saddle and two miles down the street before truth can get its boots on. This is because our people love to be lied to. It is almost impossible to sell truth — you can’t even give truth away! So now we know why Israelites literally throw their money at the Roberts, Hinns, Robertsons, Weilands, Weismans, Jones, Bruggemans and the like and close their purse strings to ‘Two Seed-line Racial Identity.’ 

“(I should mention at this point, and today is Friday April, 24,1998, that I have discovered that the medicine that is causing my blood pressure surges is Lipitor, a cholesterol lowering drug. I have not taken it for two days and my blood pressure is doing fine. This is the second time I stopped it and the blood pressure leveled off both times.)

“I have become aware recently that Yahweh wants me to feed His sheep. I guess that makes me some kind of a Pastor. I really don’t like to accept that title, but if I am feeding His sheep, that is what I am. I don’t really encourage anyone to call me by that title, but would rather be called a teacher and researcher of Scripture. I promise you, though, I will not teach anything other than the truth. I will not write anything other than what I can prove or document, otherwise I will tell you that it is alleged or an opinion. At this point in time, I only have about 110 names, addresses and telephone numbers on my Rolodex of Two Seed-line Identity people. I feel that I should build this list to about 400 to 500 active names. If you have any names of especially Two Seed-line Racial Identity people, I would appreciate it if you would send me their names (by their permission, of course). Also the name list will be kept confidential. I hope to support this “teaching letter” by donations if I can. “ 

Since 1998, Clifton has gotten himself off of all of the artificial pharmaceuticals that the medical establishment promotes, and continues his writing to this day.  This website contains the ongoing results of Clifton’s 1998 vow to commit himself to a ministry, which has enriched the lives and understanding of many truth-seekers since.