Watchman's Teaching Letter #214 February 2016

This is my two hundred and fourteenth monthly teaching letter and continues my eighteenth year of publication. In the last letter, WTL #213, I discussed, (3) “The church affiliation that Tillie and I had together as husband and wife.” Because I got sidetracked on the subject that “Our churches were infiltrated long ago, in the 1930s, by Christian socialists holding communistic ideologies, such as Harry Ward and Reinhold Niebuhr at Union Theological Seminary” (The Red Network by Elizabeth Dilling, p.31).” Of the notable alumni of Union Theological Seminary was one Frederick Buckley Newell (Bachelor of Divinity), of the 1916 Methodist church! Now one hundred years later, that problem is a hundred times worse than back then. I quoted Dilling’s Red Network, pp. 232-233, concerning the “Union Theological Seminary (and St. Stephens College),” and Red Network again at pp. 33-34, where she factually documented that the: “Methodists Turn Socialistic”, And so they remain, after swallowing up the United Brethren and Evangelical churches, and have highly influenced many other mainline denominations! It kind of makes one wonder where we presently stand in Biblical prophecy, doesn’t it?

Anyway, getting sidetracked on the above subject, I had to cut WTL #213 a little short of all of the details of Tillie’s and my church affiliation as husband and wife, especially with the Fostoria, Ohio Nazarene church. Tillie and I started to attend this church somewhere around 1961 or 1962, and as many of the men of that church were already customers at my barbershop, we were welcomed with open arms. It wasn’t long thereafter that we began to take part in the activities of that church, and eventually became members. Somewhere along the line, they voted me to be a board member of the church, which was quite a surprise to me. I would learn later that if the church were to go in debt for some large building project, in order to get that loan, the church board members would have to sign the mortgage note, with their own properties being used as security. Fortunately, at that time the Fostoria, Ohio Nazarene church didn’t have any outstanding debt, and under Pastor Flannery it stayed that way as long as he was there.

There were only two pending projects while I was serving on the board of the Nazarene church in Fostoria. One was to remodel what was formerly a two-room business type building into one large room that could be used for miscellaneous activities. The second was to remodel and air-condition an old brick house that was then being used for a children’s Sunday school. Neither project would require borrowing any money.

For another project I volunteered to help, with a few other men, we dug by hand, a trench about sixty feet long for a gas line, so they could have heat in that building. While we were digging, the subject of negroes came up, sort of pro and con. And one of the men, Lowell Griffin, helping with this digging piped up and said something like this: “Those negroes are no different than us – they’ve just been out in the sun too long”, and he was quite adamant in voicing this opinion! He was typical of the average judeo-Nazarene. Although I didn’t join in that conversation, I really believe that Almighty Yahweh wanted me there at that particular moment to hear that exchange of words, for they have been forever emblazoned in my mind, not capable of being erased!

Further, I believe that Almighty Yahweh wanted me in that judeo-Nazarene church to observe the gradual cultural change from sanity to insanity with rock music, drugs, unisex, miscegenation, sodomy, lesbianism, transgenderism, and sooner than we might imagine, legalized pedophilia! Where in hell are we going to draw the line? After all, what is “unisex”, other than a metro-sexual “hermaphrodite”? Maybe they can make one of those with a GMO!

One might think that being a part of the hippie-socialist-Marxist revolution would be something to be ashamed of! But NO! It was/is the other way around. For instance, when my father and mother were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, one of my female second cousins came up to me in the crowded room and related to me how ashamed she was to have an Emahiser as a relative who was a barber, and she made sure that everyone attending heard what she had said! Today there’s a female schoolteacher at North Baltimore, Ohio, in Wood County, by the name of Emahiser, the same area whence came my second cousin. If it’s her, or an in-law by marriage, she is in a tyrannical position to influence all of our young innocent white children, into the low morals of said revolution, which would include today’s perverted views on sex education, happening as this is being written!

Unless one has ever been in a legitimate business, or in an important position, with happy customers and friendly associations, and then an evil trend comes along that causes nearly everyone to hate you for your resistance against it, one simply can not understand how vicious John Q. Public can become! I believe that everyone, at one time or another, should have a job where they would have to deal with the public and depend on them for a living. Anyone who hasn’t as yet done this, has an eye-opening experience coming. I spoke of how all this evil trend started in WTL #192 thusly:

Since Ed Sullivan introduced the Beatles on television in 1964, our impressionable, immature White Israelite men and women (mostly women) started to mix their genetics with alien nonwhites on a gargantuan scale! Data is found at the following website”:

On February 9th, 1964, The Beatles, with their Edwardian suits and mop top haircuts, made their first American television appearance – LIVE – on The Ed Sullivan Show. A record setting 73 million people tuned in that evening making it one of the seminal [i.e., relating to seed or semen a Freudian slip?] moments in TV history. Nearly fifty years later, people still remember exactly where they were the night The Beatles stepped onto Ed Sullivan’s stage ... [brackets mine]

The story of how The Beatles landed on The Ed Sullivan Show began with the group’s formation in Liverpool in 1960. They spent their first couple of years playing in small clubs throughout Europe. During late night gigs in the city of Hamburg, Germany, sometimes playing as long as eight hours a night, the Beatles perfected their act. However, it was not until an appearance on the British television show, ‘Val Parnell’s Sunday Night at the London Palladium’ and the 1963 release of their first album, Please Please Me that ‘Beatlemania’ began to spread ....”

The first few adherents to ‘Beatlemania’ were young boys aged somewhere between 8 to 15 years old. They wanted to leave their hair grow long like a girl – get a guitar – and scream “ya, ya, ya, ya” at the top of their voices – or get a set of drums – and then pound them as hard as they could! Before this, these boys wanted to be just like their fathers, haircut and all. But after the Beatles, dad began to be referred to by these young boys as just “the old man”, in total disrespect, (and sometimes mothers also)!

Here my wife and I, were in this Nazarene church in Fostoria, Ohio, when all of this ‘Beatlemania’ began to happen. It wasn’t long until some of the young church people wanted to sing the hard rock song, “Jesus Christ, Super Star”, instead of the more beautiful Gospel hymns! Tillie and I had a neighbor who attended the Methodist church, and the neighbor lady told Tillie that the Methodist church had discarded all of their old hymn books and purchased new ones containing only negro spirituals!

After the initial thrust of the influence of ‘Beatlemania’, peer pressure was promoted among those young people who had swallowed the hippie-socialist-Marxist revolution hook, line and sinker, and they made it a living hell for the honest, upstanding young people who wouldn’t conform to the subculture introduced by ‘Beatlemania’! I knew one particular high school student who resisted that terrible peer pressure, when one day he came to my barbershop to get a regular length man’s haircut. Just as I was finishing, he said something like this: “Mr. Emahiser, I really like the way you cut my hair, but I dread going back to school!” He was probably a Junior or a Senior about that time at a catholic high-school just across the street from my barbershop.

That peer pressure not only pervaded all of the public and parochial schools and colleges but every phase of life, including church congregations, and the Nazarene church in Fostoria, Ohio was no exception to the rule. The first stage, by promoting a “generation gap”, started with the children being belligerent toward their parents, and the children winning every controversy. When the father and mother finally lost their parental authority, they would usually cave in to their children’s demands, and still protect them despite their wicked evildoings. This gave license for the children (who were fast becoming adults) to commit every kind of criminality.

I will now focus in on some of my observations of that Nazarene congregation and its leadership, from the beginning of this communist hippie-socialist-Marxist revolution until my wife, Tillie, and I disgustedly resigned from that Nazarene church.

We had a man and his wife in our church by the name of Wilson, and as the communist hippie-socialist-Marxist revolution increased in sway, this man decided to take a neutral position between temperate, straight, customary Christians, and those who were yielding to the peer pressure of the communist hippie-socialist-Marxist revolution. One Sunday morning, when Mr. and Mrs. Wilson entered the congregation, Mr. Wilson was wearing a brand new suit that appeared to be tailor made, but it was made entirely of blue denim, similar to the blue-jeans the hippies were wearing. Only Mr. Wilson’s suit wasn’t torn at the knees, or been submerged into a strong bleach solution to make them look well worn and tattered. Mr. Wilson worked for a loan company as debt collector, and repossessor of automobiles and other possessions on which the borrower was far behind in their monthly payments. Before this, though, Mr. Wilson always looked like a well dressed banker. He had been a customer at my barbershop for several years, and he used to tell me many stories about the “deadbeats” he had to deal with. So it became evident to me, that he was pandering to both of the extremely contrary factions (i.e., hippie vs. Christian piety), both in church and business, plus his private life.

Knowing that peer pressure among the younger children was fueling the fires of this communist hippie-socialist-Marxist revolution, there was no doubt in my mind that this same peer pressure was spreading covertly among the children in our Nazarene church, and our own son, David, was no exception. It was a constant effort in our home for my wife and I to steer David away from the evils of the communist hippie-socialist-Marxist revolution, especially drugs! At that particular time, I hadn’t yet fully learned about the communist hippie-socialist-Marxist revolution. Nevertheless, it was a constant threat to our family life.

Be that as it may, there was a pattern of conversing taking place between the young children and their parents, both in my barber business and in the congregation of our Nazarene church. This pattern developed when the young boys wanted long hair like the Beatles, and a substantial number of parents resisted it, giving the barber instructions to give their young son a regular haircut, the length it was before ‘Beatlemania’ came along. The young sons knew better than to aim their hatred at the parents, so they focused their hate toward the barber, and some of those young sons’ parents were members of our Nazarene church. This hate didn’t develop suddenly, but gradually, and it eventually spread from the young sons to their parents. And the parents were also beginning to hate me, and eventually even the grandparents, whereupon my public-approval rating plummeted, from the mid 90s down to the single digits. Well, popularity was never one of my ambitions, but neither did I wish to create any ill will, as I always tried to meet people on friendly terms! This undercurrent of hatred for me and my barber service was not at first openly perceptible in the Nazarene congregation, but with time it would manifest itself again and again. What would usually happen, when the fathers and grandfathers were won over to the communist hippie-socialist-Marxist revolution that their young sons were following, they, in turn, would leave their hair grow long, in quasi retaliation against the barber (and the women were encouraging the fathers and grandfathers in all of this).

This underground hate movement would in time cause me to be removed off of the board of trustees of that Nazarene church – I could smell it coming. They didn’t realize it, but they were doing me a favor – for should that Nazarene church decide to stray into debt, my replacement would have to sign the mortgage note. It just so happened that a few years later, with a change of pastors my wife, Tillie, and I resigned from that Nazarene church, and they went head over heels in debt, with a very huge mortgage. Someone, other than Tillie and I, had to start paying the usury on that enormous, un-Biblical debt! Then, as I stated at the end of WTL #213:

Then in the early 1970s, Flannery was transferred to the Nazarene church in Marion, Ohio, and a Nazarene Preacher from Columbus, Ohio, named Clay was assigned to Fostoria, and in came trouble!

Somewhat later, Pastor Clay’s son, Danny, was caught stealing wine from the local Kroger grocery store. The news of this was broadcast over WFOB the next morning, and when my wife, Tillie, heard it, she was so ashamed that she went to the Kroger manager and personally apologized to him (he being one of my customers). Danny’s mother then downplayed her son’s act, and his father didn’t seem to take any responsibility for it. We soon realized that if Danny got away with that theft, it was a license for my own son, David, to go out and do likewise. So both my wife and I wrote a letter of resignation, and stopped all of our support to that Nazarene church and seminary, and that ended that fiasco! I later heard that the Nazarene seminary at Mount Vernon, Ohio hired an Edomite-jew to help train the students there (if true, it would be like having a fox in a chicken house).”

It seemed hard, at that time, to leave the Fostoria, Ohio Nazarene church, and my wife Tillie took it quite distressfully, but Almighty Yahweh had something better for us in mind. For a while (I think maybe a year) we made a 90-mile round trip to Marion, Ohio, but that church too was showing signs of trouble. The first thing my wife and I noticed was that the Marion Nazarene church was allowing two or three negroes to attend their meetings. Of course, if the church has a large missionary endeavor in black Africa, how can they keep the negroes out? On another trip to the Marion Nazarene church, they were having a special program, and during that program they had all of the young teenage boys come forward to receive some kind of an award. There were about fifty of them, and all except one looked like hippies. So I knew that the Marion Nazarene church was having the same problem with the communist hippie-socialist-Marxist revolution!

Making that 90-mile round trip to Marion, Ohio became quite a task, so we didn’t go every week, and only now and then for the Sunday morning worship service. We never did attend one of their Sunday school classes. I am sure that Pastor Flannery knew every detail of why my wife and I resigned the Fostoria, Ohio Nazarene church, and he never said a word pro or con. But he did suggest that we might start renting a motel room so we could attend all of the Sunday services at the Marion Nazarene church, which was a very poor idea, as our son, David, would not be fresh and ready for school early Monday morning! So that sort of ended our 90-mile round trips to Marion.

Really, what was happening, Almighty Yahweh was methodically shutting off all of the avenues for my wife, Tillie, and I to find what we thought was a satisfactory church. We would try again at a very small Nazarene church in a small town, Rising Sun, just seven miles north of Fostoria, Ohio. That too also turned out to be a catastrophe. In the small Sunday school class that they assigned us to, there was a mexican and (if I remember correctly), he was accompanied by a white so-called wife, and all he could talk about was how he wanted to leverage everyone’s life insurance policies, which was a scam that was going around at that time. We soon found out there were two families in that church who dictated every activity and event. They had a better than average pastor, but they voted him out. I personally donated him enough money to help defray some of his, and his wife’s, moving expenses back to Pennsylvania, and that ended that!

Somewhere along the line, about this time, my wife Tillie and I were invited to a Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International (FGBMFI) meeting, along with a dinner, by John and Marie Crabtree (the same people who introduced me to the lady with blond hair and blue eyes, who became my wife). It was this organization, or an offshoot off of it, which I found out that there were about as many catholics as there were protestants who were members. My aunt Helen (who was married to my uncle, Merrill Keiser), said: “Now the catholics are being saved ...” My wife and I were not very impressed with that meeting, and never considered going to another. All I knew, at that time, was that the whole world around me was going to hell, and I hadn’t discovered why, nor was I yet awakened to Israel Identity. From my booklet Research Papers Proving Two Seedline Seduction Of Eve, I wrote in part:

I will start my story with the genealogy chart of Esau on the last page of this booklet, Research Papers Proving Two Seedline Seduction Of Eve. [Note, 1-8-2016: I no longer have this chart, and if I did, it would need to be reworked as I was tracing the fourteen dukes of Edom back to three of Esau’s wives (which might be correct) as maybe three of Esau’s six wives may not have produced a “duke” (i.e., “prince”).

I will now cite Nelson’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary, p. 351:

ESAU’S WIVES – the six wives of Esau, oldest son of Jacob: (1) Judith (Gen. 26:34), (2) Basemath (Gen. 26:34), (3) Adah (Gen. 36:2), (4) Aholibamah (Gen. 36:2), (5) Basemath (Gen. 36:3), and (6) Mahalath (Gen. 28:9). Because of the large clan that came from these wives, Esau moved south and east of the Dead Sea to the area of Mount Seir sometimes referred to as Edom (Gen. 36:6-9). His descendants through these wives became known as the Edomites.” We also see “Basemath” mentioned twice – could this be the same person? ....

I am not including the chart with this up-dated article: “I made this chart in the late 70s, and at the time, I had no idea of what Israel Identity was all about. I can’t even give you a good reason why I made the chart in the first place. All I know is, that this chart was going to have a very dramatic effect upon me from that time until now. In the late 70s, I knew there was something wrong, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I had made a very serious study into the eastern religions, along with witchcraft, thinking that that might be where the problem was. Well, this was part of the problem, but later I would find how it fits into the scheme of things. Then a Catholic priest, a customer at my place of business, introduced me to the story of the Illuminati and a character by the name of John Todd, and I thought I had found the answer.

As I would find out later, John Todd only knew about half of what he was talking about. I acquired about 50 of his cassette tapes and started to copy them and pass them around. No sooner than I had gotten involved with John Todd (whom I have never met) and his version of witchcraft and the Illuminati, then another customer brought in a copy of Billions For The Bankers And Debt For The People by Sheldon Emry. Then another customer brought me a copy of The United States and Britain In Prophecy by Herbert W. Armstrong. And yet another customer brought me four cassette tapes by Jim Shaw on Freemasonry. Along with the tapes by Jim Shaw was a small catalogue list with a book entitled Fourth Reich of the Rich by Des Griffin, which John Todd had talked about on one of his cassette tapes. I immediately ordered that book from Shaw. When I got it, in the back of the book were advertised about 200 more books, and I was on my way. Now I didn’t trust Armstrong, so I sent to Sheldon Emry for more information on Israel Identity. Emry only understood the Edomite connection with Jewry, and you can begin to see how the chart I had previously made started to affect me – I knew all about those Edomites and who they were, or so I thought. Anyway, I was headed in the right direction. Well, again I felt I had found the final answer and I informed everybody I knew about those Edomite-jews. Since the early 1980s I have spent about 35,000 to 40,000 hours of study on Israel Identity and the great “jewish” conspiracy.

Then, in my study I continued to read about Cain and all of the Bible references concerning him. I knew it was there (i.e., two seedline) – I understood it in general – I accepted it but didn’t totally understand the importance of it and didn’t make an issue out of it. About four years ago, [from the time I first wrote this in 1998], I was guided by an acquaintance I had made to Bertrand L. Comparet’s and Wesley A. Swift’s cassette tapes. I had purchased some of Comparet’s tapes before that time, but they were so poor in sound quality, I didn’t order any more. My acquaintance loaned me four of Comparet’s tapes, and I liked them so well I copied them and ordered everything I could get by Comparet and Swift. Out of these tapes I had ordered, about 5 to 10% were not intelligible. I did end up with about 225 tapes by these two men that were from good to fair in sound quality. I would hate to estimate how many times I have repeatedly listened to these cassette tapes over and over again ....

The biggest breakthrough I made on Two Seedline doctrine was in Genesis 15:19-21, where I identified the Kenites as descendants of Cain .... the Rephaims as mutated giants from fallen angels, and that all of these race-mixed together with seven other nations to form the Canaanites from which the jews are extracted. Although this is commonly taught by some Identity teachers, to my knowledge, no one else in Identity has ever identified this from this particular passage ....

Let’s see who the jews admit themselves to be. In the Jewish publicationLiberal Judaism, January, 1949, there is an article entitled, ‘Liberal Judaism and Israel’, written by one of their greatest and most renowned Rabbis, Dr. Abba Hillel Silver. Dr. Silver, writing about the then new State of Israel[i], says:

... the third commonwealth of the Jewish Nation is thus an accomplished fact. The State of Israel[i] exists.

As a result the concept of the wandering Jew is bound eventually to disappear along with the term (galut) exile. All nations send forth immigrants to all parts of the world. People are continually moving from one country to another, and change their citizenship, but they are not regarded as exiles.

This fact alone – the end of national exile for the Jewish people, as such – is destined to affect favorably the psyche of the Jew throughout the world. It will endow the Jew, wherever he lives, with a self respect and a sense of security, a normal tone, long-wanting in Jewish experience. For the curse of Cain, the curse of being an outcast and a ‘wanderer’ over the face of the earth has been removed ...”

The following is part of what I wrote in WTL #108:


I received a sarcastic letter from a professing Identity minister, with a scathing question written at the end: ‘Do you belong to a local church?’ To make a long story short, I will reproduce here the answer I gave this man as a reply to this portion of his letter to me: ‘... Your last question was ‘Do you belong to a local church?’ My understanding of the word ‘church’ is that it means ‘the called out ones.’ Are you trying to tell me that I am not a ‘called out one’? If not, why did you ask the question? Every time that I’m out driving around town and see a White Israelite, I see a ‘called out one’, and thus the ‘church’ though, they may not be aware of it. Please explain to me how a building built out of concrete and wood represents ‘a called out one’, which appears to be your position ...” In a brochure I wrote recently entitled Founder Of Waldenses Was Not Peter Waldo, I addressed this subject thusly:

Some people in Israel Identity today will put emphasis on being a member of a local church as if somehow that was a prerequisite for being a Christian. The term ‘church’ in Greek (#1577) is ekklesia and means ‘a calling out’ or ‘called out ones’, and the only people who are ‘called out’ are true Israelites. Whenever one notices a White Israelite walking down the sidewalk one is observing ‘a called out one’, or a member of Yahweh’s assembly. Had some of these people today who put their emphasis on a so-called ‘local church’ lived back in the time of the Waldenses, they would have asked, ‘Are you a member of a local romish church?’; how absurd! That single White Israelite seen walking down the sidewalk is a ‘called out one’, whether he is alone or in a building with 10,000 other Israelites. In the Waldenses, we have an example of the true ekklesia of Yahweh, and nobody cares to mention them or reflect on the persecution they endured. And that persecution was executed by the hand of a ‘man of sin’, or the office of the pope of the romish catholic church, and that title doesn’t deserve to be written in capital letters! The next time anyone asks you if you are a member of a local church, let them know real quickly that you are ‘a called out one’, whether alone or with 10,000 in a sizable edifice. [Note Acts 8:3; 9:31; 1 Cor. 14:23]. The truth is, when you are alone in the privacy of your own immediate family, you constitute, if racially pure, a Holy ekklesia! A multiracial group never establishes an ekklesia, whether among one’s own immediate racially-mixed family or in a large building with diverse races represented [that is, in attendance]!

In order to establish just what is meant by the term “church”, I will glean from several Bible Dictionaries and put it in my own words. The English word ‘church’, with its cognate ‘kirk’, is derived from the word kyriakón, signifying ‘Yahshua’s’ or ‘belonging to Yahweh’. Simply put, the New Testament equivalent is ekklesia, as originally employed by the Greeks to denote an assembly or congregation of free citizens summoned or ‘called out’, and such an assembly could be called for various reasons. At Acts 19:39, we find instruction for calling an assembly to resolve various legal matters. So if anyone is under the delusion that the heralding is for worship services only, he is sadly mistaken. An ekklesia can be called for many reasons!

Paul, at Romans 9:4; 16:4; Heb. 9:1-11, reminds us, he was addressing Romans who were part of the lost tribes, that their ancestors had been ‘called out as a special people.’ In its simplest meaning, the word may be taken to denote the ‘assembly’ or ‘congregation’ of those who are recipients of his heavenly favor and have been ‘called out’ to be witnesses of His Redemption. Romans 9:4; 16:4; Heb. 9:1-11 is not referring to a religious service in a building somewhere, but the calling out of all the members of the twelve tribes, and there’s not a building in the entire world that could hold that many people. Yet they represent an assembly. The problem is, we have too many people with tiny 2x4 brains who can’t comprehend something other than a building on the corner of an intersection with a steeple and a bell, with a small group of people thinking they’re the only people on the entire planet.

Some have the erroneous idea that an ekklesia is a gathering together in a solitary building. Rather, sometimes it is used to denote scattered groups of Christians over a wide area as the churches of Galatia (Gal. 1:2). On other occasions it is used with reference to a body of Christians dwelling in the same immediate locality, such as the church at Antioch (Acts 13:1). Some narrow-minded people today only accept the ‘local’ hypothesis as being the correct one. And if it’s the church on the other side of the street, it can’t be the right one, for only our church on our side of the street has the truth. Yet others, even in Israel Identity, such as Everett (Sileven) Ramsey, claim we must put ourselves under someone in authority, regardless of his doctrine.

Many are not aware that whenever Yahshua met with his disciples they were an ekklesia, and most of the time they had no building. Not only that, but after Yahshua’s Ascension, when the apostles met in small groups they constituted an ekklesia. But if one were to ask a thousand church-goers today what constituted a church, one would get a thousand different answers, and to most of them it would simply be a building in one way or another ....”

Originally, I planned to present, (1) the background of my own church affiliation, then (2) the background of my wife’s church affiliation, and lastly, (3) The church affiliation that Tillie and I had together as husband and wife. In order to make it more complete, I ended up with four presentations to cover all I wanted to cover. This is far from being a complete autobiography of my wife, Tillie, and myself concerning each of our lifetimes of church affiliation.

I should also point out that this autobiography of Tillie and I is not perfect in every degree, but I spent many hours in order to keep it as flawless as possible. My main purpose for writing this autobiography was to let my readers over the last nearly eighteen years know what kind of a person I am, and more importantly, my background. You may well ask: What is the purpose for my publishing these teaching letters anyway? The answer to this question is: I am duty bound by Yahweh’s Law to witness to the truth to the best of my ability as I understand it. In other words, if I know a crime has been committed, is in the process of being committed or there is a danger of a crime about to be committed, if I do not witness to what I know I become as guilty as the person/s committing the crime. In this case, we are not talking about a single individual crime, we are talking about tens of millions of crimes.

TheNew Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, edited by Jerome H. Smith says this on page 132:

... such an one shall bear his iniquity – shall be considered as guilty in the sight of God of the transgression which he has endeavored to conceal, and must expect to be punished for hiding the iniquity with which he was acquainted.”

At 1 Sam. 16:1-3, Yahweh Himself directed the prophet Samuel to fill his horn with oil and go to Jesse the Bethlehemite to anoint a new king from among one of his sons, whereupon Samuel became concerned. To this Yahweh replied: “... Take an heifer with thee, and say, I am come to sacrifice to Yahweh. And call Jesse to the sacrifice, and I will shew thee what thou shalt do: and thou shalt anoint unto me him whom I name unto thee.” (vv. 2-3). Here, Yahweh instructed Samuel, should Saul inquire, to completely misrepresent his mission to Jesse at Bethlehem. Therefore, can we accuse Yahweh of directing Samuel to tell a lie, when that is exactly what Yahweh did? Nor do we have to reveal everything we know when it is no one else’s damn business but our own, or especially when it is an enemy!