Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

An Outline History of the Seventy Weeks Nation, by the Reverend Alban Heath

The Rapture of the Saints, by Duncan McDougall

Pawns In The Game, by William Guy Carr

Note: Pawns In The Game is the book that I cut my teeth on on the Israel Identity message. I found it on the Internet. Only there is a warning that should be conveyed that Allen, like the rest of British Israel, didn't understand who the Canaanite-Edomite-jews were! It would be a good book for beginners. At least it was for me. - CAE

THE SEED of THE SERPENT By: James E. Wise, edited by Clifton Emahiser

Judah's Scepter and Joseph's Birthright By J. H. ALLEN - Originally published, 1902. Nineteenth Edition. Re-typeset, A.D. 2000

Data collected on C.I. Scofield: Data collected by Clifton Emahiser on the creator of the Scofield Bible and a thousand false doctrines, presented here in a single PDF file for research purposes. Scofield and his labors were bought & paid for by Edomite-jew bankers, and he did their bidding well.