Watchman's Teaching Letter #55 November 2002

This is my fifty-fifth monthly teaching letter and continues my fifth year of publication. This lesson will be a continuation of a series in a walk-through of Daniel. The object of this walk- through is to show there is an overlap of Daniel’s prophecy into the book of Revelation. Inasmuch as most Bible students recognize Daniel’s prophecy as being “Historical” in nature, it is only reasonable to conclude that the overlapped prophecy from Daniel into the book of Revelation is also “Historical” in nature.

In lesson # 54 for October, 2002, we discussed the “little horn” of Daniel 8:9. As I had pointed out, the “little horn” in that passage is not the same as the “little horn” of Daniel 7:8. How often have you read or heard someone referring to the “little horn” of Daniel, and they never indicate which “little horn” of Daniel they are talking about. To many, both “little horns” are the same entity in their reasoning, and that simply is not true. To comprehend where we are on our walk through Daniel, you will need back issues #49, #53 & #54. In the last lesson (#54) we established that the “little horn” of Daniel 8:9 was Mohammed. Because Mohammed played such a key part in Daniel chapter 8, it will be necessary for us to spend an entire lesson on him.

Probably one of the more important aspects we should consider about Mohammed is that, reportedly among some authors, his mother was a “Jewess.” If that account is true, apparently we have an added element to the equation. Once that added detail is brought to light, we can better understand his satanic motivated aspirations. Conceivably, he had the “seed of the serpent” flowing in his veins. With this added data, we can begin to acquire an idea of what Mohammed was all about. Before we get into the story of his escapades, let’s document this apparent “Jewish” connection. For this, we will use Alzog’s Universal Church History, ©1902, volume 2, page 192:


“Mohammed, who was the only son of Abdallah, a Pagan, and Amina, a Jewess, and was descended from the noble but impoverished family of Hashim, of the priestly tribe of Koreish, who were the chiefs and keepers of the national sanctuary of the Kaaba, and pretended to trace their origin to Ismael, the son of Abraham and Hagar, was born at Mecca, August 20, A.D. 570 ...”


The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon, vol. 5, p. 205 (speaking of his grandfather and father), although debated, also witnesses to this:


“The glory of Abdol Motalleb was crowned with domestic happiness; his life was prolonged to the age of one hundred and ten years; and he became the father of six daughters and thirteen sons. His best beloved Abdallah was the most beautiful and modest of the Arabian youth; and in the first night, when he consummated his marriage with Amina, of the noble race of the Zahrites, two hundred virgins are said to have expired of jealousy and despair. Mahomet, or more properly Mohammed, the only son of Abdallah and Amina, was born at Mecca, four years after the death of Justinian, and two months after the defeat of the Abyssinians, whose victory would have introduced into the Caaba the religion of the Christians ...”


Then, in a footnote on page 205 we read this: “Amina was of Jewish birth. Von Hammer, Geschichte der Assass. p. 10 ...”


At that period, there were many “Jews” in that area. Again from The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon, volume 5, page 202:


“Seven hundred years before the death of Mahomet the Jews were settled in Arabia; and a far greater multitude was expelled from the Holy Land in the wars of Titus and Hadrian. The industrious exiles aspired to liberty and power: they erected synagogues in the cities, and castles in the wilderness; and their Gentile converts were confounded with the children of Israel [Jews]  ...”


Apparently, not only was Mohammed partly of “Jewish” descent, but he got the idea for his new religion from Judaism. For documentation on this, I will again quote from Alzog’s Universal Church History, ©1902, volume 2, page 195-197:


“The religious belief of Mohammed, which he professed to have received from time to time, either directly from God or through the Angel Gabriel, and which, after his death, had been collected from the palm-leaves, bits of leather, stones, mutton-bones, and other materials on which the several revelations had been written, and arranged into one book, known as the Koran, is little more than an incongruous mixture of Parseeism [sic.], Judaism, and Christianity.

“Mohammed’s knowledge of the two last does not appear to have been derived from the Old and New Testaments, but rather from apocryphal Jewish and Christian legends. It was said, even by the contemporaries of Mohammed, that Abdallah Ebn Salam, a Jew; Salam, a convert from Parseeism to Christianity, and Sergius, a Nestorian monk, had aided him in compiling his religious system. Such were the heterogeneous constituents of Islam (Submission to God) — a simple, but incomplete system, the one essential element of which is hatred and execration of every other religion.”


For further documentation that Mohammed used Judaism as a basis for his new religion, I will quote from The World’s Great Events, published by P. F. Collier & Son, volume 2, page 581 (by Edward Henry Palmer):


“At the outset of his career he turned to the Jews, imagining that, as he claimed to restore the original religion of Abraham, and appealed to the Jewish scriptures for confirmation of his teachings, they would support him. Disappointed in this quarter, he treated them with more bitter hostility than any other of his opponents.

“In the latter part of his career he took but little notice either of the Jews or Christians, and when he does mention the latter, it is without any of the conciliatory spirit which he first displayed to them, and they are not only sharply reproved for their errors, but are included in the general mass of infidels against whom the true believers are to fight.” [Later the “Jews” claimed Islam as their “Golden Age.”]


Again, pages 582-583 (by Edward Gibbon): “In the ten years of the administration of Omar, the Saracens reduced to his obedience thirty-six thousand cities or castles, destroyed four thousand churches and temples of the unbelievers, and edified fourteen hundred mosques for the exercise of the religion of Mahomet. One hundred years after his flight from Mecca, the arms and the reign of his successors extended from India to the Atlantic ocean, over the various and distant provinces, which may be comprised under the names of; 1 Persia; 2 Syria; 3 Egypt; 4 Africa; and, 5 Spain.”


More evidence can be found in the History Of The Jews by Heinrich Graetz that Mohammed used Judaism as a foundation for Islam, volume 3, excerpts from pages 71-73:


“Judaism not only won over to its side many tribes in Arabia, and taught the sons of the desert certain indispensable arts, but it also inspired the founder of a religion, who played an important part in the great drama of the world’s history, and whose influence survives to this day. Mahomet, the prophet of Mecca and Yathrib, was, it is true, not a loyal son of Judaism, but he appreciated its highest aims, and was induced by it to give to the world a new faith, known as Islam, founded on a lofty basis. This religion has exercised a wonderful influence on the course of Jewish history and on the evolution of Judaism. In the peaceful meetings in Mecca, his birthplace, at the public markets, and on his travels, Abdallah’s son heard much spoken of the religion which acknowledges the belief in one God, who rules the world. He heard much of Abraham, who devoted himself to the service of God, and of religion and morality, which gave the disciples of Judaism the advantage over infidels, Mahomet’s mind at once original and receptive, was powerfully impressed by all this. Waraka Ibn-Naufal, a celebrated Meccan, and a descendant of the noble Khoraish race, was a cousin of Chadija, Mahomet’s wife, and he had embraced Judaism and knew Hebrew well. He certainly imbued Mahomet with a love for religion of Abraham. Mahomet’s first doctrines were strongly tinged with Jewish coloring ...

“The best teachings in the Koran are borrowed from the Bible or the Talmud ... Mahomet’s connection with the Jews of Arabia assisted not a little in determining and modifying the teachings of Islam ... When Mahomet failed in obtaining a hearing in Mecca, the seat of idolatrous worship in Arabia, and even ran the risk of losing his life there, he addressed himself to some men from Yathrib, and urged them to accept his doctrines. These men were more familiar with Jewish doctrines than the Meccans; they found in Mahomet’s revelations a close analogy to what they had often heard from their Jewish neighbors ... Mahomet took care to win over the Jews of Yathrib and to set forth his aims, as though he desired to bring about the universal recognition of Judaism in Arabia ... Mahomet entered into a formal alliance for mutual defense with the Jewish tribes, and instituted the custom of turning towards Jerusalem in prayer (Kiblah) ... Mahomet for a long time employed a Jewish scribe to do his correspondence, he himself being unable to write. These advances on the part of a man of so much promise were very flattering to the Jews of Medina. They looked upon him to some extent as a Jewish proselyte, and expected to see Judaism through him attain to power in Arabia ... Some of them followed him devotedly and were his faithful allies (Ansar); amongst them was a learned youth, Abdallah Ibn-Salam, of the race of Kainukaa. Abdallah and other Jews assisted Mahomet in propagating the Koran.”


We need to go back over this last quotation and pick up part of it and repeat it again:


“Waraka Ibn-Naufal, a celebrated Meccan, and a descendant of the noble Khoraish race, was a cousin of Chadija, Mahomet’s wife, and he had embraced Judaism and knew Hebrew well.”


From this, it would appear that not only was Mohammed half Jew, but also his wife. We should also notice that this “Waraka Ibn-Naufal” was of the “noble Khoraish race.” I believe that this is the same family spoken of as Abdallah, the father of Mohammed. I will quote again that excerpt from Alzog.


“Mohammed, who was the only son of Abdallah, a Pagan, and Amina, a Jewess, and was descended from the noble but impoverished family of Hashim, of the priestly tribe of Koreish, who were the chiefs and keepers of the national sanctuary ...”


Apparently, “Koreish” and “Khoraish” are variant spellings for the same family of people. Edward Gibbon, in his The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire, volume 5, page 204 mentions this same name in relation to the pedigree of Mohammed and his father: “... he sprung from the tribe of Koreish and the family of Hashem, the most illustrious of the Arabs, the princes of Mecca, and the hereditary guardians of the Caaba ...”


From this it would appear that many of the Arabs of the Khoraish family were being proselyted and mixing with the “Jews” by marriage. How else could Waraka Ibn-Naufal, cousin to Chadija, Mohammed’s wife, “embrace Judaism” and know “Hebrew well”?



The main index of the History Of The Jews by Heinrich Graetz is found in volume 6, and on page 512 are listed the various peoples proselyted by the “Jews” during their extended history. The list is too extensive to elaborate on here, except it includes “Koraishites of Mecca, and several other families of the tribes Aus and Chazaraj in Yathrib.” We will key in on volume 3, pages 60-62 concerning the subtitle “Arabs Become Converted To Judaism” (approximately 450-500 A.D.) You will notice that this is well ahead of Mohammed’s birth, estimated to have been approximately 570 A.D.:


“Happily, the Arabian Jews bethought them of the genealogy of the Arabs as set forth in the first book of the Pentateuch, and seized upon it as the instrument by which to prove their kinship with them. The Jews were convinced that they were related to the Arabs on two sides, through Yoktan and through Ishmael. Under their instruction, therefore, the two principal Arabian tribes traced back the line of ancestors to these two progenitors, the real Arabs (the Himyarites) supposing themselves to be the descendants from Yoktan; the pseudo-Arabs in the north, on the other hand, deriving their origin from Ishmael. These points of contact granted, the Jews had ample opportunity to multiply the proofs of their relationship. The Arabs loved genealogical tables, and were delighted to be able to follow their descent and history so far into hoary antiquity; accordingly, all this appeared to them both evident and flattering. They consequently exerted themselves to bring their genealogical records and traditions into unison with the Biblical accounts. Although their traditions extended over less than six centuries on the one side to their progenitor Yarob and his sons or grandsons Himyar and Kachtan, and on the other, to Adnan, yet in their utter disregard of historical accuracy, this fact constituted no obstacle. Without a scruple, the southern Arabians called themselves Kachtanites, and the northern Arabians Ishmaelites. They readily accorded the Jews the rights of relationship, that is to say, equality and all the advantages attending it.

“The Arabs were thus in intimate intercourse with the Jews, and the sons of the desert whose unpoetical mythology afforded them no matter for inspiration, derived much instruction from Judaism. Under these circumstances many Arabs could not fail to develop peculiar affection for Judaism, and some embraced this religion, though their conversion had not been thought of by the Jews. As they had practiced circumcision while heathen, their conversion to Judaism was particularly easy. The members of a family among the Arabs were indissolubly bound to one another, and, according to their phylarchic constitution, the individuals identified themselves with the tribe. This brought about, that when a chieftain became a Jew, his whole clan at once followed him, the wisest, into the fold of Judaism. It is expressly recorded about several Arabian tribes that they were converted to Judaism; such were the Benu-Kinanah, a warlike, quarrelsome clan, related to the most respected Koraishites of Mecca, and several other families of the tribes Aus and Chazaraj in Yathrib.

“Especially memorable, however, in the history of the Arabs is the conversion of the powerful king of Yemen. The princes or kings of Yemen bore the name of Tobba, and at times ruled over the whole of Arabia; they traced their historical origin back to Himyar, their legendary origin to Kachtan ...”


If there was any doubt in your mind that Mohammed’s mother and wife were part “Jewish”, this last piece of evidence should leave little doubt. Abba Eban, in his Heritage, Civilization and the Jews, mentions 42,200 Yemenite Arab “Jews” on page 329, but carefully avoids any mention of the “Koraishites.” The important thing we should understand from this is the fact that Cain’s satanic-genetic-seed spread throughout all these Arab proselytes as they intermarried. There is an abundance of evidence concerning the proselytism of Arabs to Judaism! You will notice here that the evidence of Mohammed having a “Jewish” connection by blood is building, contrary to those who want to bring in conflicting ideas.




We really can’t understand Mohammedanism unless we take a look at it from a “Jewish” point-of-view. To accomplish that, I will do a running commentary and paraphrase on portions of the book Jews, God And History by Max I. Dimont. On page 17, he gives his brethren, the “Jews”, full credit for establishing Mohammedanism when he said this:


“In the seventh century, Judaism gave birth to yet another religion — Islam, founded by Mohammed ...”


Dimont points out on page 14 that of the three billion people on the earth [in 1962], less than one half of one percent (or about twelve million) were “Jews.” When we consider that acknowledgment, it hardly fits the promise by the Almighty to Abraham to be as numerous as the “stars.” Either the “Jews” aren’t who they say they are, or the Almighty is quite negligent about his promises. Dimont further makes the statement that “they should hardly be heard of” (meaning they were becoming few in number). Again, substantial evidence that they are not children of the Promise. Then, Dimont points out that they are conspicuous, totally out of proportion to their numbers. Then Dimont brags how they have contributed a list of great names in religion, science, literature, music, finance, and philosophy. At this particular point, we are interested how they contributed to Mohammedanism!

Then Dimont points out how ancient Greece, after five hundred years, lapsed into a people of herdsmen, but not so with the “Jews.” We must ask the question: Did they contribute to that also? Then he boasts that the “Jews” had a creative period for four thousand years, which is a lie. Dimont is attempting to apply to those proselyted Canaanites the heritage that belongs to true Israel, thereby corrupting it to Babylonian-Judaism! Those vagabond descendants of Cain have never had a heritage or a homeland to call their own in recorded history. Their heritage has been “a land of wandering.” I just purchased a book from a used book store entitled Wanderings, Chaim Potok’s History of the Jews. This “Jew” is literally screaming, “I’m a descendant of Cain!” And the anti-seedliners are screaming back: “Oh no he isn’t!” Now back to Dimont:

Then he claims they have contributed both east and west, though many are not aware of it nor willing to admit it. I believe it is about time to give the “Jew” full credit for all his crimes. After this, he points out that from the Greeks sprang 850 million Christians, the largest religious body in the world. That sounds like the Christians are the “many-star-seed” fulfillment of the Abrahamic Promise to me. Isn’t it simply amazing how they continually cry out to us that they are not Israelites? Then, Dimont makes mention how the religion of the “Jews” influenced the Mohammedan, the second largest religious organization in the world with over 400 million adherents, and that they also claim Abraham and Ishmael. Then he lauds “Jews” like Karl Marx, Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud and Baruch Spinoza for great achievements.

Dimont then gives the “Jews” credit for introducing concepts such as prayer, church, redemption, universal education and charity hundreds of years before anyone else did so. This surely demonstrates the audacious insolence of the children of Cain! Then he makes a true statement similar to that of Chaim Potok:


“And yet, up until 1948, for close to three thousand years, the Jews did not even have a country of their own.”


Here again, Cain’s curse to be a vagabond shows itself as Max I. Dimont, like Chaim Potok, is screaming, “I’m a child of Cain.” And again, the anti-seedliners are screaming back, “Oh no you’re not — you can’t be — it doesn’t fit our seminary theology!” If one will check history since 1948, the “Jews” still haven’t secured a homeland, and they never will! This alone should prove, beyond all doubt, that the impostor so-called “Jews” are not true Israel. Yahweh’s promise to true Israel was they would not only become a nation, but a company of nations, Genesis 35:11. (Fulfilled only with the British Empire.)


Dimont then relates how the “Jews” flourished during the Mohammedan civilization, emerging from twelve hundred years of darkness into the Middle Ages. Then, on page 17, Dimont discloses how, during the period of time that the forces of Islam hated and persecuted the Christians, the “Jews” reached their “greatest literary, scientific, and intellectual peaks” and became “statesmen, philosophers, physicians, scientists, tradesmen and cosmopolitan capitalists”, and how, in the process, they picked up the Arabic tongue.

Then Dimont divulges how, when the walls of the ghettos fell in the 1800s, that within one generation they became “prime ministers, captains of industry, military leaders and charter members in an intellectual avant-garde which was to reshape the thinking of Europe.”




There are very few who understand the historical meaning of Revelation 9:1-11. One exception is Henry H. Halley in his Bible Handbook. It is rather comical on one hand, but very serious on the other, how the Futurists interpret this passage. Since establishing that Mohammed’s mother was a “Jewess”, the following quotation from pages 716-717 will clear its significance:


“The fifth Trumpet, The army of Demon Locusts. This host of Horrible Monsters, with complex appearance of Locusts, Horses, Scorpions, Lions and Humans, came out of the Abyss (9:1, 2, 11), (‘Bottomless Pit,’ AV), led by Abaddon, or Apollyon who was the Devil, or one of his Angels. This indicates the Hellish Origin of the Woes to follow. Satan has already been mentioned as Persecuting and Corrupting the Churches in Smyrna, Pergamum and Thyatira (2:9, 10, 13, 14, 24); and is named as instigator of Rome’s Imperial Persecutions of the Church (12:13-16). Of what he is now about to do in the Locust Plague, we are warned, ‘Woe, woe, woe’, hinting its Frightfulness.

“These Demon Locusts are thought, by commentators, to be a predictive picture of the Rise and Spread of Mohammedanism; or the Tribulation Period of the Last Days or Both. [I agree only to the ‘Mohammedan period.’]

“Mohammedanism. In the Seventh century A.D., Mohammedanism swept the Eastern World like a tidal wave, and Blotted out Christianity in Southwest Asia and North Africa: the Euphrates and Nile Valleys: the Eastern and Southern Borders of the Mediterranean: lands of the Bible Story: lands in which the Bible originated and grew: lands in which God’s Revelation of Himself to Mankind was nurtured and brought to completion: lands in which God formed and trained the nation Israel, for two thousand years, to pave the way for the coming of Christ; lands hallowed forever as the scene of Christ’s Life and Death and Resurrection and His Redemptive Work for Mankind; lands which were the Cradle of Christianity, and which were for 600 years Christian; the Original Christian World; in these lands, by one fell blow of the Mohammedan Sword, CHRISTIANITY WAS BLOTTED OUT, and Mohammedanism was Established. And they HAVE BEEN MOHAMMEDAN EVER SINCE.

“600 years Christian. Now, for 1300 years, Mohammedan. More Mohammedans now in the world than Protestant Christians.

“Mohammed (A.D. 570-632), in Mecca, Arabia, declared himself to be The Prophet of God, and set out, at the head of an army, to propagate his religion by the Sword. Soon the world of Arabia was conquered. Mohammedan armies, under successive leaders, swept on in their conquest. Syria fell (A.D. 634), Jerusalem (A.D. 637) Egypt (A.D. 638), Persia (A.D. 640), North Africa (A.D. 689).

“Asian and African Christianity, thus swept away, Mohammedans moved into Europe. Spain fell (A.D. 711). Then they headed on into France, where, at Tours, the Mohammedan Army was met and defeated (A.D. 732), by Charles Martel, grandfather of Charlemagne. EXCEPT FOR THAT VICTORY, CHRISTIANITY MIGHT HAVE BEEN ENTIRELY EXTERMINATED FROM THE EARTH,

“Here are some of the things that make it look like this Fifth Trumpet might refer to Mohammedanism.

“‘Locusts’ (9:3). Arabia, preeminently, was a land of Locusts. It was in Arabia that Mohammedanism originated.

“‘Shapes of Locusts like War-Horses, with Scorpion-like Tails, Crowns like Gold, Faces like Men’s Faces, Hair like Women’s Hair, Teeth like Lion’s Teeth, Breastplates as of Iron, and Wings that sounded like Chariots and Horses rushing to War’ (9:7-10).

“This is indeed a very good description of Mohammedan Armies, composed of Fierce Relentless Horsemen, famous for their Beards, with Long Hair like Women’s Hair, with Yellow Turbans on their Heads that looked like Gold, and they had Iron Coats of Armor.

“‘Smoke from the Abyss’ (9:2, 3). It was out of this Smoke that the Locusts came. The Smoke had Darkened the Sun and the Air. This may refer to the False Teachings, which Clouded and Corrupted the Church of Mohammed’s day, in its Worship of Images, Relics and Saints. It was IDOLATRY of the Degenerate and Apostate Church that gave Mohammed his chance. Destruction of the Idols and his slogan.

“‘Hurt Not the Grass, nor any Green thing’ (9:4). Mohammedans spared Trees, Grass and All Vegetation, because Mohammed had so commanded; for, to those living in the wastes of Arabian deserts, Trees and Vegetation were blessings.

“‘Torment Men Five Months’ (9:5). 5 months, the normal stay of Locusts, May to September, is about 150 days; which, on the Year-Day interpretation (Ezekiel 4:6), would be 150 Years. That was, approximately, the period (A.D. 630 to A.D. 786), in which Mohammedanism continued its effort at World Conquest, With Haroun-Al-Raschid (A.D. 786-809), at the height of Mohammedan Power and Glory, they abandoned the idea of Conquest, and began to cultivate peaceful relations with other nation.”


Another good source to check is Adam Clarke’s Commentary on the Bible. Many of Clarke’s comments on this chapter are parallel to Halley’s. With both Daniel 8:9 and Revelation 9:1-11 pointing to Mohammedanism proves, beyond all doubt, both the Preterists’ and Futurists’ positions are untenable. It is ludicrous to saw seven years off of Daniel’s seventy weeks prophecy and project them 2000 years in the future. It is just as ludicrous to proclaim that all prophecy was fulfilled by 70 A.D. Once it is shown that the Futurists’ so-called “tribulation” is a spurious doctrine, it leaves no time-frame for a “future” so-called super-duper-pooper antichrist. We have all the antichrists we need already. Many in Israel Identity have already thrown out the “rapture” doctrine. Why not throw out all the rest of the Futurists’ false teachings? After all, both the Preterists’ and Futurists’ positions were invented by the descendants of Cain, and they fall into the category “the leaven of the Pharisees” in our Bible. Not only does Daniel 8:9 and Revelation 9:1-11 predict the rise of Mohammedanism, but the rest of Revelation 9 foretells of the Islamic Ottoman Turks and their use of gunpowder.

I don’t know what your Bible tells you, but my Bible indicates to me that Mohammed was a devil — a walking, talking, breathing, Cain-Satanic-genetic in-the-flesh devil. Not only was Mohammed an antichrist, denying that Yahweh came in the flesh, but today we have many antichrists. Some are in politics — some are bankers — some are behind the pulpits — and some are in Israel Identity as anti-seedliners denying the seed (genetic children) who were to bruise Messiah’s heel. Now quoting again from Halley’s Bible Handbook in reference to Revelation 9:12-21 on page 718:


“The Sixth Trumpet, The Army of 200,000,000 Euphratean Horsemen. Horrible looking Monsters, of complex appearance of Men, Horses, Lions and Serpents belching Fire, Smoke and Brimstone. They also may be a predictive picture of Mohammedanism ...


“ARABIANS ruled [the] Mohammedan World [for] 400 years (A.D. 630-1058). TURKS then took over, and have been in control almost till now. This Trumpet seems to point to Turkish Mohammedanism.


“‘Euphrates’ (9-14), from whence the Sixth Trumpet Armies of Horsemen were loosed. In A.D. 1057 a vast horde of Turks, from central Asia, appeared on the banks of the Euphrates. In their westward march they replaced the Arabians as rulers of Mohammedan lands.


“The Turks were more cruel and intolerant than the Arabians had been. Their barbarous treatment of Christians in Palestine led to the Crusades (A.D. 1095-1272), almost 300 years of intermittent War in which European Christians tried to regain the Holy Land from Mohammedans.


“‘Out of the Horses’ Mouths proceeded Fire, Smoke, Brimstone’ (9:17). The Eastern Roman Empire (A.D. 395-1453), its capital, Constantinople, had for centuries (A.D. 630-1453) been the bulwark of Europe against Mohammedanism. But in A.D. 1453 it fell to the Turks.


“It was at the battle of Constantinople (A.D. 1453), that Artillery with GUNPOWDER was First Used [sic. one of the first]; which gave victory to the Turks; the ‘Fire, Smoke and Brimstone’ of 9:17.


“Then followed another threat to European Christianity. The victorious Turks marched on in toward central Europe. But met their defeat in Vienna (A.D. 1683), at the hands of a Polish army under John Sobieski. As in the Battle of Tours (A.D. 732), so here, a second time, after almost 1000 years, Europe was again saved from Mohammedans.


“‘Hour, Day, Month, Year’ (9:15), may mean at an exact appointed time. Or, on the Year-Day interpretation (Ezekiel 4:6), 365 plus 30 plus 1, [or] 396 days, that is 396 years, From A.D. 1057, when the Turks crossed the Euphrates, to the Fall of Constantinople (A.D. 1453), was 396 years.


“‘Third Part of Men Killed’ (9:18). This may refer to the Fall of the Eastern Roman Empire (A.D. 1453), the last remaining ‘Third’ of the original Roman Empire, at the hands of the Turks ...


“Antichrist. The word ‘Antichrist’ is nowhere used in the book of Revelation; which is rather surprising, in view of its very abundant use in books about Revelation. It occurs in 1 John 2:18, 22; 4:3 and 2 John 7; where it is said that there were already many Antichrists.”


What all this boils down to is, there are not three major religious thought systems, Christianity, Judaism and Mohammedanism, but two; they being: (1) Yahweh and His Laws for His children, vs. (2) Satan and his rules for his children. There are not three opposing seedlines, but two, and they are identified in Genesis 3:15. If there were only one seedline, as the antichrist, anti-seedliners claim, there would be no conflicts on religion, politics, ECONOMICS and race today.

Today, everything rotates around RACE. Then around RACE revolves POLITICS, RELIGION and ECONOMICS. Satan and his children are using every one of these four tools to destroy the WHITE ISRAEL people. Any other MESSAGE is ANTICHRIST! The anti-seedliners are antagonistic to this MESSAGE! And until we resolve and identify who our enemies are, there is no solution to OUR ever-present RACE MIXING PROBLEMS!!! Therefore, of necessity, those PURVEYORS of the lies of single seedline and universalism, must continually be reproved.