Watchman's Teaching Letter #68 December 2003

This is my sixty-eighth monthly teaching letter and continues my sixth year of publication. With this lesson, I’m changing the appearance of my Watchman’s Teaching Letter, as I believe that I have discovered some more readable fonts. As I explained in my lesson #24, I reduced my lesson from eight pages to four pages in order to send out two lessons at a time and still keep the weight under an ounce. It was necessary to do this in order to keep the mailing cost to a minimum. This allows me to send two letters out every second month. After doing that, I experimented with various paragraph styles and also started to hyphenate words at the end of a line. Upon making those changes, I soon found I had the word-count equivalent to that which I had achieved with eight pages. With these new fonts, hopefully I will have just as readable a document as I had previously with eight pages. Many books we read have much smaller fonts than you are now reading.

With a new appearance comes a rekindled determination. After some reverses in August, I have resolved to fight for the Israel Truth Message as never before. We are now observing the genocide of an entire race of people through miscegenation. And while that race-mixing is in the process, so-called self-appointed Israel Identity pastors and teachers are promoting doctrines which are contrary to what White-Israel should be taught. They’re dreaming up all kinds of concocted premises and passing them off as Gospel. With this letter, I’m going to expose three such cases in point. We will start with Dan Gentry, where he retaliated at Two Seedline doctrine and myself under his inaccurate logo Facts For Action, Summer, 2003:

“Recently I received an envelope from a Clifton Emahiser, addressed to ‘un-Christian Research.’ Curious, I opened it to find the usual screed against our belief that the ‘serpent’ of Genesis 3 is human reasoning, and that sin is NOT hereditary, but a matter of choice. Emahiser showed his ‘choice’ by calling me a number of names, including ‘bone-headed’ and ‘this turkey.’ In responding to our Winter, 2003 Sparks From Scripture (in FFA), he also said, ‘In addition to his own name, he (Gentry) claims the founder of the publication was the late Gerda Koch.’ This is a matter of record, and he knows it, yet throws it up like a red herring to confuse his readers. To show you his thought process, I’ll share a few excerpts from his diatribe ... :

One of Gentry’s tricks is to quote Genesis 4:1 in an English translation to prove that Cain was Adam’s son... When you quote Genesis 4:1 in English, you are quoting from a corrupted form of Hebrew...’

“To try to ‘prove’ his point, Emahiser refers to Charles Laymon’s Interpreter's One-Volume Commentary on The Bible, which says regarding Genesis 4:1b, ‘...can scarcely be translated, still less understood... ‘He says if it is unintelligible and scarcely translatable, then HOW DARE Dan Gentry say Cain is Adam's son?! Au contrere, mon frere, Mr. Emahiser. According to your ‘logic,’ you would be equally unable to ‘translate’ or understand it to mean Adam's wife had consorted with a fallen archangel who could transform himself into a flesh, blood & semen man! And may I remind the reader that Laymon is (by his own description) an interpreter and commentator here, and only one of MANY extant. Genesis 4:1, even in the Septuagint Old Testament, clearly states Cain was the result of Adam ‘knowing’ Eve, and verses 5-7 indicate he had the same capacity as brother Abel to choose good, not evil, forever excluding any insipid, conspiratorial notion that ‘The devil made me do it!’  Laymon would probably be shocked by how his own words are being used by Emahiser!

‘Let's now wait to see if he (Gentry) answers this testimony, or if he stubbornly continues to broadcast his damnable lies. ‘Damnable' inasmuch as his position promotes race-mixing among our Race. If you want some mamzers (bastards) in your family-tree, continue to support him!’

“Anyone who knows me personally, or has read much of my writing, including Death Penalty for Race Mixers is Prescribed in The Bible, knows how much of a hoot this is! The ironic thing about this false witness is that the reason Adam (and much later, the Israelites) were forbidden intermarriage was for spiritual apartheid, that they would not adopt the religion and rituals of the heathen around them! ‘Racial purity’ (if you wish to call it that) was not the be-all and end-all of the Law, but a means to preserve the priesthood in all purity of thought and government. Further, most who promote the ‘Two Seedline’ belief (it is NOT a doctrine) couldn't trace their bloodline back more than a few generations, having no way of knowing if there was a stranger in their woodpile. When YHVH-God has a racially-pure remnant (and I believe He does), it is thankfully hid from the eyes of the dissemblers. This reminds me a bit of those charismatics involved in ‘Rapture practice’ (waving arms and jumping off pews), or those who ‘compete’ for a slot in the 144,000 sealed Saints of Revelation 14:1-3! If ‘Two Seedliners’ were in power, might they have a scratch-and-sniff test to determine how ‘white’ you are, like the Nazis had an analagous (sic.) eye-color test?

‘Evidently, Gentry is not aware of the fact that the ‘Torah’ is the first volume in the [Babylonian] Talmud. If that’s the case, using Gentry’s irrational reasoning, we would have to discard our entire Old Testament in the process because they are, in his words, ‘Jewish.’ (Gentry didn't tell you that, did he?) That kind of tactic shows the cunning of a charlatan ... such deceivers using the old shell-game? The writings of the Talmud are simply a collection, many from wicked sources, but not all. Many are from innocent sources (like the Torah) that the ‘Jews’ have preserved there.

“Admittedly, I have not personally read the entire Babylonian Talmud, and I would venture that Emahiser has not, either, but I have read enough to turn my stomach each time. I have both the Soncino English translation and the Rodkinson, and do not find the Torah (if we consider this the first five books of our Bible) anywhere, in either. What I do find, in gross abundance, is rabbinical quibbling over minutiae of daily life, supposedly trying to infuse bits and pieces of YHVH's Law with peculiar Babylonian Jewish ‘wisdom.’ Here is one modest example:

“A JEW MAY PERJURE HIMSELF WITH A CLEAR CONSCIENCE: In Kallah (1b, p.18) it says: ‘She (the mother of the mamzer) said to him, ‘Swear to me.’ And Rabbi Akibha swore with his lips, but in his heart he invalidated his oath.’ A similar text is found in Schabbuoth Hagahoth of Rabbi Ascher (6d): ‘If the magistrate of a city compels Jews to swear that they will not escape from the city nor take anything out of it, they may swear falsely by saying to themselves that they will not escape today, nor take anything out of the city today only.’

“You might recognize this example as a ‘little white lie,’ but believe me, it is a very mild example of ritual Jewish perjury. And when it comes to discussing sex and bodily wastes, the Talmud is gutter-level theology I won't waste time reprinting here. And just who is practicing irrational reasoning?! And who is defending it, while claiming to be a Christian teacher?

“Incidentally, you may check this all out by examining the entire Rodkinson Babylonian Talmud  online at ... I’ll forego further dissection of Emahiser’s rant, as it continues in the same vein of thought, and reasoning.” (End of Gentry’s article about me.)




Once we analyze it we will comprehend just how unstable it is! It’s Gentry’s “reasoning” which is questionable! Some of the first words out of Gentry’s mouth is the “serpent of Genesis 3 is human reasoning.” I’ll bet you never knew that, did you? Neither did I! Let’s then see how Gentry would read Genesis 3:14-15: ‘And Yahweh Elohim said to Eve’s reasoning, Because thou hast reasoned this, thy reasoning is cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; and thy reasoning shall go upon its belly, and dust shalt thy reasoning eat all the days of its life: And I will put enmity between Eve’s reasoning and her, and her offspring shall bruise thy reasoning’s offspring’s head, and the woman’s offspring shall bruise her reasoning’s offspring’s heel.” (The Gospel according to Dan Gentry.)

The next words out of Gentry’s mouth is his “matter of choice” theory vs. “heredity.” I don’t know what Gentry’s Bible says, but mine proclaims: “Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you ...” In Gentry’s little 2x4 world, everything is a matter of man’s choice over and above the Almighty’s choice. Poor old God, can’t do anything right! What is Gentry going to do with 1 John 3:8-9 where it says: “8 He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil. 9 Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.” All Adamites are “born of Yahweh.” Notice the word “seed” in verse 9! It can’t get any more “hereditary” than that! In other words, he that is born of the devil is prone to commit sin and he that is born of Yahweh is not naturally prone to sin! It doesn’t say “choice” here but “seed”, for it is a genetic trait! The word “seed” is the Greek word #4690, which is spérma from which we get our English word “sperm.” Evidently, Gentry believes that somehow “sperm” can “choose” to be good sperm or evil sperm. The cross-reference on this passage will take one to John 8:44 and Matthew 13:38, again in a genetic sense!

Then Gentry questions my supporting commentary by Laymon’s Interpreter’s One-Volume Commentary, where he remarks on Genesis 4:1: “... can scarcely be translated still less understood ...”  Here Gentry is dealing very deceitfully, trying to make everyone believe that was the only source I had! In that paper I also quoted from the 12 volume The Interpreter’s Bible, implying Genesis 4:1 is a gloss. After that, Gentry tries to make a brownie point by citing the Septuagint as saying the same thing as the Masoretic text. In his lethargic mentality, he doesn’t seem to grasp that the Septuagint translators may have translated the gloss into Greek. Yes I did call him “bone headed” and “this turkey”, but I apologize, as I should have called him a cross between a turkey and a parrot. A turkey because all he can manage is some gobble-de-gook, and parrot Stephen E. Jones!

Further, Gentry talks out of both sides of his mouth. First he claims the Bible prescribes the death penalty for race-mixing, and practically in the same breath claims there are hardly any of us pure, that there are only a few priests among us who haven’t mixed! I don’t know about Gentry, but I’m German, Irish and Scotch in that order (pure Judah). Maybe Gentry is judging everyone else according to himself! Go back and reread how Gentry speaks of some kind of fan-dangled “spiritual apartheid.” Sounds like some of Stephen E. Jones’ concocted verbiage to me, like when Jones conjured up the expression “experiential Israelites”! We are either Israelites or we are not! And we are either sons or we are bastards! (Hebrews 12:8) Such “spiritual apartheid” and “experiential Israelites”  is garbage. I will repeat again, if you want some mamzers in your family tree, then keep on supporting turkey-parrots like these.

And one other thing. Along with the Torah, all of the Old Testament is the first volume in the Talmud! Again, Gentry talks out of both sides of his mouth. In his commandeering from Gerda Koch’s Facts For Action for Winter, 2003, Gentry repeats all the same quotes about the Talmud as used by Stephen E. Jones and red Ted R. Weiland, and then turns around in his issue for Summer, 2003, and claims he doesn’t have time to read the Talmud. It appears Gentry can’t make up his mind whether he reads the Talmud or not. And you know that Soncino Talmud he talked about? I was the one who sent it to him! Therefore, he has no excuse for not knowing that the entire Old Testament is in the Talmud!

It should be quite clear, as long as we have unqualified, self-styled, uncalled by Yahweh people promoting such gibberish in Israel Identity, the Kingdom will not be advanced. They call themselves pastors, but they are no more than theology quacks!




The definition in my new Webster’s for “bonkers” is “mentally unbalanced, mad, crazy.” A very fitting description I would say! In order for you to see what I mean, I will quote a passage from Jones’ Foundation For Intercession for December 2002. In that publication, Stephen E. Jones, the man who has done more damage in the Israel Identity Message than any other I’m aware of, masquerades himself as an expert on the book of Revelation. On the first two and one half pages of four, he says little of nothing, and fails to identify the little horn of Daniel 7:21, which he so authoritatively mentions. He speaks of the Roman Catholic church as “the church”, unaware that the original church at Rome was actually a branch of the British Celtic church. The early church at Rome had no connection with the Roman Catholic church. It is apparent, then, he’s talking when he should be listening, for it is obvious he has never done his homework! So he starts at the bottom of the ladder and works himself downward.

To show you documentation of the true church in Rome, I will cite The Drama of the Lost Disciples, by George F. Jowett: “The church still stands and can be seen in what was once the palatial grounds of the Palatium Britannicum, a memorial to the Christianizing endeavors of St. Paul and the expatriate (exiled) royal British family at Rome with Rufus Pudens. The church is recorded in Roman history under four different names: 1. Palatium Britannicum; 2. Titulus; 3. Hospitium Apostolorum; 4. Lastly, as St. Pudentiana in honour and memory of the martyred daughter of Claudia Pudens, by which name it is known to this day.”

Thus, Stephen E. Jones shows his rampant ignorance. We will now see what kind of a hole he digs for himself when he writes the following:

“THE FIGS: Rev. 6:13 compares the stars of heaven to figs being cast to the ground before they are ripe. The comparison is very appropriate. In the Bible, the fig tree is the national symbol of Judah. Jeremiah 24 divides Judah into two groups of people: a basket of good figs and a basket of bad figs. The good figs are those who submit to God, even when God pronounces judgment upon the nation. The bad figs refuse to submit, thinking God wants them to fight God’s ‘enemies’ in order to retain their freedom.

“In Jeremiah’s day God classed the majority of the people as bad figs, for they fought Babylon, instead of recognizing king Nebuchadnezzar as God’s servant (Jer. 27:6) and instrument of divine judgment for sin.

“In Jesus’ day God’s servant was the Roman Empire. The majority of the Judean people again held the same view as their forefathers in Jeremiah’s day. They chafed under Roman authority, believing that it was God’s will that they be free. They wanted their freedom in order to be able to continue their empty and hypocritical worship in the temple, believing their own traditions and setting aside the divine law (Matt. 15:1-9).

“The point is this: there were two fig trees portrayed as Judah. One produced fruit so rotten that it could not be eaten. The other produced fruit that was very good. John the Baptist came, prophesying that the axe was laid to the root of the tree (Matt. 3:10), because any tree that does not bring forth good fruit was to be cut down and burned.

“The good figs, on the other hand, were represented by Jesus Christ and His followers. Those of this fig tree became the inheritors of the promises to Judah. Even as the evil fig tree was cut down, the good fig tree carried on the banner of Judah and became the legitimate tree of the tribe of Judah.

“For this reason Paul says in Rom. 2:28 and 29 that those who possess only the physical circumcision – Jews who had rejected Jesus Christ and remained part of the evil fig tree – were NOT Jews (Judahites) at all. Likewise, those who had been circumcised in their hearts ARE Jews (that is, Judahites, of the tribe of Judah).

“The early Church began as the legitimate tribe of Judah, for they were loyal followers of the King of Judah, Jesus Christ, the legal heir of King David's throne.

“When the Church was scattered by persecution into other lands, many other people of different ‘trees’ were converted to Christ. These ‘branches’ of other trees were cut off from their former trees and grafted into this Judah fig tree. Soon the number of foreign converts exceeded that of the genealogical Judahites, so that this fig tree began to look like a ‘gentile church,’ bearing peaches, pears, apples, and plums, with only a few branches bearing figs. Hence, men began to think of this tree as something other than Judah. But they were mistaken.

“What men call the ‘Church’ is, in reality, the original fig tree of Judah with many other branches grafted into it. The Church, then, carries the banner of Judah. Those who remain unattached to Jesus Christ, the Root of this tree, are not true Judahites, regardless of their genealogy.

“And so, when Rev. 6:13 compares the stars of heaven (the overcomers) with the figs, it is no idle comparison. The overcomers are indeed the true Jews (Judahites). They may not all be descended genealogically from the tribe of Judah, but they all derive their sustenance from Jesus Christ, the King of Judah. They are the good figs of Judah. These are the ones cast down at an early age as unripe figs. These are the ones persecuted and worn down by the little horn of Dan. 7:21-25.”




You have just witnessed the most outlandish piece of drivel you will ever encounter. Mr. (not pastor nor teacher) Stephen E. Jones has just violated every major principal of Biblical interpretation. Folks, it doesn’t get any worse than this! This is the most disgraceful discourse which a man could speak or write in the name of our Almighty (unending blasphemy without shame).

First of all, the “figs” of Revelation 6:13 have absolutely nothing to do with the Tribe of Judah! Secondly, there is absolutely no connection of the “figs” of Jeremiah 24 to the “figs” of Revelation 6:13! Stephen E. Jones is using this “fig” hocus-pocus sleight-of-hand which is the old Canaanite merchant game of “bait and switch”, designed for simple-minded suckers. The object is to get the victim’s eye on the “bait” while switching to another object. In other words, now you see it; now you don’t! It is nothing more than the old Canaanite variety of “Jewish” hocus-pocus sometimes referred to as abracadabra! Using this Canaanite-Jew’s con game, Jones is about ready to pull a “switch.” Once your eye is on the “figs”, the next trick is to establish a couple of false premises by saying: “The good figs are those who submit to God, even when God pronounces judgment upon the nation. The bad figs refuse to submit, thinking God wants them to fight God’s ‘enemies’ in order to retain their freedom.” This is entirely false concerning the good and bad figs! The “good figs” of Jeremiah 24 are the Judahites who kept racially pure and the bad figs are those who did not. Jeremiah 2:21 spells it out quite clearly: “Yet I had planted thee a noble vine, wholly a right seed: how then art thou turned into the degenerate plant of a strange vine unto me?” Further Ezekiel 16:3 says: “And say, Thus saith the Lord GOD unto Jerusalem; Thy birth and thy nativity is of the land of Canaan; thy father was an Amorite, and thy mother an Hittite.”

It’s just simply amazing what kind of foul-smelling excretion Jones and his clique dream up! Jones reduces everything to a “personal decision” rather than a genetic fact. Jones then states: “In Jeremiah’s day God classed the majority of the people as bad figs.” This is entirely in error, for the “majority” of “good fig” Judahites were taken by the Assyrians in the first deportations (or later to Babylon), and a minority of “bad fig” Judahites were taken in the last Assyrian deportation, or left to be the poor of the land, or ended up in Egypt, (majority, ha!).

Jones then makes the statement: “The majority of the Judean people again held the same view as their forefathers in Jeremiah’s day.”  Here again, Jones goofs, as the Judeans in the time of Messiah were more related to the Canaanite variety of Judean than to the true Tribe of Judah. By the time of our Redeemer, a good many of the “good figs” of Judah had joined with the other Ten Lost Tribes! This is what kind of twaddle we get when we have people on a kindergartner level in Israel Identity trying to run the show. Continuing, Jones says: “John the Baptist came, prophesying that the axe was laid to the root of the tree (Matt. 3:10), because any tree that does not bring forth good fruit was to be cut down and burned.”  Persisting, Jones remarks: “They may not all be descended genealogically from the tribe of Judah, but they all derive their sustenance from Jesus Christ, the King of Judah.” Let’s now see how inappropriate his conclusion is when he said: “When the Church was scattered by persecution into other lands, many other people of different ‘trees’ were converted to Christ. These ‘branches’ of other trees were cut off from their former trees and grafted into this Judah fig tree. Soon the number of foreign converts exceeded that of the genealogical Judahites, so that this fig tree began to look like a ‘gentile church,’ bearing peaches, pears, apples, and plums, with only a few branches bearing figs. Hence, men began to think of this tree as something other than Judah. But they were mistaken. What men call the ‘Church’ is, in reality, the original fig tree of Judah with many other branches grafted into it. The Church, then, carries the banner of Judah. Those who remain unattached to Jesus Christ, the Root of this tree, are not true Judahites, regardless of their genealogy.”  How do you like all that “peaches, pears, apples and plums” business? Whatever happened to the original commission?, Matthew 10:5-6 (KJV): “5 These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not: 6 But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” The context for “gentiles” in this verse is non-Israelites, and in the Greek is §2<@l, or “heathen.” As for “the ax being laid to the root of the tree”, that represenfont-family: ,ted the Cain satanic seedline that had mingled genetically with a small portion of Judah, and was closely related to the Shelanite Judahites descended from Judah’s first wife Bathshua the Canaanite and the Edomites. It has everything to do with genetics and nothing to do with a personal decision as goodie-goodie two shoes Jones implies.

Jones at one time was connected to The Lord’s Covenant Church under Sheldon Emry. It was there that he, with the backing of Emry, wrote a book entitled The Babylonian Connection, refuting Two Seedline doctrine. Since then, he also promotes universalism and the “No Devil” doctrine. Like I stated before, Jones has done a lot of damage to the Israel Kingdom Message. As a result there are a lot of other so-called Israel Identity ministries parroting all three of these teachings. Upon Emry’s death, Dave Barley inherited Emry’s ministry and is following Jones’ teachings to a tee.

I will now present evidence that Barley and company teach and promote Stephen E. Jones’ brand of universalism. I will now quote a passage from America’s Promise Newsletter, August/September, 2003:

“By the way, I received a phone call from an Arab man the other day who had watched the film and became converted to following Christ. His testimony was fantastic and upon learning that Jesus Christ has a place and purpose for all people, he had great hope. He learned that God’s law had many forms and facets to it, such as the law of aerodynamics, and gravity. All of God's creation experiences those ‘laws of nature’ and they are subject to those laws. However, as we know, there are also God’s laws to Israel, and Israelites for the most part, are to teach and administer those laws, but as God’s Word says, ‘to whom much is given, much is required,’  and ‘each man in his own order.’  This Arab learned that as he acquired truth, that there was also a responsibility that he now bore to properly use and apply that truth.”

The film the Arab was referring to was a 2nd version of Heirs Of The Promise, to show Israelites that they are under the Abrahamic Covenant. Evidently, Barley and company are about to teach Israel Identity to the Arabs! How absurd! Not only that, but evidently Barley and company are about to welcome the “Jews” (the satanic seedline) into their midst. They even went so far as to reprint an article from Southwest Jewish Press, Vol. 5727, Thursday, April 20, 1967. It was submitted to America's Promise Ministries by Pastor Southwick. It’s an article where a “Jew” is now teaching us Israel Identity, but there is a hitch in it. Maybe Barley and company should move to the middle east with their ministry and teach the Arabs and the Jews their own identity. Anyway, this is what that Jew said:



by Harry Golden, a Jew


“Isaiah, the prophet, wrote that the remnant of Yawheh’s (sic.) people would be found in ‘isles of the sea.’ Isn't it reasonable this remnant may be the people of the British Isles?

“Grant me the possibility and I shall proceed to unravel the great archaeological riddle of the ages: what happened to the ten lost tribes?

“The men of Dan escaped slaughter when Shalmanaser subjugated the ten tribes.

“As they made their way across Europe; they left indelible evidence of their journey.

“They called the places they stopped after the name of their tribe: thus Danube, Dnieper, Denmark, etc., all of which lay along their route of march.

“The men of Dan eventually settled in Ireland and were known as Tuatha de Daanana. None of this is imaginary research. One has only to dip into the work of the eminent Rabbi S. Raisin to see how well documented and probable this hypothesis is.

“Along with the Danites, the other coastal tribes, the Asher, Manasseh, Ephraim, and Simeon, escaped Shalmanaser’s fury. Obviously, the Simeonites became the Simoni [or Cimerii] of Wales. The Danites called their new home arzaret, which means ‘another Land of Israel’ and gradually they also came to call themselves Gauls which is a metamorphosis of the word ‘Golim’ meaning exiles.

“Some of them called themselves Saccae which derives from Succotites and means ‘dwellers in booths.’

“These were the fellows who emigrated to the next island and came to call themselves Scotsmen for all ‘Scotch’ means, as any student of Anglo-Saxon knows, Is ‘Irisher.’

“Others from Ireland emigrated to Wales and the folk ethos remained strongest here.

“David remained their favorite name and became their patron saint, although they forgot their Hebrew for as Isaiah said:

“‘For with stammering lips and with a strange tongue shall it be spoken to the people.’

“Returning once again to the Old Testament for more verification, we see that when Zedekiah, the last ruler of Judea was carried off into captivity by Nebuchadnezzar, his daughter, Tea Tephi found refuge under the guardianship of Jeremiah.

“Jeremiah also saved her royal escutcheon, the harp, and the Wonderful Stone, the fountain stone of the temple of Mount Zion. When Tea Tephi married Heremon, the ruler of the Danites, the Lion of Judah was united with the Unicorn of Joseph, a characteristic of all English heraldry.

“Last but not least, consider that the word ‘Britain’ may well be a corruption of the Hebrew ‘Brith-am’ meaning the ‘people of the Covenant.’

What do 1 mean by all this? Simple, the Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists, Episcopalians, and the Irish Catholics are really my cousins – all right, so its a few times removed. All of us knew it all along.”

If you have followed closely, you can see the snag in the “Jew’s” presentation is the fact that he is claiming to be a “distant cousin” to the true Israelites, and somehow that gives him license to enter the Kingdom from the back door. Now, evidently Barley and company think this is simply great. My reaction is, things are getting mighty sorry when we have to have a “Jew” come in to teach us who true Israel is.




The main problem is, the majority of our people don’t know there is a problem! The average guy on the street doesn’t have the slightest idea what’s going on in this world. And such false teachings as you see presented here are only adding to the confusion! We are informed at Matthew 12:30 and Luke 11:23 the following: “He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.”

Thus there are but two categories, those who gather and those who scatter the Israel sheep. And there is no better way to scatter the sheep than to tell the sheep there are no wolves (no devil), or that the wolves can enter the Kingdom as well as the sheep (universalism). And this is exactly the shenanigans these turkey-parrots are doing. How can they claim they are against miscegenation when they look with favor on the race-mixed “Jews”? I would remind you again, today we are witnessing the genocide of the entire White Israel race via the process of race-mixing, while some in Identity actually want to accept mixed-blood into our midst! As long as this attitude persists, we have no salvation. Oh yes, they will identify Israel, but they refuse to identify Israel’s enemy. So they are only teaching half of the message, which is as good as no message at all! Sorry to say, there are a lot of people in this message who should go and saw their toilet seat in half in order to fit their half buttocks behind.

We have now observed some very precarious and really un-Biblical teachings, and upon reading this lesson thus far, it brings up a very grave question for each person to answer! Each one will now have to decide whether he/she desires to be a scatterer or a gatherer. It is impossible to be in both camps! The lukewarm position will only be “spewed out.” The weightiness of this question may have dire consequences, inasmuch as when one stands before Yahweh’s Throne in judgment, all of his works and teaching may be burned with fire before him. Therefore, I implore each one to reconsider every teaching that is floating around in Israel Identity, and prove that which is beneficial or detrimental. A second position should also have to be considered, that being whether one should support a scatterer or a gatherer! For those who are only blessed with a few talents need all the more to invest them wisely! There is an even greater situation to consider. As we travel through life, we are forced to make many important decisions. Before we do so, in each and every occurrence we should analyze each new decision and ask ourselves whether that resolution would scatter the Israel sheep or gather them! It is very sobering to envision the coming of the White Throne Judgment and realize that the works of some will be entirely burned with fire while with others their rewards will be given to another! Therefore, everything I teach, I do so with fear and trembling!

In the last few lessons we have been considering the importance of Race. In the analysis of the Genesis 10 nations, we can now see a gradual deterioration of the White Race represented in the three sons of the racially pure Noah. What has previously happened as a whole to the House of Ham, and the House of Japheth, and a good many of the House of Shem, is now in the process of those under the Covenant of Abraham. Make no misgivings about it, the agenda of the enemy (the Canaanite variety of “Jews”) is to destroy, in any manner possible, the entire White Adamic Race. We witness this fact on a daily basis. Those of us who hold to the Two Seedline doctrine understand that this is the “enmity” spoken of in Genesis 3:14-15. And unless the Almighty somehow intervenes on our behalf, we as a people have no future! Therefore, I apologize not for my hard-core racial stance. The bottom line is, RACE IS EVERYTHING! And we aren’t going anywhere without it!

Many have either called or written me demanding that I take their name off my mailing list, which I promptly do. Though they don’t realize it, at the same time, they are taken off Yahweh’s list too. I observed a young White lady in the post office recently leading one and carrying another small White boy. On viewing that, I immediately thanked our Almighty that there are still a few that have some integrity. So for those who would rather listen to people like Dan Gentry, Stephen E. Jones and Dave Barley, may Yahweh Elohim have mercy on your Racial family catastrophes. At least, with what I have shown you here, no one can claim they were never told! Every White mother and father deserve to have White grandchildren! Maybe it’s finally time we take a racial stand!