Watchman's Teaching Letter #166 February 2012

This is my one hundred and sixty-sixth monthly teaching letter and continues my fourteenth year of publication. I started this series entitled The Greatest Love Story Ever Told with WTL #137, giving a general overview, which I am expanding on with a more detailed seven stages of the story, as follows: (1) the courtship, (2) the marriage, (3) the honeymoon, (4) the estrangement, (5) the divorce, (6) the reconciliation, and (7) the remarriage.

I am sorry that I had to interrupt this series to address some nonsensical speculation which only spawns confusion! It seems like there is always someone who wants to start a pretzel factory with the subject of Israel Identity, twisting the facts entirely out of shape. As usual, though, this kind of foolishness only motivates the rest of us to research and study the subject in question to a greater degree, which becomes an advantage to us and dishonor to the one making a false allegation. Thus, the more the pretzel-twisters practice their deception, the more we earnest Bible students learn!



We left off in WTL #161 with the 24th Part of THE GREATEST LOVE STORY EVER TOLD, and after refuting some bull-feces from the negro-oriented The Nubian Times, we can finally return to our subject. For those who don’t know what is going on, The Nubian Times was (and still is) spreading propaganda that the English Queen Charlotte of the German Mecklenburg-Strelitz (wife of King George III) was black, trying to de-stigmatize race-mixing, which is so prevalent today! Well, if Queen Charlotte Mecklenburg-Strelitz was indeed black, then Yahshua Christ will be committing adultery when He marries the twelve tribes of Israel at the “Wedding Supper of The Lamb”, Rev. 19:7-9. “Thou shalt not commit adultery” means “thou shalt not mix thy race with those not of thy kind”! When it says, “clean and white”, it damn well means genetically, as well as “fine linen”. Therefore, the kinds of marriages we make in this life should mirror the marriage that Yahshua Christ will make with us at the “Wedding Supper of The Lamb”! After all, the first marriage of our White race was “bone of my (Adam’s) bones and flesh of my (Adam’s) flesh, Gen. 2:23! So, if one of the two parties making up the marriage is not “bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh”, it is miscegenation rather than marriage!

Laban surely was aware of this very fact when he gave his daughter Rebekah to Isaac for a wife and said at Gen. 29:14: “And Laban said to him, Surely thou art my bone and my flesh. And he abode with him the space of a month.”

The subject of “bone and flesh” is brought up again at 2 Sam. 5:1, where all twelve tribes call king David, “Behold we are thy bone and thy flesh.”

Again, “bone and flesh” is mentioned during a time of trouble between all Israel and king David, whereupon David inquired of his priests, 2 Sam. 19:11-12: 11 ... Speak unto the elders of Judah, saying, Why are ye the last to bring the king back to his house? seeing the speech of all Israel is come to the king, even to his house. 12 Ye are my brethren, ye are my bones and my flesh: wherefore then are ye the last to bring back the king?”

We find more on the topic of bone and flesh at 1 Chron. 11:1-2, where it states: 1 Then all Israel gathered themselves to David unto Hebron, saying, Behold, we are thy bone and thy flesh. 2 And moreover in time past, even when Saul was king, thou wast he that leddest out and broughtest in Israel: and Yahweh thy God said unto thee, Thou shalt feed My people Israel, and thou shalt be ruler over My people Israel.”

The subject of the bones and flesh carries over into the New Testament at Eph. 5:28-31: 28 So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself. 29 For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as Yahshua the church: 30 For we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones. 31 For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.” This conveys to us that we are genetically White Caucasians, and that Christ has the identical genetic makeup! This genetic pattern can only be distorted by race-mixing! Once the miscegenation has taken place, it is like being flushed down the toilet to enter the sewer-world of the unclean, never to return. And the flush handle was engaged, releasing a torrent of water around the rim of the toilet back in the 1960’s! All that is left to be done is a powerful sucking action, and it will be good-bye forever to the White Caucasian race! If you want your “bones and flesh” (your kith and kin) to enter the unclean sewer-world, then just do nothing!

Although we are in dire straits, this is not the end of the story! We have reached the point where the very Sworn Promises of Almighty Yahweh (His very Written Word) are at stake! Of the many Covenants Yahweh made with Adam-man, two are imperative that we understand for today, (1) a promise to David that he would always have a racially pure descendant on the throne, and (2) a promise that the whole house of Israel (all twelve racially pure tribes) would always exist as long as the “ordinances of heaven and earth” continue, Jeremiah 33:17-26:

17 For thus saith Yahweh; David shall never want a man to sit upon the throne of the house of Israel; 18 Neither shall the priests the Levites want a man before Me to offer burnt offerings, and to kindle meat offerings, and to do sacrifice continually. 19 And the word of Yahweh came unto Jeremiah, saying, 20 Thus saith Yahweh; If ye can break My covenant of the day, and My covenant of the night, and that there should not be day and night in their season; 21 Then may also My covenant be broken with David My servant, that he should not have a son to reign upon his throne; and with the Levites the priests, My ministers. 22 As the host of heaven cannot be numbered, neither the sand of the sea measured: so will I multiply the seed of David My servant, and the Levites that minister unto Me. 23 Moreover the word of Yahweh came to Jeremiah, saying, 24 Considerest thou not what this people have spoken, saying, The two families [house of Israel and house of Judah] which Yahweh hath chosen, He hath even cast them off? thus they have despised My people, that they should be no more a nation before them. 25 Thus saith Yahweh; If My covenant be not with day and night, and if I have not appointed the ordinances of heaven and earth; 26 Then will I cast away the seed of Jacob, and David My servant, so that I will not take any of his seed to be rulers over the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob: for I will cause their captivity to return, and have mercy on them.”

Some may argue that we no longer have the Levites with us to do sacrifices, but that is not true! Everywhere the Gospel has been preached for the last 2,000 years, the sacrificial death, burial and resurrection of Christ has been proclaimed! Psalm 89:34-37 has:

34 My covenant will I not break, nor alter the thing that is gone out of My lips. 35 Once have I sworn by My holiness that I will not lie unto David. 36 His seed shall endure for ever, and his throne as the sun before Me. 37 It shall be established for ever as the moon, and as a faithful witness in heaven.” Well, today is Tuesday, December 13, 2011, and in Fostoria, Ohio the sun is shining bright enough to see a shadow under my 1990 Buick LeSabre, and a couple of nights ago, I saw the full moon. Either Yahweh is true to His Word, or He is not!

I will say this: I am absolutely not a prophet, but what I can dimly view from Biblical prophecy, evidently the UK (the United Kingdom of England) has flushed the “the throne of David” nearly down the toilet! If what I think I envision is true, I see the throne of David hanging from a weak unraveling thread. It has reached the point where among mortal men, only a non-royal person can take the throne.

From Internet website:

28 October 2011 Last updated at 09:43 ET

Girls Equal In British Throne Succession

If Prince William and Kate had a daughter first, she would take precedence over younger brothers. Sons and daughters of any future UK monarch will have equal right to the throne, after Commonwealth leaders agreed to change succession laws.

The leaders of the 16 Commonwealth countries where the Queen is head of state unanimously approved the changes at a summit in Perth, Australia. It means a first-born daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would take precedence over younger brothers.

The ban on the monarch being married to a Roman Catholic was also lifted. Under the old succession laws, dating back more than 300 years, the heir to the throne is the first-born son of the monarch. Only when there are no sons, as in the case of the Queen’s father George VI, does the crown pass to the eldest daughter.

The succession changes will require a raft of historic legislation to be amended, including the 1701 Act of Settlement, the 1689 Bill of Rights and the Royal Marriages Act of 1772. The change to the Royal Marriages Act will end a position where every descendant of George II is legally required to seek the consent of the monarch before marrying. In future, the requirement is expected to be limited to a small number of the sovereign’s close relatives.”


Duncan Kennedy, BBC News, Perth

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Equal rights for women in the British Monarchy? It’s quite a change. The new rules will reverse 300 years of tradition, custom and law, so it’s a big royal deal.

There have been at least 11 attempts to change the passage of succession down the years, but they’ve never got anywhere. Now, with the arrival of Kate and William on the public stage, a sense of urgency has overtaken the drag of inertia.

The leaders of the Commonwealth have, like David Cameron, recognised this and so decided to act, using Perth to give birth to these royal reforms.

The other modification, allowing future monarchs to marry Catholics, is just as radical, removing an anti-Catholic bias at the heart of the monarchy. Will these changes make a difference? Potentially, yes, particularly the daughter/son succession one, especially if William and Kate’s first-born is a girl. She could become queen and thereby alter the course of British history.

Overturning Centuries Of British Rules

Announcing the succession changes, Prime Minister David Cameron said they would apply to descendents of the Prince of Wales. They will not be applied retrospectively.

Put simply, if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were to have a little girl, that girl would one day be our queen,’ he said.

The idea that a younger son should become monarch instead of an elder daughter simply because he is a man, or that a future monarch can marry someone of any faith except a Catholic - this way of thinking is at odds with the modern countries that we have become.’

Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard said it was an extraordinary moment: ‘I’m very enthusiastic about it. You would expect the first Australian woman prime minister to be very enthusiastic about a change which equals equality for women in a new area.’

She said the changes appeared to be straightforward. ‘But just because they seem straightforward to our modern minds doesn’t mean that we should underestimate their historical significance, changing as they will for all time the way in which the monarchy works and changing its history.’

But the campaign group Republic - which wants an elected head of state in Britain - said ‘nothing of substance’ had been changed. ‘The monarchy discriminates against every man, woman and child who isn’t born into the Windsor family. To suggest that this has anything to do with equality is utterly absurd,’ spokesman Graham Smith said.

Queen’s Speech

On scrapping the ban on future monarchs marrying Roman Catholics, Mr. Cameron said: ‘Let me be clear, the monarch must be in communion with the Church of England because he or she is the head of that Church. But it is simply wrong they should be denied the chance to marry a Catholic if they wish to do so. After all, they are already quite free to marry someone of any other faith.’

David Cameron: ‘The idea a younger son should become monarch instead of an elder daughter simply because he’s a man... is at odds with the modern countries we have become’

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster,/spanArial, sans-serif;margin-left: 0.span style=/span It shall be established for ever as the moon, and JUSTIFY01in; margin-right: 0.01in; text-indent: 0.5in; margin-bottom: 0in;JUSTIFY line-height: 105%; Vincent Nichols, said the elimination of the ‘unjust discrimination’ against Catholics would be widely welcomed. At the same time I fully recognise the importance of the position of the established church [the Church of England] in protecting and fostering the role of faith in our society today,’ he said.

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond also welcomed the lifting of the ban but said it was ‘deeply disappointing’ that Roman Catholics were still unable to ascend to the throne. ‘It surely would have been possible to find a mechanism which would have protected the status of the Church of England without keeping in place an unjustifiable barrier on the grounds of religion in terms of the monarchy,’ he said. ‘It is a missed opportunity not to ensure equality of all faiths when it comes to the issue of who can be head of state.’

In her opening speech to the summit, the Queen did not directly mention the royal succession laws, but said women should have a greater role in society. ‘It encourages us to find ways to show girls and women to play their full part,’ she said.

Previous Attempts

The BBC’s royal correspondent, Nicholas Witchell, said this was a hint that the Queen herself backed the change. The Queen will celebrate her Diamond Jubilee next year and there are already two generations of kings-in-waiting - Prince Charles and his son Prince William.

In January 2011, Labour MP Keith Vaz tabled a Succession to the Crown Bill in the Commons to end gender discrimination in the succession to the throne. He said his bill - due for its second reading on 25 November - could be used to introduce the reforms announced in Perth. ‘As a society that values gender equality so highly, this is long overdue,’ he said. ‘We will now have modern laws that fit our modern monarchy.’

The royal author Robert Hardman said there had been 11 attempts in recent years by individual MPs and peers to change the succession laws. The laws are not a matter for the 54-nation Commonwealth as a whole, only for the 16 countries which have the Queen as their head of state, known as realms.

These are Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Jamaica, Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Papua New Guinea, St Christopher and Nevis, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Tuvalu, Barbados, Grenada, Solomon Islands, St Lucia and the Bahamas.


Chogm Summit

Mr. Cameron said the realms would work to implement the changes but that for historic reasons the UK would have to publish its legislation first. The necessary changes to laws will be introduced in the next session of Parliament and New Zealand will lead a working group co-ordinating the measures across the other nations.

In his speech, the prime minister also praised the Queen’s 60 years of public service and announced the creation of a Diamond Jubilee Trust to help those in need across the Commonwealth. The trust will be chaired by former Prime Minister Sir John Major.

Mr. Cameron said Britain would make a multi-million pound donation to the grant-making body and encouraged other commonwealth nations to do the same. The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings (Chogm) are held every two years, and present an opportunity for the 54 nations with current or former ties to Britain to discuss a range of issues.

The Chogm summit will also discuss economic growth, climate change and human rights at this year’s meeting.”

From the internet there is speculation that Kate Middleton may have a jewish background. I will present the evidence and the reader can draw his own conclusion. At website 2011/05is-princess-kate-middleton-jewish.html we read:

Is Princess Kate Middleton Jewish? ... Source: Life in Israel

Princess Kate Middleton, or whatever her last name is now (Windsor?), might one day become the Queen of England. That is, if she should remain married to Prince William and should he one day actually ascend the throne and become king. has analyzed Middleton’s family records, and has found on her mother’s side of the family many Jewish names, leading them to conclude that there is a good chance that, even if she does not know it, Princess, and possibly future Queen of England, Kate Middleton might very well be Jewish.

I say we send some Chabadniks after her. Get her to start lighting candles and going to the Royal Mikveh. Maybe William will eventually convert. And then what? I don’t know what having a Jewish Queen of England might do for us, but it probably cannot hurt too much.”

This is from a Canaanite-jewish perspective, but having even one drop of jewish blood in either William or Kate is like having a wolf in the sheepfold! I researched and wrote a paper that Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, Philip Mountbatten, definitely benefited from the 537 year hiatus of identity theft committed by Julia Theresa von Hauke, entitled, How Long Can Queen Elizabeth II Live?

I checked out some other websites, and there seems to be no definitive answer to the question “Is Kate Middleton Jewish?”, but it seems almost definite that she has some Jewish ancestry. From Posted by S. Goldsmith, 09/13/2011 at 02:34 PM

English Goldsmith’s

I am a Goldsmith. My family arrived in America and settled in Maryland in the 1600’s. We arrived a Catholic family on a land grant. My ancestor served as King Charles II’s physician. The Goldsmith family in England was an old, catholic family. I’m sure, through the generations, many joined the Church of England. ...”

When the Canaanite-jews were expelled from England in or about 1290, they didn’t all leave. There were two basic reasons for the English to allow them to stay, (1) if they would convert from Judaism to Christianity, and (2) if they were a physician attending a king or the Royal Family. We will see an example of this from the website:


The first evidence of Jews in Tudor England after the expulsion is in 1494. Under Henry VIII and Edward VI, small numbers of Spanish and Portuguese Conversos (Jewish converts to Christianity) worshiped secretly as Jews in London and Bristol. Henry VIII used Jewish scholars to justify his divorce from Catherine of Aragon and his marriage to Anne Boleyn. In 1588, the Converso Dr. Hector Nuñes was lauded as a hero for being the first to warn of the sailing of the Spanish Armada.

In 1589, Christopher Marlowe’s anti-Semitic play, The Jew of Malta, was first performed. In 1594, Queen Elizabeth I’s physician, a Converso named Dr. Roderigo Lopez, was implicated in a plot to assassinate Elizabeth. He was tortured, tried and hanged on what is suspected to be a false charge of treason. Anglo Jewry then fled to the Low Countries, often disguised as Spanish or Portuguese Roman Catholics. William Shakespeare’s famous play about a Jewish money-lender, The Merchant of Venice, was first acted out in 1597. In 1609, Portuguese merchants were expelled from London on suspicion of being Jewish. This did not stop the Jews, however, and in the mid-17th century, a new Converso colony grew in London, made up partly of refugees from Rouen and the Canary Islands ...”

Then from the website articles/1290_to_1656.htm we read:

We know that English Jews were described as physicians, goldsmiths, soldiers, vintners and fishmongers, and that a significant number were merchants. Royal charters issued by Henry II and confirmed by his successors granted them freedom of residence, passage, the right to possess and inherit land, loans and property, as well as nominal judicial privileges. With time, however, Jews generally became associated with lending money at interest because the Papacy condemned usury as a sin (Exodus 22:25-27, Leviticus 25:35-37, Deuteronomy 23:19–20, Luke 6:35); Church councils later compared it to homicide, sodomy and incest.” [underlining mine]

More information along this line can be found in the book A History Of The Jews In England by Albert M. Hyamson, first published by Methuen & Co., 1908, page 98:


For [a] long [time] the opinion was held, that with the exile of the Jews of England by Edward all connexion between them and that country came to an end, and that for the three and a half centuries following the Expulsion no Jew touched English ground. Such a view has, however, now been proved incorrect. So far from the truth is it, that instead of a total exclusion of Jewry from England, hardly a year seems to have passed between the Expulsion and the Resettlement in which one or more Jews, often professing Judaism, could not be found in the country either as visitors or as residents. On the other hand, however, until the reign of Charles I no organized community seems to have existed, and interpreting the word Jewry in that sense rather than as the haphazard gathering of individual Jews, one is justified in saying that the history of the Jews in England closed in 1290, not to be resumed until 1655.”

From the same book, an interesting document has survived since 1277 which exhibits the negative attitude of the English and related people in the British Isles toward the Canaanite-jews, not realizing their genetic background, between pages 92 and 93:


A caricature of a Jew dated 1277, made In the margin of a contemporary legal document relating to a breach of the Forest Laws in which one of the offenders, Cok, son of Aaron, was a Jew. Presumably the caricature relates to the father of Cok. The cowl denotes that the wearer did not perform out of door work; the badge in the form of the two tables of the law was that imposed on all English Jews. Reproduced from the original document in the Public Record Office, Forest Roll, Essex, 5 Ed. 1.” (I am sorry that I don’t have room to display a facsimile here.)

It would seem that in 1277 the people of the British Isles had a pretty good conception of Two-Seedline from Gen. 3:15, although their priests from the catholic church failed to address the subject. Maybe some of them remembered the teachings of their former Celtic Church, which made Gen. 3:15 quite clear in a liturgy:

“• Who died but was never born? (Adam) Who gave but did not receive? (Eve, milk) Who was born but did not die? (Elias and Enoch) Who was born twice and died once? (Jonas the prophet, who for three days and three nights prayed in the belly of the whale. He neither saw the heavens nor touched the earth) How many languages are there? (Seventy-two) Who spoke with a dog? (St. Peter) Who spoke with an ass? (Balaam the prophet) Who was the first woman to commit adultery? (Eve with the serpent) How were the Apostles baptized? (The Saviour washed their feet). (Hardinge cites R.E. McNally, The Bible in the Early Middle Ages, 38-9, a translation of Ms. 908, “The Ioca monachorum”, an eighth-century Celtic text.) [The Celtic Church In Britain by Leslie Hardinge, chapter “The Role of the Scriptures”, p. 48.]

Whether or not one is convinced that Kate Middleton has Canaanite-jewish ancestry, there is yet another fly-in-the-ointment!

Exclusive: Kate Middleton Infertile from Cocaine & Ecstacy; Living Separate Life from Prince William. October 3rd, 2011, by Robert Kern, Truthquake.Com Staff:

EXCLUSIVE REPORT: According to Kate Middleton’s physicians, she is not able to conceive children. Prince William’s wife is being given vitamin supplements and is on a special diet. However, all of the expensive treatments are not expected to make up for the years of abuse Kate, 29, put her body through by using cocaine and ecstasy, according to royal family staff to The sources have asked to remain unnamed, out of fear of losing their jobs or worse.

Many journalists in the United Kingdom have already been arrested simply for researching stories about the royal family. Additionally, the Dutchess of Cambridge’s medical problems may be a moot point because there are murmurings in the Royal Court that Prince William has yet to even have consummated their marriage and is not interested in conjugal relations with his new wife because their relationship has changed since first dating.

Currently, Kate and William’s marriage is more of a friendship, photo opportunity and publicity generator, according to our sources. Workers at Buckingham Palace have made comments about the fact that the couple rarely share the same sleeping quarters. William apparently is often bedding down at the Royal Stables in Wales, his apartment in SW2 (downtown London), his country estate in Scotland, and in other words, anywhere but with Kate!

Drugs run in Kate Middleton’s family: Her millionaire drug-dealer uncle Gary Goldsmith was filmed giving hard drugs to an undercover reporter in 2009, which was exposed by News of the World. Goldsmith, 44, bragged about a vacation Prince William and his niece had taken at his multi-million dollar villa on Ibiza before ‘chopping’ up lines of cocaine and offering to set the journalist up with high-class prostitutes. At the time William was forced to cut ties with Goldsmith, but he was later allowed to attend their wedding.”

What about this millionaire drug-dealer “uncle Gary Goldsmith”? It is well known that in the Sicilian Mafia everyone under the godfather has his own territory, and if violated, that one is as good as dead! With a name like Goldsmith, Goldsmit or Goldsmid, it is a 90+% chance that he is jewish. Additionally, if one is higher up in the drug trade, it is a 90+% chance that he is jewish. Additionally, if one is higher up in the prostitution business, it is a 90+% chance that he is jewish. That leaves only about 1 or 2% that Gary Goldsmith is not jewish!


For the most part I have used secular sources for my documentation, which sometimes leaves room for doubt, but now we shall consult Biblical sources which would be difficult to gainsay! What we need to know is, what are the criteria for someone sitting on the Throne of David today? (1) It requires a pure descendant of Adam (with the Hebrew letters for blood “DM” in his name, #1818, to show blood in the face). If he can’t blush, he’s not an Adam! (2) He must be “bones of my bones and flesh of my flesh” or a White man. (3) Of the sons of Adam, he must be of the line of Seth (Abel’s replacement). (4) Of the three sons of Noah, he must be of the line of Shem. Between Peleg and Joktan, he must be of the line of Peleg. (5) Of Abraham’s seed, he must be of the line of Isaac! (6) Of Isaac’s two sons (Jacob and Esau) he must be of the line of Jacob (later called Israel). (7) Of Israel’s twelve sons, he must be of the line (or tribe) of Judah! (8) Of Judah’s five sons, the first three were bastards, making Pharez his 1st legitimate son and Zerah his 2nd legitimate son. (It should be pointed out that both Pharez and Zerah were Royal, but Christ’s lineage came through Pharez, although Christ also had the blood of Zerah in His lineage through Rahab of the “red thread”.) (9) Of all of the tribe of Judah, the royalty must descend from the House of Jesse alone; all other Judahites and Israelites being considered “commoners”. (10) Of all the house of Jesse, the royalty must descend from David, or (11) the house of David (those descended from David and his wives, (although wives – but not husbands – could be taken from the Zerah-Judah royal line, i,e., Rahab.) (12) As for Ruth, we know she lived in the former land of Moab which had been conquered by the Amorites, and re-conquered by the Israelites in the time of Joshua, and resettled by Gad, Reuben and half of the tribe of Manasseh (Joshua 18:7). Ruth may have even been of the tribe of Judah, for Boaz acted out the right of “next-of-kin” in order to purchase her. (13) The succession of royal kings would always be from father to the first son, or the first brother available, and if there was not a son to inherit, a daughter could ascend the throne. Let’s compare this criteria to the book MAJESTY, Elizabeth II And The House Of Windsor, by Robert Lacey, ch. 8, “Heir Presumptive”, p. 89:

Princess Elizabeth was heir presumptive, but she was not heir apparent. The latter title, meaning visible heir, is given to the first sons of British “/spansomargin-bottom: 0in; line-height: 105%;Arialfont-family: span style=span style=vereigns because, being oldest and male, nothing but death can prevent them ultimately c/pwesternoming into their inheritance. But Princess Elizabeth, right until the moment of her accession to the throne in February 1952, could only ever be heir presumptive, since she could only succeed presuming that no heir apparent, a brother, were born – and according to Lady Airlie, a baby brother was exactly what the Princess wished for. When first told of her position as successor to her father, she began fervently saying her prayers for a new male addition to the family.” What has happened is the entire 54-nation Commonwealth of the UK just said “HELL NO” to the Bible! They have all shaken their fist at Almighty Yahweh and declared, “We will follow Satan’s RED TALMUDIC agenda!”