2003 Watchman's Teaching Letters

Watchman's Teaching Letter #68 December 2003


This is my sixty-eighth monthly teaching letter and continues my sixth year of publication. With this lesson, I’m changing the appearance of my Watchman’s Teaching Letter, as I believe that I have discovered some more readable fonts. As I explained in my lesson #24, I reduced my lesson from eight pages to four pages in order to send out two lessons at a time and still keep the weight under an ounce. It was necessary to do this in order to keep the mailing cost to a minimum. This allows me to send two letters out every second month. After doing that, I experimented with various paragraph styles and also started to hyphenate words at the end of a line. Upon making those changes, I soon found I had the word-count equivalent to that which I had achieved with eight pages. With these new fonts, hopefully I will have just as readable a document as I had previously with eight pages. Many books we read have much smaller fonts than you are now reading.

With a new appearance comes a rekindled determination. After some reverses in August, I have resolved to fight for the Israel Truth Message as never before. We are now observing the genocide of an entire race of people through miscegenation. And while that race-mixing is in the process, so-called self-appointed Israel Identity pastors and teachers are promoting doctrines which are contrary to what White-Israel should be taught. They’re dreaming up all kinds of concocted premises and passing them off as Gospel. With this letter, I’m going to expose three such cases in point. We will start with Dan Gentry, where he retaliated at Two Seedline doctrine and myself under his inaccurate logo Facts For Action, Summer, 2003:

Watchman's Teaching Letter #67 November 2003


This is my sixty-seventh monthly teaching letter and continues my sixth year of publication. In the last few lessons, we have been covering the prophecies of Daniel. Then to get a clearer picture of Daniel’s prophecies, we took up the subjects of race and the Genesis 10 table of nations along with the creation of Adam. If you don’t have the lessons on these topics, you may not fully understand this current presentation.

Once comprehending the origin of the Genesis 10 White nations, we will then grasp the unusual world in which Daniel found himself. To give you some idea of that world, I will quote from History Of The Persian Empire by A. T. Olmstead, page 229:

“... ‘If now you shall think,’ he tells us in his tomb inscription, ‘‘How many are those lands which Darius the king seized?’ then look at the representations of those who bear the throne. Then you shall know, then shall it be known to you: The spear of a Persian man has gone forth afar; then shall it be known to you: A Persian man has smitten a foe far from Parsa.’ Once each representative was properly labeled; today the names of only a limited number have been preserved, but we can still identify the Persian, the Mede, the Elamite, and the Parthian, as well as the Pointed-Cap Scythian, the Babylonian, the Assyrian, and the man of Maka [Maka/Makran being a 1st millennium B.C. term for Egypt].”

Watchman's Teaching Letter #66 October 2003


This is my sixty-sixth monthly teaching letter and continues my sixth year of publication. With the last three Watchman’s Teaching Letters, #63, #64, and #65, we have been discussing race and the general demise of the Genesis 10 White nations. It was necessary to pursue the subjects of race and the decline of racial purity among the Genesis 10 nations in order to get a true perspective on Daniel. These lessons are now taking on a tone of seriousness of the greatest magnitude. In fact, there is no other topic, the implications of which are more threatening to our well-being and posterity.

I have recently been forced to take an uncompromising stand on the creation of Adam and the progeny derived from him. I can no longer endorse or promote the 6th and 8th day creation theory. As a matter of fact, this premise helps promote miscegenation, as it gives the non-Adamic races dignity they don’t deserve. Even to compare them with animals is to disgrace animal-kind. There is absolutely no Biblical record of the creation of the other races.

Watchman's Teaching Letter #65 September 2003


This is my sixty-fifth monthly teaching letter and continues my sixth year of publication. In the last lesson, Watchman’s Teaching Letter #64, we covered the demise of the Genesis 10 White Adamic table of nations. Today there is little left of them in their original racial integrity except for the true descendants of Jacob-Israel. With this lesson we will continue the same subject in somewhat greater detail. Again I will be using the notes of William Finck as a guideline for this, with some of my own comments appended. Therefore I will dispense with the usual quotation marks:

The Race of Genesis 10: We are only going to travel the history of this planet once. There are no second chances. One history, one Bible, one trek from the garden of Eden to the gathering of the Wheat. If we find not the foundations of our race in Genesis chapter 10, then our history, along with our Bible, is absolutely unreliable and we are mired in futility! I (William) often begin oral explanations of Genesis 10 by quoting Epictetus, copied from the opening pages of Thayer’s Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament: άρχὴ παιδεύσεως ἡ τῶν ỏνομάτων ἐπίσκεψις, or “the beginning of learning is the investigation of names.” And I must agree with Epictetus!

Watchman's Teaching Letter #64 August 2003


This is my sixty-fourth monthly teaching letter and continues my sixth year of publication. With the last lesson, Watchman’s Teaching Letter #63, it might appear that I am straying off the subject of Daniel’s prophecies. If that is the impression you came to, I would assure you that I have only diverged from that topic in order to once more address the ever important subject of race.

Watchman's Teaching Letter #63 July 2003


This is my sixty-third monthly teaching letter and continues my sixth year of publication. In lesson #60 we focused on the 4th chapter of Daniel. I have commented on this chapter several times before, but there is need to examine it in greater depth. To put the Babylonian stump-system into perspective which was to last “seven times” or 2520 years, I have devised the following graph to show how it has developed during that time.

Watchman's Teaching Letter #62 June 2003


This is my sixty-second monthly teaching letter and continues my sixth year of publication. Because there are so many bad teachings circulating around in all areas of Scripture, I find myself on a continuous treadmill in order to combat them. At the present time, I have so many irons in the fire, I don’t know which one to address next.

Watchman's Teaching Letter #61 May 2003


This is my sixty-first monthly teaching letter and starts my sixth year of publication. With this lesson, we will focus on the 4th chapter of Daniel. I have commented on this chapter several times before, but there is need to examine it in greater depth. The 4th chapter of Daniel must be approached differently than other passages as it is written somewhat, but not entirely, from a subsidiary position.

Watchman's Teaching Letter #60 April 2003


This is my sixtieth monthly teaching letter and completes my fifth year of publication. Five years ago I decided to make this ministry an independent endeavor. I was aware that I could in no way, in all good conscience, associate and identify with those teaching against Two Seedline. Then too, I realized there were those in Two Seedline who were going off on tangents in various unrelated areas, and I needed to separate myself from that kind of environment. Therefore, my main effort is research in proving Yhwh’s Word to be true in every respect. I have literally put thousands of hours of study into these teaching letters and brochures which I have put into your hands. The primary reason for segregating from the anti-seedliners is because their erroneous position helps to promote race-mixing, which is almost out of control at our present time. I will continue to try and counsel those who are caught-up in the error of the one-seed theory.

In the last teaching letter, I showed you there were four different men by the name of Nebuchadnezzar somewhat contemporary with Daniel. Actually, there were five Nebuchadnezzars in all, and I will explain that in this lesson. I also gave evidence that the Nebuchadnezzar of Daniel 4 was not Nebuchadnezzar II but instead Nabonidus. In all of my days of going to church, I never heard a single minister explain that fact. Nor have I ever heard any radio or television evangelists give any insight on this. I am also persuaded there are very few pastors in Israel Identity who are aware of this. Usually when this subject is commented on, it is not in the plural, but in a singular sense, making one think it is speaking of one individual. It is a very good case-in-point that if one does not understand history, one will have difficulty grasping the full narrative of the Bible. And why are the anti-seedliners so strangely quiet about such things? The following chart shows the five different Nebuchadnezzars:


Nebuchadnezzar I         1124-1103        B.C.       (22 yrs.)         

  Nebuchadnezzar II           604-562         B.C.       (43 yrs.)

  Nabonidus (using

Nebuchadnezzar’s name)         555-539         B.C.       (17 yrs.)

  Nebuchadnezzar III                 -522         B.C.       (6 mos.)

  Nebuchadnezzar IV                -521         B.C.       (3 mos.)


Watchman's Teaching Letter #59 March 2003


This is my fifty-ninth monthly teaching letter and continues my fifth year of publication. I will soon complete my fifth year of publication with my sixtieth teaching letter in April. As I’m preparing this letter I have noticed the enemy is really using to his utmost his race-card, in a multicultural sense, on television. It’s simply a constant barrage of Satanic ideology.  Anyone who is not aware that we are in a race-war simply hasn’t done his homework. Today the clowns called preachers in the mainstream churches are the greatest race-traitors the world has ever known, and they call it Christianity. Even some in Israel Identity avoid the use of the R” word thinking they’re doing Yhwh a favor. Anyone who hasn’t discovered that the Bible is a book about race from the beginning to the end, doesn’t know what true Christianity is all about. Therefore today, those uninformed so-called Christians” are trying to walk with one arm embracing Yhwh, and the other outstretched to Satan. Ditto for the universalists” in Israel Identity, who dub it the restitution of all things.” Until the White race is completely separated and isolated from all the other races, there will be no restitution of all things.”

There is also another area I must address which was brought to my attention. It seems there is always someone out there going off on a tangent in Israel Identity. The latest is Pastor V. S. Herrell in his article The Sacred Name Delusion, which appeared on his Internet Web site. The object of his article was to debunk the Sacred Name of Yahweh/Yahshua. Had he really done his research on this subject, he wouldn’t have come to such an untenable conclusion. In short, he based his assertion that the Sacred Name of Yahweh/Yahshua was false on the assumption that Messiah and His Disciples spoke Greek rather than Aramaic. If you are having problems with the Sacred Name, you may find the following information informative:

(1) If you will go to Josephus’ Antiquities 20:11:2, you will find that he confesses he had problems pronouncing the Greek language. It should be obvious that in that area Aramaic was still a prominent language during that time period, and it was spoken by Yahshua and His followers, contrary to V. S. Herrell.

Watchman's Teaching Letter #58 February 2003


This is my fifty-eighth monthly teaching letter and continues my fifth year of publication. With this teaching letter, we will continue our walk through Daniel. This is not an effort to cover all of Daniel, but those parts which concerns his prophecies. As I have pointed out before, the various unreal, debauched interpretations that have been promoted by various sources are simply preposterous and outrageous.

Watchman's Teaching Letter #57 January 2003


This is my fifty-seventh monthly teaching letter and continues my fifth year of publication. For the last few teaching letters we have been doing a walk-through of Daniel’s prophecies. It is simply amazing how his predictions have been distorted and wrenched out of shape. There are few who really do his prophecies justice. Most everyone seems to want to twist his predictions into wild, groundless conjecture. We shall now look into some of those manipulated postulations. Like I explained before about Daniel 9:27, the Futurists apply to Satan that which belongs to our Redeemer. This is very serious, for there is no greater error that could be made. As we will see, it is a doctrine right out of the Universal Roman Catholic Church.

To give you some insight where this teaching is coming from, I will cite and quote from a book entitled History Of Antichrist, by Rev. P. Huchedé. This book is published and sold by Tan Books And Publishers, Inc., P.O. Box 424, Rockford, IL 61105. It is a reprint from an English edition of 1884, Nicholas Bray, NY., and reprinted in 1969, 1971, 1973 and 1976. Evidently, the English edition of 1884 was a translation from a former French version, according to page 5. On the publisher’s preface this statement is made: Basing his comments on Sacred Scripture and on the Fathers, Doctors, and Saints of Catholic Church ... the tradition concerning Antichrist preponderantly favors the position that he will come, that he will be an individual man, that he will rule throughout the world ... based upon the very solid foundations of the Bible and the writings of the Church’s greatest minds.” The great problem with this view is the fact that there is no prophetic time-frame for such a so-called future Antichrist.” The proponents of this preposterous opinion steal seven years from Daniel’s seventy weeks of seven-year weeks and project them 2000 years in the future. Further, on page 10 we read this: Satan shall have universal sway for awhile over all nations. The Holy Catholic Church, which has fought the battles of Christ for eighteen hundred years, is therefore destined to pass through a persecution compared to which those that she has suffered up to the present time are insignificant.” Then on page 26 this comment is made: Then by order of the tyrant the continual sacrifice shall be abolished. (Dan. 9:27). The holy sacrifice of the Mass shall no longer be offered up publicly on the altars.”


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