Severing All Affiliation with Eli James



Contrary to what some may believe, I have never had a close association with Eli James and his ministry! He’s just one of many people who was on my Clifton A. Emahiser’s Watchman’s Teaching Letter postal mailing list which I started in May, 1998, being free of charge to the recipient. Eli has never donated to my ministry, so I don’t owe him anything, nor does he owe me anything.

I don’t remember how Eli got on my mailing list, but at that time he was using the alias of “Joe (Joseph) November”, so evidently he had something to hide! About five or six years ago, Eli wanted to have a meeting in Ohio to write a position paper (so he said) on Two Seedline Doctrine, whereupon I was able to secure a place to meet. But upon getting into the meetings, his agenda was entirely different than he promised me, showing he was not a man of his word, and that was the end of that!

Over the years, I have become gradually aware that there are many things which Eli promotes which I consider un-Biblical, and find it my Christian duty to address, and I haven’t pulled any punches in doing so. In the process, I have received both destructive and constructive criticism which I willingly accept, but when my statements are completely taken out-of-context and twisted into something I never said, I consider it an affront. Eli James has done this very thing to my writings many times, and I had to finally call a halt to it by completely disassociating what little affiliation we had.


For an example of Eli James’ careless jockeying with Holy Writ, I will cite his The Great Impersonation, page 113:

“... That we are confronted with two types of man [at Genesis chapters 1 & 2] is confirmed by the fact that in Hebrew there are two different words for the English word ‘Adam’: #119, adam, pronounced aw-dam and #120, adam, pronounced aw-dawm. The meaning of adam, #119 is ‘to show blood in the face.’ This, of course, can only mean the white race of Adamites. No other race shows blood in the face. The meaning of adam, #120 is ‘a human being’ with the connotation of being ‘mean’ or ‘of low degree.’ But this matter of higher and lower degree only applied to Adam (the individual) before he fell. After the fall, Adamic man became as mortal as all other men. So, we have two reasons, two witnesses for saying that awdawm and awdam are not the same. Awdawm was created on the sixth day and Awdam was created after the seventh day. ...”

First of all, Strong’s #119 does not appear in the Old Testament until Exo. 25:5 where it says: “And rams’ skins dyed red, and badgers’ skins, and shittim wood ...” In fact, Strong’s #119 appears only ten times in the Old Testament, and always has the meaning of the color “red” (Adam’s color), just the opposite to what Eli is promoting! This assertion on Eli’s part is simply unforgivable! The other nine times that Strong’s #119 is used is at Exo. 26:14; 35:7, 23; 36:19; 39:34; Pro. 23:31; Isa. 1:8; Lam. 4:7; Nah. 2:3.

Secondly, and more importantly the “man” at Gen. 1:26, 27 and Gen. 2:7, 8 are all (four times) the Strong’s #120 (three times as “eth-ha-ADM”, and once as “ADM” only), and not a single one is Strong’s #119! Eli James is one of the three: (1) lazy, (2) ignorant, or (3) highly dishonest! Take your pick! Then Eli goes on to state: “The meaning of adam, #119 is ‘to show blood in the face.’ This, of course, can only mean the white race of Adamites. No other race shows blood in the face. The meaning of adam, #120 is ‘a human being’ with the connotation of being ‘mean’ or ‘of low degree’.” By this hocus-pocus slight-of-hand, Eli applies all of Strong’s #120 to the “other races” category! For practical purposes, Strong #’s 119, 120 & 121 are all the same identical Hebrew word applied to different parts of speech!

Actually, Eli made a drastic error using the phrase, “‘mean’ or ‘of low degree’”, as had he read Strong’s “SIGNS EMPLOYED” at the front of Strong’s Hebrew And Chaldee Dictionary, he might have realized that everything after “:–” is only some of the renderings by the KJV, and one needs to find those passages to understand the context. Strong’s definition of all the Hebrew and Greek words are previous to “:–”. Therefore a man (#120) “of low degree” can be found only at Psa. 62:9 which reads: “Surely men [120] of low degree are vanity, and men [376] of high degree are a lie: to be laid in the balance, they are altogether lighter than vanity.” This is a lesson to trust in Yahweh for salvation rather than man (vv. 7 & 8)! Eli wrongly used men “of low degree” as a definition rather than a KJV rendering, and he didn’t take the time to find it. Strong’s only definition for #120 is: “... ruddy, i.e. a human being ... (an individual or the species, mankind ...”. Here’s the evidence, so judge for yourself. But I would hate to send Eli to the grocery store, for it is hard to tell what he might come back with!

Because Eli James has adopted this and many detrimental teachings, I have decided to completely curtail what little affiliation I had with him and his ministry, so people will not equate his false doctrines with my ministry!