A Jewish Time-Line: Exodus from the Eastern Hemisphere to the Americas, (North, South & Central)


This is a critical review of Jacob Neusner’s Exodus To America: A Jewish Time-Line. Neusner seems to do quite well generally, and he takes most of his information from The Jewish Encyclopedia. However, we are instructed by Christ Himself to “beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees” (Matthew 16:6), and that the Canaanite-Edomites amalgamated with the Canaanite tribe of the “Kenites” (Genesis 15:19) converted to Judaism (Josephus’ Antiquities 13.9.1) were liars, being the children of the devil (John 8:44)! Therefore, we must be careful when quoting from the Canaanite-jews! There are three distinct entities which we should not group together, and they are, (1) the house of pureblooded Israel, (2) the house of pureblooded Judah, and (3) the house of the mixed-blooded Kenite-Edomite-jews converted to Judaism by John Hyrcanus near 125 B.C., and all the mixed-blooded proselytes they the (Kenite-Edomite-jews) have picked up along the way, even up until today!

Patriarchal Chronology


Because of the changes made to the lengths of the Patriarchs' lifetimes, a great latitude must be given with regards to chronology in this chart. The Masoretes made changes to the Holy Scriptures sometime after the Crucifixion, but before about 300 A.D. Ephrem the Syrian testified to this and accused the" Jews" of subtracting at least 600 years from the text in order to deny that Yahshua was the Messiah who had come at the appointed time.

Three Days and Three Nights


Adobe PDF This chart was very carefully researched & constructed by a man named Bowen (I don’t remember his first name). It was on the Internet website at (the page is now missing). One can get another website at that still recommends Bowen’s work on this subject. It is a shame that this great composition must have to go by the wayside, and that is the reason I am bringing his chart to the forefront again. My object for reformatting the chart of the Bowen paper is because it is no longer on the Internet, and I was quite disappointed when it was no longer available.

Update: A friend has informed us that Danny Bowen's original paper is archived at The Wayback Machine at

Originally I had to print it directly off the Internet in a landscape (horizontal) orientation in order to get the full width of the chart. In doing that, it divided the chart into two pages. Then in order to have the chart all on one page I had to carefully scotch tape the two pages together with a proper alignment. Then in order to make copies of it, I had to use ledger size (11x17) paper to get it all on one sheet.

Inasmuch as this chart is no longer available, I decided to try and see if I could reformat it into a letter size vertical configuration. It took a lot of fine adjustments, and I had to use a narrow font in order to accomplish this, but I achieved it. Now it is in a format that anyone can easily print off for their own Bible study! While Bowen’s paper is very well researched, there was one very important typo he made that might lead some astray. Bowen made “Friday the 16th” the same date as “Thursday the 15th” (he made both days the 15th). This may have caused some to disregard his otherwise excellent work! I have corrected this typo on the above chart. He also made another mistake in designating John 31:42 in support of taking Christ’s body from the cross to be buried before sunset under Wednesday the 14th. There is no such passage. I believe that he wanted John 19:38, so I changed it to that verse to replace the nonexistent one. Also at another place, Bowen overlooked placing a colon in one of his Scripture verse numbers. Other than that, I have found Bowen to be the best that I have ever discovered on the subject.


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