Two-Seedline Special Notices

Special Notice to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, #24


Unless one thoroughly understands the significant consequences of Genesis 3:15, he simply cannot comprehend the main theme of the Bible. Without this crucial passage, one has no hope in our Redemption. The major tenets of our Faith depend on our understanding thereof. It is paramount we fathom that Yahweh came in the flesh; dwelt among us in the flesh; was bruised in the flesh; died in the flesh; was resurrected after three days in the flesh; ascended to heaven in the flesh, and will return again to us in the flesh. Those who deny the truth of the serpent-seed of Genesis 3:15 disavow Yahshua’s being bruised in the flesh. It’s as simple as that. To understand His bruising, one must be able to comprehend who the “serpent’s” seed are. Failure to do this is tantamount to treason. Therefore, we have many unscrupulous traitors (Judas-goats) among us today. Those teaching Israel Identity and denying the truth of Genesis 3:15 are among the most detrimental of all, for it is their unscrupulous desire to remove the element of the bruising by their fallacious position. And if Cain and his descendants are not the “seed of the serpent” of Genesis 3:15: pray-tell who might they be? It would seem that if we could find the people who took the legal responsibility for crucifying our Messiah, we would, without reservation, understand who the “seed of the serpent” were and still are. Thus, the anti-seedliners, by denying the “bruising” of Genesis 3:15, wittingly or unwittingly have taken an “antichrist” position.

As I have stated before, unless one understands the Two Seedline message of Genesis 3:15, one can only comprehend the significance about 5% of the Scripture, if that. Let’s consider the passage in Acts 8:23, for instance, which says: “For I perceive that thou art in the gall of bitterness, and in the bond of iniquity.” This was shortly after the stoning and burial of Stephen due to the persecutions led by Saul, later called Paul. After the followers of Yahshua became scattered, Philip went to Samaria and ran into a group of people who were into witchcraft, big-time, and possessed with demons which, by Philip’s preaching, were cast out of them. But there was also in Samaria one Simon who practiced sorcery, and who was probably the one that got them into witchcraft in the first place. Then Simon himself decided to join the followers of the Nazarene — they had “Jews for Jesus” in those days too. Simon, after observing the miracles of the apostles, deciding they had some kind of power superior to his, asked to purchase their trade secrets on how they did it — they had Benny Hinns in those days also. When Peter recognized he was dealing with a Canaanite variety of “Jew”, fittingly he put his finger on the problem, pointing out that this Simon was a descendant of Cain and was in the “gall of bitterness.” To prove that Simon was a Canaanite-Jew, you will notice that when instructed to pray and repent, not having the Spirit breathed into Adam, he was unable to pray for himself, but requested the apostles to do it for him, (verse 24). Simon had the same “gall of bitterness” spoken of in Deuteronomy 32:32. The “grapes of gall” in that passage represent the “testes” (apple) and seed of Satan through Cain (refer to Special Notice # 23).

Special Notice to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, #23


Again, the subject of Two Seedline must be brought to the forefront of our attention. Because the agenda of the enemy is to destroy the White Israel Race, we find ourselves in a WAR, and this subject cannot be passed over lightly. We observe this unnatural phenomenon going on wherever we turn. We cannot go shopping or eat out at a restaurant without seeing this shameless manifestation of the race-mixing that is ever on the rise. The reason for bringing this dilemma before you anew is because the positions of those who oppose Two Seedline teaching are wittingly or unwittingly assisting the enemy in their cause. Once again, I will point to Stephen E. Jones, Ted R. Weiland and their whole wrecking crew as the principal offenders.

Their chief crime (and I do mean crime) is to place Cain on an equal footing with Abel. They continue to quote Genesis 4:1 as support for their untenable view, never checking any authority on the Hebrew to verify their suppositions. As a result of their misjudgments they incorrectly direct the blame for all of today’s miscegenation problems on the “flesh” rather than on the agenda of the genetic-satanic-seed of Genesis 3:15. Thus, they are misdirecting blame for our greatest racial problem, and helping to create a racial catastrophe of gigantic proportions. Therefore, we Two Seedliners dare not be silent. To show there is a problem with Genesis 4:1, I will again quote The Interpreter’s One-Volume Commentary On The Bible by Charles M. Laymon, page 6: “... under circumstances which are obscure (vs. 1b can scarcely be translated, still less understood).” That hardly seems like clear-cut evidence that Adam was Cain’s father, does it? I have yet to hear or read an anti-seedliner comment on the Hebrew of Genesis 4:1. By the way, I purchased this book from E. Raymond Capt. I would also remind you, the 12 volume Interpreter’s Bible Commentary has a similar comment on Genesis 4:1 which I have quoted before.

Special Notice to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, #22


Many may be wondering why I am so unremitting and dogged in my staunch position on Two Seedline doctrine. To make my stance perfectly clear, and so there will be absolutely no question in anyone’s mind where I’m coming from on this issue, I will lay it all out before you. There were four principal men who taught Two Seedline who are now dead and are not in a position to defend themselves. These men were Bertrand L. Comparet, Wesley A. Swift, William P. Gale and Nord Davis. After their deaths, crafty distracters took it upon themselves to take cheap potshots at their teachings. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to defend these four deceased cardinal men in the face of these unprincipled cunning deceivers. Many may condemn me for naming names and pointing fingers, but I would like to make it absolutely clear, these anti-seedliners were the first to point fingers. In many cases they didn’t name names, but there was no doubt in anyone’s mind to whom they were aiming their shoddy, unqualified remarks.

While I do not agree 100% with these four named principal men, nevertheless, I rate them in the high 90’s. I have developed a rating system for all those who proclaim they are Israel Identity teachers. I use the 100% figure as a grade of perfect. If the doctrine of Two Seedline is denied or omitted, I subtract 30%. If the doctrine of “Israel only” is not taught, but replaced with the doctrine of “universalism”, I subtract another 30%. Then, if the “no devil” doctrine is promoted, I subtract another 30%. As you can distinctly perceive, I do not give some of those misleading con-artists a very high rating. And if the doctrine of “dispensationalism” is advanced, I would give an even lower score. Of all the false teachers, I would rate Stephen E. Jones the lowest on this scale, for he fosters “anti-seedline”, “universalism” and “no devil.” While Stephen E. Jones currently holds top position for teaching false doctrine in this category, there are others who are trying to surpass him in all three of these erroneous concepts. Since Pete Peters has recently refuted the “no devil” doctrine, I have raised him from 10% up to 40%, but in my book he still has a long way to go. For anyone who wishes to borrow this rating system for themselves, please feel free to do so.

Special Notice to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, #21


It is highly important that we continue to pursue the subject of Two Seedline as taught in Genesis 3:15. The word “seed” in that verse is the same for the “serpent” as it is for the “woman.” Doggedly, the antichrist, anti-seedliners are insistent on interpreting the seed of the woman as “physical”, while rendering the seed of the serpent as “spiritual.” Yet “seed” in both cases is the same Hebrew word, #2233. This is taking liberty with Yahweh’s Word beyond all logical reason, and is highly unethical and inconsistent. This is the very same word as the “seed” promised to Abraham in Genesis 22:17, and can only mean physical “seed.” There is a threefold use of the word “seed” in Scripture: (1) Agricultural, (2) Physiological, and (3) Figurative. A man’s “seed” or emission of “semen” is a physiological use of the term derived from the Hebrew zera and the Greek sperma, sporos. Thus, zera in Genesis 3:15 for the serpent can only mean the zera or sperma of the serpent, that is, his offspring. Any other interpretation does violence to Yahweh’s Word in that passage. Insight On The Scriptures, volume 2, page 877 says, under the subheading The seed of the Serpent”: Jesus identified the Jewish religious leaders of his day as a part of the Serpent’s seed, saying to them: Serpents, offspring [Gr., gen•ne’ma•ta, generated ones’] of vipers, how are you to flee the judgment of Gehenna?’ — Mt. 23:33, Int.” The New Concise Bible Dictionary under Seed” says: ... The offspring of people are called seed’ (e.g. Gn. 3:15) ...”

Today, we live in a world controlled by this enemy, and we are losing our WAR to him. This enemy has full command over the political, economic and religious aspects of our lives. He is using all these tools in an attempt to destroy the White Israel Race. Therefore, it would be tremendously irresponsible, on the part of those who understand the nature of the enemy, to sit idly by saying nothing. This situation is serious enough in itself, without having distracters on the sidelines playing theology games while our very existence is at stake. I have already completed 20 Special Notices To All Who Deny Two Seedline, and I will write another 20 should it be necessary. This time we will key-in on a spurious statement made by Stephen E. Jones in his book The Babylonian Connection, on page 66. In my estimation, he has done more damage to the Israel Identity Message than anyone I’m aware of, though there are several others vying to overtake and surpass him for that position. This is what he said:

Special Notice to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, #20


With this Special Notice, we will again focus on the subject of Two Seedline as proclaimed in Genesis 3:15. Many of you may wonder why it is so necessary to relentlessly pursue this subject and to point out those who ridicule this Bible Truth. The reason for this is, if one knows for a fact someone is lying about a certain topic and he keeps quiet about the matter, he becomes part and parcel of that lie. Though keeping quiet, may for the moment, sustain an unsettled peace, in the end it will eat away one’s soul like acid. Therefore, the Truth cannot be compromised come hell or high water! Two Seedline is too important an issue and cannot be avoided in Scripture. Other false doctrines besides the anti-seedline teachings are universalism and the no-devil doctrine. Universalism is usually called “the restitution of all things” (Acts 3:21 taken out of context).

With this paper, we are going to scrutinize a situation where a proclaimed teacher in Israel Identity finally discovered there was a real devil. Unfortunately, he is still unaware of who the devil’s children are. All this can be found on an audiocassette tape dated 10-2-2002 entitled What We Don’t Know, by Pete Peters. At certain places I will explain or paraphrase him, or quote him word for word. Early on he said: “The truth of the matter is, though we’ve found out who we are, we have still been suffering defeat after defeat because we don’t know where we are; we don’t know who we are fighting; we don’t know what we are fighting; and we don’t know with what we have to fight with, or use the weapons of warfare. Now I know I introduced a concept to some of you, who previous to that have been introduced to a lie, or partial lie, or associated on the outskirts of a lie; and sometimes when we only have a partial truth, and take it as total truth, that in itself can act as a lie; and then along with that, we have hooked up to it our pride, we’re going to hold on to that lie.” Then Peters goes on to proclaim we must repent of that lie. All that sounds quite good, but we must examine the rest of what is being said.

Special Notice to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, #19


With this Special Notice, we again focus on the world’s greatest problem which has now been with us for over 7,000 years. We are confronted with this great issue every day of our lives, and we face it every direction we turn. Try as we may, it cannot be avoided. And while we attempt to deal with this subject in a rational manner, there are hecklers on the sidelines ridiculing our efforts. They use every opportunity to belittle and mock the endeavors of those who expose the nature of the enemy. Top among these, at the present time, is Ted R. Weiland. Up until Weiland, Stephen E. Jones held first place. You may think it is not nice to point fingers and name names, but Ted R. Weiland in his book Eve, Did She Or Didn’t She? instructed me to point fingers. Let’s see what he said on page 1:

“If the seedliners’ assessment of the events in the Garden of Eden can be proven scripturally correct, then no matter how unorthodox or unpopular this doctrine may be, we are duty bound as adherents of the Word of God to accept and teach it ... Spiritual leaders are admonished by the Scriptures to address false doctrine, especially doctrine injurious to the gospel of Yahshua the Christ — Titus 1:7-14.”

What Weiland had in mind with this passage was to use it to justify his own personally contrived point of view. This passage says in part: “Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith.” That is exactly what I have been doing in this Special Notice series! The anti-seedliner’s position is totally irresponsible, and before we are finished, we will see how spurious their claim is.

Special Notice to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, #18


It is of the utmost importance that it once more be loudly proclaimed that WE ARE AT WAR. We have been since the account in Genesis 3; with verse 15 identifying the conflicting parties as the “children of the serpent” and the “children of the woman.” While we are at the very zenith of that battle, the anti-seedliners are actually aiding and abetting the enemy on the opposing side, and use some of the most outlandishly unrealistic arguments for their treasonous conduct. With this Special Notice, we will scrutinize their hypothesis concerning “telegony”, which is a superstitious belief that goes back hundreds of years. Before we get involved in this discussion, it would be helpful to see how the 1996 Webster’s New Unabridged Dictionary defines it. While sometimes it is advisable to refer to an older dictionary, in this case, with the many advances in the knowledge of anatomy, a newer one would be more advantageous.

“telegony ... n. a former belief that a sire can influence the characteristics of the progeny of the female parent and subsequent mates. [1890-95; TELE- + GONY] ...”

The Reader’s Digest Great Encyclopedic Dictionary (1986): “telegony ... n. Biol. The alleged influence of a previous sire on the progeny of the same mother from subsequent impregnation by other males. [<TELE- + GONY] ...”

In his 1978 book The Babylonian Connection, Stephen E. Jones used “telegony”, along with many other spurious arguments, in an ambiguous attempt to discredit Two Seedline doctrine; thus, exercising his skills as a master of deception. At the time he was able to get by with that false premise, as it was just prior to the general awareness of startling, new technology coming on the scene. On December 3, 1967 Dr. Christiaan Neethling Barnard of South Africa pioneered the first heart replacement. By 1968, nearly 100 heart transplants had been performed throughout the world. Some years later, the general public became aware of the need for anti-rejection drugs when a recipient receives an organ transplant. This factor of “immunity” alone will destroy the “telegony” hypothesis, but there is much more evidence to show Stephen E. Jones’ conclusions on this to be flawed. Let’s take a look at his primary conclusion on page 85:

Special Notice to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, #17


Because many incorrectly interpret Genesis 3:15 to mean a personal private war between one’s spirit and one’s flesh, I wish to cry out, urgently and loudly, to inform them the “enmity” spoken of in that passage is a “hate” WAR to the death between two different walking, talking, breathing genetic family seedlines; and that “hate” was placed there by the Almighty Himself! Since the anti-seedliners willfully and arrogantly refuse to identify our enemy, they categorize themselves with those who “serve HIM not.” Their message is an invitation for disaster. Genesis 3:15 says I will put, and our Maker never put “enmity” between our spirit and our flesh. Before making such an assertion, they should stop and think what they are accusing HIM of, for that makes HIM responsible for every sin man has committed and continues to commit. Furthermore, if the enemy can get us all wrapped up in ourselves, and convince us that the only war we are fighting is a “spiritual war” between the spirit and the flesh, we won’t be of any use to the Almighty or to ourselves.

With this paper we will expand on Special Notice #16, where Ted R. Weiland foolishly tried to make it appear that the only difference between the “wheat and tares” of Matthew 13 were “righteous Israelites” and “wicked Israelites”, remarking in his Eve, Did She Or Didn’t She?, page 72: “Instead, this parable [of the wheat and the tares] is simply contrasting righteous Israelites with wicked Israelites, much the same as the good and evil figs of Jeremiah 24.” It is evident that Weiland hasn’t the slightest clue to why Zedekiah and company were listed among the “naughty figs.”

We noted there were two factions at Jerusalem: one favoring diplomacy with Babylon; the other with Egypt, the house of Zedekiah advocating the latter. After Nebuchadnezzar captured Zedekiah, killing all his sons and gouging out his eyes, the remainder of that group forced Jeremiah, against his warning, to accompany them to Egypt. Upon Jeremiah sailing to Ireland with Tea Tephi, they fell under the judgment of the sword, famine & pestilence.

Special Notice to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, #16


Once more, I will reiterate We are at WAR, and I am not referring to the war between the “spirit and the flesh” as the anti-seedliners do. Yes, there is a war between the spirit and the flesh, and I wouldn’t discredit it in the least, but the WAR I am speaking of is an entirely different conflict. The WAR I’m addressing is the WAR between the “seed of the serpent” and the “seed of the woman.” How can anyone deny there are two seeds mentioned in Genesis 3:15? But deny it they do! They use some of the most fantastic arguments in an attempt to disprove that fact. Most anti-seedliners trace the bad fig “Jews” back to Esau, with which I do not disagree. But, if one will notice the various wives whom Esau married, one will discover they were mainly from the ten Canaanite nations of which the Kenites were a part (Genesis 15:19). If one will check the Strong’s number for Kenite, one will see that it is #7017 and 7014. Then checking those numbers, they will be found to mean Cain, the one who murdered Abel. Now whether you believe that Satan or Adam was Cain’s father, Scripture definitely proves that Esau’s children had Cain’s blood flowing in their veins. This fact is confirmed by Messiah Himself, (Matthew 23:35). The very nature of Cain displayed itself in Doeg the Edomite killing 85 of Yahweh’s priests of the “linen ephod” at king Saul’s command, 1 Samuel 22:17-18. This leaves the whole matter dependent on Genesis 4:1 for which both the Masoretic and Septuagint texts are ambiguously obscure. Thankfully, we have a witness which is much clearer than the usual, accepted rendering of that verse, and which is contextually in agreement with the rest of Scripture. Let’s take a look at it:

Targum of Jonathan on Genesis 4:1: “And Adam knew his wife Eve, who was pregnant by the Angel Sammael, and she conceived and bare Cain; and he was like the heavenly beings, and not like earthly beings, and she said, I have acquired a man, the Angel of the Lord.”

Whether or not we agree with this rendering depends on how badly we want to correlate this passage to correspond with, and measure up to the rest of The Word. If the anti-seedliners don’t accept this rendering, one would think they would at least recognize that the “Jews” are the descendants of Cain! They simply don’t believe their Bible. They, therefore, demand that the Almighty accept their personally contrived dogmas and opinions on Scripture. One such passage of Scripture the anti-seedliners take vehement exception to as proving Two Seedline doctrine is Matthew 13:24-30, 37-43 about the “wheat and the tares.” While Stephen E. Jones and Jeffrey A. Weakley avoid comment on this topic, Lt. Col. Jack Mohr and Ted R. Weiland jump right in where angels fear to tread.

Special Notice to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, #15


The main warning of these Special Notices is to reassert we are at WAR. This WAR has been going on now for over 7000 years. The reason I must continue to remind you of this fact is because there are some who not only deny that this WAR exists, but deny who the primary players are supplying all of the funds, and those directing it. This WAR started in Genesis 3:15 and the opponents are the “seed” (children) of the serpent and the “seed” (children) of the woman. This is a WAR with no holds barred by either side. This is not a WAR where one is to pray for the enemy or try to convert him to “Christianity”! Had many of the “Jews” not been “the seed of the serpent” it wouldn’t have been necessary for our Messiah to have spoken in parables. We are told unequivocally in Matthew 13:10-15 that He spoke in parables to them in order to prevent them from becoming converts. Shortly after this parable, He likened the “Jews” to “tares” and labeled them “the children of the wicked one.” In Matthew 13:38 the terms “seed” and “children” are used interchangeably as it says “seed are ... children.” If one will check the word “children”, #5207, in the NT Word Study (on Greek) by Spiros Zodhiates, page 1404, one will find that it means “(A) A male offspring ... (B) In a wider sense it means a descendant, pl. descendants, posterity ...” It might have been speaking figuratively had not the word “seed” been used interchangeably with “children.” In their quest to deny Two Seedline, the anti-seedliners deny this Greek meaning. Further, the word “wicked”, #4190, in that same verse, according to Zodhiates, page 1198, is used with the definite article “ho”, and means: “... the evil one, Satan ...” By denying these Greek meanings, the anti-seedliners deny the very words of Messiah Himself!

Additionally, the word “wicked”, #4190, is used with the definite article “ho” in Matt. 13:19; Eph. 6:16; 1 John 1:13, 14; 3:12; 5:18, and means “Satan” there also. Thus, in 1 John 3:12 where it says: “Not as Cain, who was of that wicked one ...”, it means exactly what it says, “Satan.” The book Synonyms of the New Testament by Richard Trench confirms what Zodhiates says about the word “wicked” (Greek #4190) on page 330: “Satan is emphatically ho poneros as the first author of all the mischief in the world.” In his Greek-English NT Lexicon, George Ricker Berry, page 82 describes ho poneros as “... the wicked one. i.e., Satan ...” W. E. Vine in his An Expository Dictionary of NT Words under “wicked” on Matthew 13:38 states: “... and in the following [verse just cited] , where Satan is mentioned as ‘the (or that) evil one’ ...” (Don’t waste your time with Strong’s on this one.) Another way to verify the “wicked” of Matthew 13:38 is speaking of Satan, is to go to Matthew 13:19 where the same Greek word #4190 is used saying: “... then cometh the wicked one ...” Then compare the parallel passage in Luke 8:12 which says: “... then cometh the devil ...” The conclusion then must be: the “seed” or “children” in Matthew 13:38 planted by the “wicked” one are the genetic offspring of Satan! This parenting of the tares is also spelled out in the Aramaic targums. (I might add, if you listen to the anti-seedliners, they will argue the “wheat and tares” of Matthew 13 are just figurative or spiritual; the same position as the so-called “Jew-deo-unchristian” churches!)

Special Notice to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, #14


The fact that we are in a WAR should again be emphasized. This WAR started in Genesis 3:15 and has continued now for over 7000 years. This WAR is between two “hate groups”; a good hate group and a bad hate group. Some may reply that all “hate” is unchristian, and that simply is not true. On the one side are the literal “children of Satan”; on the other side are the true “children of YHWH.” Among the fleshly “children of YHWH” is the Messiah Himself. Therefore, our Redeemer is a member of the good “hate group.” Once more, He is not ashamed to be counted as a member, Hebrews 2:11. Hate is only bad when it is focused in the wrong direction. However, if our hate would be properly manifested, it will not affect the innocent. Should we direct our hate where it is needed, some of our problems with our common enemy could be solved. The one seedliners (anti-seedliners) vent their hatred toward the flesh; the Two Seedliners vent their hatred toward the literal, walking, talking, breathing genetic children of Satan. If our “flesh” is the problem, we had better get our “flesh” out of today’s satanic banking system! Maybe one should cut off his “fleshly” fingers to avoid paying the IRS any illegal income tax, which in turn supports the murderous abortion of White children making one an accessory after the fact. According to the anti-seedliners (who teach that the flesh is the problem), we should look at those fingers and “hate” them rather than identify the real enemy. Mother of all absurdities!

While speaking of absurdities, I must relate another situation that happened while researching the subject of Two Seedline. About five years ago I was writing several small articles on this subject having become aware that there were several distracting critics speaking in opposition to it. Because of the seriousness of the matter, I put these several small papers together entitling them Research Papers Proving Two Seedline Seduction Of Eve. At that time I had purchased a laptop computer, which I took to work with me and worked on this project in-between customers. Because I was continually being interrupted by phone calls and my usual duties, I made several typos. Sometimes, after tending to business for a couple of hours, it was difficult to find the place where I had left off and then continue running references, making notes and typing again. No sooner would I get organized than I was interrupted again. It was not unusual for me to be interrupted this way 35 to 45 times in a ten hour day. Nevertheless, I managed to put these small documents together with some semblance of order. Later, Ted R. Weiland obtained a copy of these writings and attempted to make a fool of me. I will now relate one of those instances, and you can evaluate the situation for yourself and determine who is really imprudently ill-advised on this topic.

Special Notice to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, #13


We need to understand again that we are at the very zenith of a 7,000 plus year-old WAR. Because of a misinterpretation of Genesis 3:15, many wrongly apply this passage to a war between the “spirit” against the “flesh.” While it is true there is a personal struggle between the spirit (carnal mind) and the flesh, this Scripture does not refer to that type of conflict. The WAR in Genesis 3:15 is a “hate” WAR. It is totally preposterous, therefore, to try to apply Genesis 3:15 to Ephesians 2:15 or Romans 8. The “enmity” in Ephesians refers to something quite different! Actually, Genesis 3:15 speaks about two “hate groups” (a good “hate” group and a bad “hate” group). You probably have been told that only bad people “hate”, and that simply is not true. These two “hate groups” are at WAR with each other, and this WAR is not going to be over until one or the other is totally crushed, and you can mark that one down for posterity; our posterity.



This is a very serious charge, yet it is true, as you will shortly see. Maybe it would be well if the term “one seedline” were defined. It also might be called “non-seedline” or “anti-seedline” depending to what extreme it might be taken. If it is taken to the extreme of reducing the “two seeds” of Genesis 3:15 to be the “flesh” and “spirit”, as Ted R. Weiland did, then it would have to be defined as “anti-seedline.” When this extreme position is taken, then even the “seed” of the Messiah is denied! Truthfully, this stance would have to be defined as “anti-seedline”, making their position not only “anti-seedline”, but also “antichrist.” I will now demonstrate why this is so.

When I first started researching Two Seedline, and realizing how serious were the ramifications — also observing those who rejected this teaching — it did not occur to me that such a teaching might be “antichrist.” By delving into the position of the “one seedliners”, the thought that it could be “antichrist” gradually dawned on me, along with the realization that the subject of the two “seeds” of Genesis 3:15 is even more serious than I formerly considered. Let me put it this way: There are certain basic, fundamental tenets to our “Christian” faith. These beliefs are as follows: We believe that YHWH created all things, visible and invisible; that He became flesh and dwelt among us, and that He was of one substance being both man and YHWH when He took on that flesh; that He suffered and died in the flesh at the hands of unholy men; that He rose again in the flesh (John 2:19-21); that He ascended into Heaven in the flesh; that from thence He will return in the flesh to judge both the living and the dead. Every one of these tenets is essential and indispensable to the Christian Faith. Consequently, anyone denying these fleshly manifestations of YHWH is “antichrist”, 1 John 4:3:

Special Notice to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, #12


As I have stated previously, “We are at WAR”, and I am not referring to our present so-called war on “terrorism.” While the current war concerning “terrorism” is taking on large proportions, it’s only a mere skirmish in comparison to the great 7,000 year WAR of the “children of darkness” against the “children of light” foretold in Genesis 3:15. Every night White women are going to bed and waking up in the morning pregnant by a member of another race. In this greater war, we are taking tens of thousands of casualties nightly. While this large-scale War is going on, the Church sits idly by claiming its Christian in nature, and they assert everything is all right as long as the other person has been “saved.” And, in the face of this great peril, the anti-seedliners refuse to point out the true enemy. They insist it’s all a problem with the “flesh” or something “spiritual”! Oh, they will recognize that Genesis 3:15 speaks of One “seed” in the form of the Messiah, but stubbornly deny the “serpent” has “seed” also. I will repeat again: If there was no “seed” of the serpent to bruise the heel of Messiah, then we have no Redemption! Now, I would say that’s a very dangerous and irresponsible position! One person wrote me a letter and said: “it’s 99.9% religion, not race.” That also is a most risky position. I wrote him back and told him he could point his sword at religion, but I would point mine at a walking, talking breathing, genetic enemy. I don’t know how he gets religion out of “seed”, (zera). Furthermore, he also had much training at a seminary. Well, the subject of “seminary” is what we are going to deal with in this paper. One thing I have noticed in the Anglo-Israel message is that many who have been trained in seminaries are the very ones who take a position against Two Seedline.

I believe the reason for this is because in the various church seminaries the students are taught a religious system called “hermeneutics.” We’ll take a look at that system in this article. I think you will find it doesn’t have a very commendable background. The greatest problem with people coming into Identity is that they tend to bring with them their former church’s dogmas. With the Identity message, one must wipe the slate entirely clean and reconsider all things from a new perspective. It seems like everything is just 180° from what we were always taught. Our Savior instructed us that we must become as a “little child” or we are not fit for the Kingdom, Matthew 18:3. A child has a clean mind without any preconceived ideas. Even Paul had to go to Arabia for three years to get rid of his Phariseeism, Galatians 1:17-18. The problem in Identity is: a lot of people haven’t been to the desert yet, especially former seminary students who keep patching over Scripture attempting to put new wine (teachings) in old bottles, Luke 5:36-39. In getting into this topic about “hermeneutics”, I will start first by quoting the Encyclopedia Britannica, Ninth Edition, 1894, volume 11, page 671, the topic being “Hermes”:

Special Notice to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, #11


Again, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to understand the formidable enemy with whom we have to contend! In order to fathom our present world problems, it is imperative we grasp two things: (1) That the White Europeans and their kin worldwide are the true racial Israelites of the Bible, and (2) Who Israel’s real enemies are. To know one without the other is insufficient. To improperly identify Biblical Israel’s enemy is a criminal offense, for it can mean the difference between life and death to our people. Death is not always so obvious to the eye. When a white marries a member of another race, it brings on death of the Spirit which was breathed into our forefather Adam. If you are ever invited to attend a wedding of a White and a nonwhite, you are not attending a wedding, but a funeral. When the 23 chromosomes of the male sperm of a nonwhite unites with the 23 chromosomes of the egg of a White, it brings death to the 23 chromosomes of the egg of the White (and the other way around)! This process is now happening in White countries every few minutes. In the Bible it is called a “plague”, Numbers 25:1-9 (especially verse 9). In that chapter, having intercourse with non-Israelites was considered the same as “death.” If you think the bombing of the Twin Trade Towers in New York was terrible, consider the death being brought about by miscegenation. This should give you some idea of what kind of WAR we are in, and who the players are. Now the key to understanding this WAR is found in Genesis 3:15. The anti-seedliners, by denying the truth of that passage, are aiding and abetting Israel’s worst enemy. Actually, the anti-seedliners are doing more damage than the “Jews” themselves. They call us Two Seedliners “seedliners”, so the only thing we can dub them is “anti-seedliners.”


“MY FATHER” vs. “your father”


John 8:38 is one of the main supporting passages for Genesis 3:15:

“I speak that which I have seen with my Father: and ye do that which ye have seen with your father.”

You will first notice, as properly applied by the translators, the one “father” is capitalized and the other one isn’t. From this, it should be quite evident that the Father of the Messiah was not the same father as that of those so-called “Jews.” Therefore, Scripture is talking about two separate genetic family trees! You might argue, “this is speaking in a ‘spiritual’ sense.” Yet, take a look at the next verse where it says: “Abraham is our father.” That hardly sounds “spiritual”, does it? It is not “spiritual” here, nor is it “spiritual” in John 8:44 where Messiah tells certain Judeans, later called “Jews”, who their father really was and is.

Special Notice to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, #10


I have now completed nine Special Notices to all anti-seedliners that we are in a WAR. This is #10. At the present time, the enemy in this WAR has an agenda of convincing every White to jump in bed with a member of another race (mostly women). While all this is going on, the anti-seedliners proclaim: there isn’t any enemy. They may deny they are making such a claim, but, by contradicting the Two Seedline truth, they are, in essence, making such an assertion. Therefore, all the blood of these White victims of “Jewish” propaganda is on their hands. They are actually aiding and abetting the enemy in their vicious ploy to destroy the White, Israel Race. When you next observe the product of a mixed marriage, thank the anti-seedliners for their part in assisting the enemy in their diabolical plot. Also, those who are in support of the anti- seedliners become accessories after the fact. If you are not sure how your pastor stands on this issue, maybe you should ask him. Write and tell him that you would like to support him, but you can’t as long as he doesn’t teach Two Seedline! After all, it’s your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren who might race-mix as a direct or indirect result of the anti-seedliner’s message. WAKE UP, WE ARE AT WAR!!!

I really can’t see a lot of difference between Ted R. Weiland and John Hagee, for they both teach the “Jews” are “God’s chosen people.” John Hagee said this: “Let me tell you this: Genesis 12:1 and 3 says: ‘I will bless those that bless you, and I will curse those who curse you.’ If something within you resents the Jewish people, that something is a demon spirit. The Jewish people, according to the Word of God, are the apple of God’s eye. The nation of Israel is the object of God’s affection. For David said: ‘He that keepeth Israel (and the phrase ‘keep’ was a military term), he that defends Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps.’ Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and Jesus Christ were all Jews.” Ted R. Weiland in his booklet Eve, Did She Or Didn’t She?, pages 68 & 94 make parallel statements to Hagee: “Seedliners claim that because the Pharisees and their progenitors were charged with the murders of all the righteous from Abel to Zacharias, they cannot be Israelites but instead must be Cainites of the seed of Satan. The truth is that because the Pharisees and their forefathers were indicted for the murder of the righteous martyrs, they cannot be Cainites but instead must be Israelite ... The seedliners teach that the Pharisees were Cainites of the seed line of Satan, whereas Matthew 3:7-8, 27:6-10, John 7:19, 8:28-37, Acts 4:5-10, 24-35 and 7:2-52 declare that the Pharisees were Judahites of the seed line of Jacob/ Israel.”

Special Notice to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, #9


This matter of Two Seedline is of the utmost importance in our day, for we are beginning to see the culmination of this age-old “enmity” coming to a head. While it has been lying festering just below the surface for several thousands of years, today it is reaching its peak. It’s like a giant abscess getting ready to erupt and spill out all its foul, infectious, corrupt, putrefying poison. And, while these great evil underground forces are at work, churchianity sits idly on the sidelines pretending all is well. In fact, the infection from this giant abscess is seeping into their midst, and they consider it “Christian.” As if this were not bad enough, the anti-seedliners disavow the cause of the infection. To the anti-seedliners, it’s just a theological game of words. They simply haven’t done their homework on the subject. To show you this, I will now quote excerpts from Dr. Lightfoot in his A Commentary on the New Testament from the Talmud and Hebraica, volume 2, pages 367-369 concerning Matthew 27:38-46:

“Among the monsters of the Jewish routs, preceding the destruction of the city, the multitude of robbers, and the horrible slaughters committed by them, deservedly claim the first consideration; which, next to the just vengeance of God against that most wicked nation, you may justly ascribe to divers originals. 1. It is no wonder, if that nation abounded beyond measure with a vagabond, dissolute, and lewd sort of young men; since, by means of polygamy, and the divorces of their wives at pleasure, and the nation’s unspeakable addictedness to lasciviousness and whoredoms, there could not but continually spring up bastards, and an offspring born only to beggary or rapine, as wanting both sustenance and ingenuous education. 2. The foolish and sinful indulgence of the council could not but nurse up all kind of broods of wicked men, while they scarce ever put any one to death, though never so wicked, as being an Israelite [Jew]; who must not by any means be touched ... All the rout indeed and force of hell was let loose at that time against Christ, without either bridle or chain: he calls it himself ... the power of darkness, Luke 22:53. God who had foretold of old, that the serpent should bruise the heel of the promised seed, and now that time is come, had slackened the devil’s chain, which, in regard of men, the Divine Providence used to hold in his hand; so that all the power and all the rancour of hell might, freely and without restraint, assault Christ; and that all that malice that was in the devil against the whole elect of God, [would be] summed up and gathered together into one head, might at one stroke and onset be brandished against Christ without measure.”

Special Notice to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, #8


This is a continuation in a series of papers proclaiming that: “We have an enemy.” It’s unpleasant enough that we must live under the political, religious and monetary system of the enemy, but it is intolerable, while all this is happening, to have distracting, booing, detractors on the sidelines proclaiming there is no enemy; that somehow they, the “Jews”, (Rev. 2:9 & 3:9) are simply ordinary people who happened to go bad. I don’t know how those gainsaying disputants discount the fact that they and their continued lineage, remain corrupt generation after generation, for thousands of years. It is quite obvious that the “Jews” have retained an inbred, genetic trait which is built into their very being, clearly inherited from their ancestors. Thus, there are two genetic peoples at WAR with each other, according to the declaration of Genesis 3:15, and this WAR will not terminate until one side or the other is completely destroyed. At the moment, our side is speedily going down to defeat.

Evidently, the anti-seedliners have never read Josephus, Wars 2:8:2. Josephus makes it quite clear that the Pharisees and Sadducees were essentially non-Israelites by birth. Let’s now read this passage:

“For there are three philosophical sects among the Judeans. The followers of the first of whom are the Pharisees; of the second the Sadducees; and the third sect, who pretends to a severer discipline, are called Essenes. These last are Judah by birth, and seem to have a greater affection for one another than the other sects have.”

Special Notice to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, #7


This is the seventh in a series of Special Notices to all anti-seedliners who are opposed to the proposition that there are a literal walking, talking, breathing, genetic Satanic seedline people among us in this world. To proclaim otherwise is a declaration that we have no enemy, and neutralizes and undermines our defenses against them. To concede such a position is beyond all responsible comprehension, and only those who assume the obligation of pointing out and identifying the enemy are Israel’s true watchmen. To brazenly obstruct the message of the true watchmen’s warnings is the height of treason. The judgment for interfering with the true watchman in his appointed duty is not a very pretty one. But, sad to say, this is what many are doing. Again, I would warn you, we are at WAR. This WAR has been going on now for over 7,000 years. It is a WAR between YHWH and His children and Satan and his children. It is a battle to the death for one or the other.

In the last Special Notice To All Who Deny Two Seedline #6, we were looking into the writings of Lt. Col. Jack Mohr. As Mohr refuses to identify the enemy, he is actually giving them aid and comfort in a time of WAR, and there is no greater act of sedition against YHWH’s Kingdom. In Special Notice #6, I used two illustrations of how Mohr shot himself in the foot with his thesis Seed of Satan, Literal or Figurative? In his booklet of 27 pages, he misapplied the word “enmity” in Genesis 3:15 and “beguiled” in 2 Corinthians 11:3. With this Special Notice we will scrutinize more of his suppositions. In analyzing Mohr’s writings on his anti-seedline argument, one can make some interesting observations. I notice that Mohr is working with a limited source of information. It is obvious he has a Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of The Bible along with some unnamed Bible dictionary. It also appears he is quoting entirely from the King James Version. Equipped with this limited source of data, he desires to dictate to everyone else his own unqualified views which are based on his personal reasoning. From what I can observe so far, if he doesn’t like what he reads in Strong’s he will switch to his unnamed Bible dictionary in order to pick and choose that which best suits “his” likes. It is conspicuously obvious he did this with the meaning of Seth’s name on page 11. If you want to understand what has been cited so far concerning Mohr’s writings, you might want to get a copy of that Special Notice. We will now continue where we left off with Special Notice #6.

Special Notice to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, #6


This is the sixth in a series of Special Notices to all anti-seedliners who are opposed to the proposition that there is a literal walking, talking, genetic Satanic seedline people in this world. Some have condemned me for coming out and naming names concerning the controversy over this issue. They advise me that I should go personally to them and work out our differences in private. I would point out to anyone who is of that opinion that the anti-seedliners were the first to make an issue of this teaching. Stephen E. Jones, in his 1978 book The Babylonian Connection, was the first, to my knowledge, to take issue with the Two Seedliners. (Jeffrey A. Weakley wrote his The Satanic Seedline, Its Doctrine and History in 1994.) It wasn’t until Ted R. Weiland came out with a ten-tape audiocassette series Eve, Did She Or Didn’t She? that I began to counter what they were promoting. I had written an article in 1995, entitled The Problem With Genesis 4:1 which I did not distribute very widely. I had put that short article together because I had heard of a young man who was hung-up on Genesis 4:1. At that time, I had no idea the anti-seedliners had a campaign going to discredit the Two Seedline doctrine. Jeffrey A. Weakley, a year before I wrote my small article, was the first one to really start naming names and pointing his finger at some of the leading Two Seedline teachers like Swift, Comparet and Gale. As these three great pillars of men are now dead, I have taken it upon myself to defend them.

You may well ask, then, what is the purpose for my writing these Special Notices anyway? The answer to this question is: I am duty bound by Yahweh’s Law to witness to the truth to the best of my ability as I understand it. In other words, if I know a crime has been committed, in the process of being committed or there is a danger of a crime about to be committed, if I do not witness to what I know, I am as guilty as the person committing the crime. In this case, we are not talking about a single individual crime, we are talking about tens of thousands of crimes. The news of these crimes has been withheld from the public by the usual news media and writers of the past. The law concerning the witness of a crime is found in Leviticus 5:1 which reads: “And if a soul sin, and hear the voice of swearing, and is a witness, whether he hath seen or known of it; if he do not utter it, then he shall bear his iniquity.”

Special Notice to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, #5


Again, I would remind everyone who is not aware of it, we are in a WAR. This WAR has been going on now for about 7,000 years. This WAR is between the GENETIC children of Yahweh and the GENETIC children of Satan; this WAR is between the White children of Adam and Eve and the offspring of Satan through Cain whom we know today as “Jews.” Yes, the “Jews” are the literal progeny of Satan walking about today in shoe-leather. The “Jews” of today and the scribes and Pharisees of Messiah’s time should not be confused with the true Tribe of Judah. John Lightfoot understood this when he wrote in his A Commentary on the New Testament From the Talmud and Hebraica, volume 3, page 334 in reference to John 8:37:

“From this whole period it is manifest that the whole tendency of our Savior’s discourse is to shew the Jews that they are the seed of that serpent that was to bruise the heel of the Messiah: else what could that mean, ver. 44. ‘Ye are of your father the devil’, but this, viz. ‘Ye are the seed of the serpent?’”

Let’s now take a look at John 8:38. While we do, let’s remember that in verse 41 the “Jews” were very defensive of the implication of being “born of fornication.” Being born of fornication implies being born of an impure racial union, Greek #4202. Dr. Spiros Zodhiates in his New Testament Word Study Dictionary, page 1201: “In John 8:41, ‘We be not born of fornication’ means, ‘We are not spurious children, born of a concubine, but are the true descendants of Abraham’.” Sure, the Arabs can claim Abraham as their father. We know, also, that the “Jews” of Messiah’s day had absorbed Edomite blood, and therefore could claim both Abraham and Isaac as their fathers. The Shelanite-Judahites could even claim an affinity with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Judah, but that doesn’t make them of the true Tribe of Judah. Now let’s read that passage with that in mind:

“They answered and said unto him, Abraham is our father. Yahshua saith unto them, If ye were Abraham’s children, ye would do the works of Abraham.”


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