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Right: “Rabbi” Pete Peters shows his true colors, in more ways than one.  Allegedly this picture of Pete Peters dressed up like a rabbi was supposed to be a joke of some kind. 1 Thess. 5:22 says: "Abstain from all appearance of evil." Peters should be exposed for his taking it upon himself to appear like a Christ-killing Canaanite-jew!

Hear it from the horse’s mouth!  Over and over again, Pete Peters is a hater of Whites and a lover of negroes! 

Pete Peters endorses a black singer in the name of [his] god. Click here to listen to a recording posted to Peters’ own website, dated 3/16/08, and start listening at about 45:00 minutes.

Right-click here and choose “Save Target As” in Explorer or "Save Link As" in Firefox in order to download only the ten pertinent minutes we have excerpted from Pete’s video, which can be seen below.

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Pete Peters Endorses the "Azusa Street Revival" - Read about it here!

Here Pete Peters finds inspiration in a negro's book on faith! Here he calls this book, "How Faith Works", "one of the best I've ever read". Will Pete Peters ever stop embracing negros and attempting to bring them into the assembly of Yahweh? Click here for his audio snippet, which contains nearly 2 and a half minutes extracted from minutes 17:08 through 19:10 of Peters' Sermon "Faith in Action", Scriptures For America CD # C1205.

Here Pete Peters again endorses a negro preacher, claims to love him, and calls him a "black prophet"! Then Peters calls White people "trash"! Peters then calls the Patriarch Jacob a "momma's boy", a coward and "an old conniver"! Pete Peters is a blasphemer! Which White man could possibly deserve the label "trash" more than Peters himself? This audio snippet contains approximately 4 minutes from 18:37 of Peters' Sermon "The Party was Crashed", Scriptures For America CD # C1194.


Pete Peters Blasphemes the name Yahshua! Manifestly being ignorant of the clear and recorded Hebrew etymology of the given name of the Christ, Peters invents his own etymology - a feeble attempt to slander not only those who use the name, but all those Biblical figures who bore it!


June 11th, 2020: I have just posted the original Pete Peters sermon where he endorsed the Azusa Street Revival, describing it in glowing terms and discussing it with another man, for which see: Pete Peters: Prophecy & Speculation - WRF



Pete Peters Denounces the Name of Yahweh, and despises those who use it!!! Click Here!!!

Or click here for a review of Peters' comments.



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