Nord Davis Right & Wrong on "The Queen of the South", #5


With this fifth paper, I will first show the reader that Nord Davis developed an undeserving congenial stance toward king Hussein of Jordan as being a pureblooded Shemite. Secondly, I will present the real facts to the contrary. First, here’s Nord’s scenario:

Desert Shield, pt. 5, “The Men of Nineveh”, Nord Davis:

Friday, January 11th was the Islamic weekly holy day, and all government agencies are closed. Most stores are closed, but there are enough Christian Arabs so that Friday presents no problem for the tourist. Frustrated because of the shortage of time until Bush’s deadline of the 15th, we decided to take a tour of the Dead Sea. What is there to learn from this ancient landmark? I stood on the shore of the Dead Sea and looked at the Zionist-occupied ‘west bank’. What is so strange in the way this place feels? It is peaceful, yet ominous. I told my feelings to my instructor and he asked me if I knew what was at the bottom of the Dead Sea. I did not know. What is at the bottom of any lake, which is really all the Dead Sea is? The ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah lie at the very bottom after a volcano in southern Syria erupted and spewed forth rock and lava to dam up the Jordan River and flood the cities once and for all. For thousands of years, those filthy rotten cities have been soaking in brine and still they are not cleansed!

The Zionists have claimed that there is great wealth at the bottom of the Dead Sea, suggesting that it may be minerals that they want to mine. I have a hunch that they plan to take another piece of Jordan, the east bank, so that they can occupy the entire Dead Sea, and then open the dam and drain the Sea so that they can exploit these ancient cities. Half of Hollywood could spend their winters there, and in a sense, feel right at home. I put my feet in the water and tasted the salt. We met the delightful Arab family of Aziz Al Dajjany from Amman. Miss Al Dajjany is shown here [not reproduced here], one of the prettiest pictures I took on the whole trip. She is white, blonde with blue eyes, with a happy cheerful attitude. In every way, she could have been one of my daughters though she spoke no English. I guess I was sent to see life, not death, at the Dead Sea. In her, and her family, I could feel my own heritage crying out from within my bones. Until you have felt that, dear reader, you are yet on the milk of the Word.

Saturday, January 12th, we began our initial effort to see King Hussein. We have only three days and three nights. How interesting that this time frame keeps showing up again and again. How my companion could expect to be granted an interview with the King will not be included in this pamphlet, except to say that he had been this way before. To protect the King, a bureaucracy of several layers had been set in place, and each move, until background, security, protocol, etc, now takes precious time. We did not have time to waste. Neither did Jonah, but God put him through it anyway. It was late in the afternoon before we got, let’s say, our clearance. We were told to return to our hotel and wait for someone to pick us up, but no one came for us the rest of the day. My friend was impatient. ‘See, Baker is in Egypt and Eagleberger is in Israel. Brother Nord, this war is going to start and we have arrived here too late.’

But remember, we are Calvinists, if I may use that rough description of our Sovereignty of God theology and philosophy. I put my feet up and relaxed, for, as I have published time and time again, everything on the earth is exactly where God wants it at any given moment. If that were not true, then our Heavenly Father is not Sovereign but is, like us, subject to the affairs of men, weather, and circumstances. If that is so, then He is really not God, is He? Think about it, but remember we do not have time or energy to debate this issue with the casual reader.

I was not worried. Christ did not bring us all the way to Gilead-Jordan just to see us fail as our tiny part of His Greater Plan for the area. Everything that happens to us, good and bad, encouraging and disappointing, calming and frustrating, is all part of His Plan for us and ultimately for our greater good. If not, then St. Paul was lying to the Romans in Chapter 8 at verse 28. Knowing that, and having faith that it is true, I might as well roll over and get a good night’s sleep.

As time dragged on, we imagined all sorts of reasons why we had not been picked up at our hotel. Had American covert agencies put up a diplomatic block, for certainly they knew we were here and suspected the nature of our mission. They have access to the airline passenger lists, and they have heard of both of us before. Had Taghreed, a close friend of King Hussein, perhaps in an effort to help us, somehow inadvertently turned things off? No, the real reason, we were later told, was quite simple: His Majesty had an interview with Ted Koppel that afternoon which was finally aired on the evening news in the United States.

Suddenly it was 4 AM again, and the call to The Faithful awoke us. We waited all morning for some word from the Palace. The higher the stakes, the more difficult patience can be. At 1 PM the word came that we would be picked up in about half an hour and taken for a final interview with His Majesty’s Chief of Protocol, Abdulla Siraj. [It is not my intention to misrepresent the titles and positions of people we met. This title, Chief of Protocol was given me as a fair translation from the Arabic, and I apologize if and when I make some mistake in these unfamiliar areas.] At the appointed time, a plain white van arrived and we were whisked off to a security building at the foot of the mountain upon which the King’s Palace is located. There we were put through a thorough security check once more, and the King’s Security Staff retained our passports and took us through the massive iron gates, and up the winding treelined drive to the Palace. We were escorted down the marble corridors to Mr. Siraj’s office.

There my counterpart, at the very climax of three years of prayer, work and effort, held forth regarding our Proposal to the King. He was truly inspired that day, and it was clear that the truth had a favorable impact on Mr. Siraj. He wanted to know how many more Americans thought as we did and how many organizations we represented or believed as we did. He was impressed with our Desert Shield and the New World Order, and wanted to know how many we had distributed. He could hardly believe that we had, at that time, distributed over 150,000 copies. I do not think it proper in this pamphlet to go into sensitive details that were discussed, nor provide the sensitive text of our Proposal, but he did say that we were the only two who had ever come to see the King with any sort of workable peace plan.

Mr. Siraj asked if we could put our Proposal into a printed report, as concise as possible, so that King Hussein could review it before the formal presentation was made. While we had arrived in a van, a Mercedes was called up and we were driven back to our hotel to prepare the written Proposal. We worked on it for several hours, the text being entirely my friend’s work with only a few minor suggestions from me. Then our hotel owner’s son, who was still having trouble with his English, worked far into the night typing it out on his IBM computer. By 9 AM on Monday the 14th, the written Proposal, signed by my companion and me, was put into Mr. Siraj’s hands. He complimented us on the Proposal and told us he was behind us all the way. We then knew that both Desert Shield and the New World Order and our Project Sheba Proposal would be passed up to the King for his immediate attention. We were instructed to return to our hotel, again in a fine Mercedes, and wait to be notified of the time slot that was being arranged for us that afternoon. When we arrived back at our hotel, after lunch downtown, the message was that the King had to leave suddenly to talk to the President of Egypt. This was a first for a long time, as these men had not spoken since Egypt had sided with the Zionists and the so-called Allies against Iraq. Well, so much for the 14th. One more day, and if Saddam is still in Kuwait, war was to begin.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As it happens the fragmentary remains of the ancient City of Babylon, are just a few miles south of Baghdad, the present capital of Iraq. This has led our Christian brethren to associate the policies of ancient Babylon with the policies of Saddam Hussein. So-called Christian bookstores, most of which are now the major Zionist propaganda outlets, sell a host of books suggesting this connection, and their scholarship is sadly lacking. As any good cultural anthropologist will quickly tell you, when ancient Babylon ‘fell’ as a major power in the area, the majority of the people were not killed, but were driven out of what is now Iraq through the very mountain passes through which the Kurds are fleeing today. These people took with them their book of philosophy and religion known as the Babylonian Talmud. At the time they were not ‘Jews’ but later, as pointed out clearly by Arthur Koestler in his classic Jewish work on this Khazar Empire, The Thirteenth Tribe, adopted the religion of the Pharisees by Order of their King, and were henceforth called ‘Jews’.

Driven further north by wars with the Turks and the Huns, they found sanctuary in central Russia and eastern Europe. Calling themselves ‘Ashkenazi’, they properly identified with their forefather Japheth, not Shem. You may want to reread, as if for the first time, the first part of Genesis 10. Today, these descendants of Babylon have almost come full circle, and now occupy Palestine, calling it, for deceptive purposes, ‘Israel’. So now we have Babylon calling itself Israel, and claiming the land and actually trying to identify with Father Abraham! America's whole foreign policy, not to mention most of its religious doctrine, is based on that one gigantic lie. Is it any wonder that whole Middle East is in constant conflict?

Once Babylon’s wicked Edomite people were driven north from the area now known as Iraq, who was left? Remember, Babylon had taken Israel captive,and with the captors gone, mostly Israel was left. Christian Americans never suspect what is obvious to anyone who speaks the Aramaic or Arabic languages, for Iraq, pronounced AAREQ, means the people ‘most deeply rooted in his father Shem.’ There, in the northern area of ‘the people most deeply rooted in his father Shem’ [Iraq], is the ancient city of Nineveh where Jonah was sent to preach his eight word sermon! Bordering these Iraqi people to the south in Arabia were found then, and still found today, the sons of Joktan, the other sons of Shem from whence came the Shemitic Queen of the South. To the west of these ‘people deeply rooted in their father Shem’ [Iraq] is Syria, where Antioch is located. Antioch is not a desert, but looks very much like the mountains of Switzerland or Scotland. Most of the world’s Christians can trace their roots to either Antioch or from the ‘people most deeply rooted in Shem.’ Over the years, many of these ‘people most deeply rooted in Shem’, are ancient Israelites who have adopted the Islamic religion, when Muhammad, in an effort to drive paganism out of the Christianity of his day, issued a set of laws compelling the people to conform to God’s Laws, Statutes and Judgments or die. America could stand a good dose of the sword of Muhammad today, and although it will not be called that, a sword is surely coming.

In an honest effort to ‘save Christianity from the forces of Islam’, the Israel people living in northern Europe, calling themselves Christians, sent down the men of the Crusades. It was from Antioch, Syria, that the Scots and the Irish first picked up their bagpipes, the ancient mark of Judah, that was then and is now, an instrument of psychological warfare.

So, you cannot think of Iraq, ‘those most deeply rooted in their father Shem’, without remembering Bible prophesy. Jesus Christ identified this Iraq as ‘the Men of Nineveh’ who would somehow rise up and judge the children of the Pharisees, the descendants of Babylon, the enemy of Israel, and the enemy of true Christianity today. Our Saviour stated that His sheep would do even greater things than He did, as part of His Body, in the latter days. A ‘greater than Jonah’ and a ‘greater than the Queen of the South’ is here, He stated it with authority. It is no wonder that the Pharisees and their proselyte friends wanted to kill him! Nothing has changed. Some of them would kill those of us who understand who Babylon, Nineveh, and Sheba are in these modern times, especially when we go about preaching, ‘Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown!’

I am not suggesting that Saddam Hussein is a Christian. He is a Muslim. As we are now learning. Saddam was installed in power by George Bush back in his CIA days and provided his awesome war machine by America. Saddam may have even been performing the CIA’s secret agenda by invading Kuwait, only to be betrayed by his friends in the American government. Manuel Noreiga, also a dictator head of Panama, was likewise installed in power by George Bush’s CIA and then was later betrayed by him, so such a concept is quite realistic. Treachery and duplicity have been the major cornerstones of the American foreign policy for decades since the Pharisees managed, with the blessings of deceived Christians, to gain full control. ‘All in the Name of Jesus’ we sent our Christian American men and women to die for the Glory of Edomite Kuwait and Babylonian Israel and its ancient goal of World Government.

It is not a requirement of Scripture that God’s players in the events of history fully understand their roles. Most, it appears in hindsight, did not. The Men of Nineveh, having long forgotten Christ’s words to the Pharisees about participating in something called the Sign of Jonah, were nevertheless well informed as to who their ancient enemy is in current world events.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

All day, January 14th, we waited at our hotel for word from the King’s Palace. The King was still out of the country. We watched the TV piped into our hotel from both Jerusalem and Baghdad. Clearly Saddam never expected Bush to betray him, believing his Ambassador April Glaspie’s words about America’s ‘lack of concern over Arab to Arab conflicts.’ So Saddam did nothing. We saw the betrayal coming, as did King Hussein’s people, and our Proposal included a facesaving way for Saddam to withdraw, with honor, from Kuwait. For tactical reasons, because this part of our proposal was not acted on and war began, the details of our Proposal are not being released at this time.

We knew that time was running out. We ate supper late that night. My friend had gone alone to a meeting with the Iraqi Ambassador to Jordan so that he could speak frankly in Arabic concerning our Project Sheba Proposal. I have no way of knowing, but I suspect that this may have been the very first time that anyone in the Iraqi government finally understood the momentous betrayal that was to come to pass. As it was to turn out, three times as many innocent Iraqi people and soldiers, as there are citizens of Kuwait, would die in the next one hundred days. So that Satan’s Babylon, called The New World Order, might be set in place, God’s people of ancient Israel, living peacefully in Nineveh, some five hundred miles from the borders of Kuwait, would be killed without mercy in 90,000 bombing missions! To make room for the transplantation of the Palestinians from the West Bank to northern Iraq, [yet to take place and a top-secret American agenda], thousands of the people most deeply rooted in Shem, some of the lost of ancient Israel, had to be destroyed.

Neither of us slept well that night, for the deadline day of Tuesday, January 15, 1991, would arrive with Iraq’s troops still in Kuwait. The Islamic call for prayer did not awaken me that morning for I had been awake for an hour. I wrote letters all day and sent them out. I had my notes photocopied and sent home by mail, as I had no idea what might happen to them entering the United States through customs. That evening, King Hussein spoke to his people in Arabic and I listened with my instructor translating. He was excited, and told me something was happening, for the King’s choice of words indicated that he had read our Project Sheba Proposal. Among other things, he said, ‘There are foreigners who have chosen to remain with us during this time, and the circle of Arab friends gets bigger and the circle of our enemies gets smaller.’

We were relieved that the war did not begin on midnight the 15th. Still, there was no word from the Palace. Seasoned contacts told us that it was likely that the King would not see us so as to protect us from being in violation of the American Logan Act which forbids Americans from interfering with American foreign policy by contacting foreign Heads of State without first clearing it with the State Department. It was enough, they informed us, that the information had been given to the King.

Too much was at stake, and too many opportunities for misunderstandings lay in that explanation. I was up and out early on January 16th and picked up the English language Jordan Times. I decided to give our story to the English press. We headed to their office, and met with the Editor, P.V. Viveanand. He immediately saw the significance of our mission, picked up the phone and arranged a meeting with the Staff Advisor of the Crown Prince, the King’s brother. This would be the third time in four days that we would be inside the King’s palace. We met with the Advisor, who then brought others in so that we might repeat our Proposal to them, and they also saw this as a way of peace, if it was not too late. The Advisor is an ‘Anglo-Saxon-appearing’ Jordanian who speaks perfect English. He wore American-style clothing. He is a Muslim, and he told us that he is an avid student of Bible prophecy, and understood completely the significance of Project Sheba. Now, I knew for certain that the King and the Crown Prince, both men of great wisdom, stature and influence in the Arab world, would have our Project Sheba message related to them even if we could not do so for our own security reasons once we returned to the United States.” [end] Nord Davis

Nord was highly out-of-place where he stated in part: “America could stand a good dose of the sword of Muhammad today ...”. Here’s the real story, contrary to Nord!: Like treasonous George Bush drew a “line in the sand”, our hero Charles Martel drew a line at Poitiers! The battle-axe, Charles (called the “hammer”) Martel, was not about to allow the Moors’ advance to continue. The Frankish warrior was already hardened by twenty-four years of service. With this great emergency upon the kingdom, Charles’ policy was to let the Arabian torrent diffuse itself before attempting to stem the tide. Here Europe was arrayed against Asia and Africa; the Cross against the Crescent; Christ against Mohammed. For six days the battle appeared to favor Islam, but on the seventh day the fierce Germans arose with their battle-axes upon the lighter soldiery from the south. As night closed, Europe was victorious, for Abdalrahman was slain. In the confusion of the darkness the Moorish warriors rose against each other till sunrise when the few remaining retreated south.

One would think that Charles Martel would have received the highest honors the Christian world could bestow! But just the opposite occurred after the victory. Martel, in raising and equipping his army, had been obliged to appropriate the treasures of several churches, and the unthankful clergy never forgave him but consigned him to hellfire. As far as the church was concerned, the hero of Poitiers could roast in purgatory’s flame. [Gleaned partly from the Cyclopædia of Universal History by John Clark Ridpath, volume II, pages 150-152]. Nord rightly advised us that we should learn from history, but went contrary to his own best counsel, helping to undo Charles Martel’s great achievement! Where are all of our “hammering” Charles Martels today when we so badly need them in our Israel lands?