Nord Davis Right & Wrong on "The Queen of the South", #4


With this fourth paper, it will be demonstrated that Nord Davis, not having all the pieces to the puzzle, developed a flawed point of view. Had he the documentation that Mohammed’s mother was a jewess, I am quite sure he would not have taken it upon himself to approach king Hussein of Jordan. Because of this, we have to question much of what he wrote in his part #3 of Desert Shield. Nevertheless, much of what he teaches, I agree with. To nail down securely the fact that Mohammed’s mother was a bad-fig-jew, I found another witness on the Internet at:

The Origin Of Jihad, The Legacy Of Mohammed

Although his mother, Amina, was a Jewess who had been converted to Christianity, we do not know the kind of instruction she had given the boy before she died, when he was six. Yet it must have been a fair amount; for Mohammed’s dictations, as later compiled into the Koran, contain many things which parallel information in the Old Testament (although less in the New). At any rate, it is likely that his Christian mother had been the strongest religious influence in his formative years.”

Like we have “Jews-for-Jesus” today, Mohammed’s mother was one in like manner. By the time of Mohammed, all of the true tribe of Judah was well into Europe. While you read the following, try to determine for yourself where the truth lies:

Desert Shield, pt. 3, “Queen Of The South”, Nord Davis:

There were three things that were of particular interest regarding this trip and our destination. The first was the Captain and pilot of our huge, wide-body Tri-Star jet. Her name is Taghreed. She is the first lady in the world who is qualified and flying as an international commercial pilot! Naturally, she is one of Jordan’s heroines. My guide introduced me to her during the second leg of our flight when another pilot flew us on from Amsterdam to Amman. She is a pure-blooded Christian Jordanian, about 35, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She spent part of that flight reading our Desert Shield and the New World Order. Contact was made with her again the next day, and she told my friend that she had spent four hours calling her friends in Jordan, reading to them from this pamphlet.

Second, Americans think of Jordan as a part of the mysterious Arab world. It will help open your eyes, and understand our mission better, if you think of Jordan as the Bible land of Gilead. The southern half is where the tribe of Gad lived and the northern part was where Manasseh’s boys were raised. There you will also find the roots of Naphtali (II Kings 15:29) and those of Reuben as indicated in I Chronicles 26:3. Do you hear the bells and whistles? What was to become strikingly apparent to me as I travelled through Gilead, now called Jordan, was that not all of ancient Israel’s peoples were swept away into either the Assyrian or Babylon captivities. Many either remained, or found a way to return to this land of their fathers. What the Zionist press, and your deceiving ministers do not want you to know is that fully a third of Jordan are Shemitic white people. There are as many red heads as are found proportionally in the American population. Here, in this now Arab world can be found the very people of ancient Israel, who know their heritages back to Father Abraham. Most of them are Muslim, but many are of ancient Israel stock. Here is the problem: Islam teaches that once one is converted to Islam, he becomes a ‘spiritual Arab’ and thus interracial marriages are to be permitted, though they are not encouraged. In like manner, most Christians now believe that when Christ calls us, we become ‘a spiritual Jew’ and are ‘grafted into Israel’. So that you will understand, Islam is the religion, Muhammad (Arabic spelling) is the prophet, and the Muslim is the individual believer. He calls himself one of ‘The Faithful.’ Be assured that the Pharisees occupying Palestine, calling it Israel, know full well who these beautiful people of Gilead really are. They are, as in any nation where they can be found, the civilizers, the builders, the movers and the shakers. These people, whom we see as Arabs, know precisely the divisions of peoples of Genesis 10. They know Peleg and Joktan. They know about the Queen of the South and her part in King Solomon’s Temple [where she was not permitted to go - CAE]. They know her hard questions and Solomon’s honest answers! They know who the Men of Niveveh are today, and how all this fits into current events. True, Jordan has the three primary races of peoples, as shown in this Jordanian stamp [not shown here], for this area of the world has been overrun by everyone for centuries. However, Almighty God has seen to it that His Holy People are still well represented in Gilead. [Not true CAE]

Third, as you pass through customs into Jordan you will learn another fact. It is the law in Jordan that if you have an Israeli stamp in your passport, you will not be admitted into Jordan. Jordan will not permit anyone, who has even been in Israel, to visit their land. Don’t you find that interesting? We took a cab from the airport into Amman, and even in the moonlight I could see the origin of the name Gilead, ‘hard, rugged and rough’. Yes, this is the land where Gideon’s men drank at the spring, and where the healing evergreen tree grows from which the ‘balm of Gilead’ is made, and from where, in allegory, the healing of the nations was to finally come as suggested by Jeremiah in Chapter 8:18-22. If this is all true, can you see why I knew that America’s healing had to start in Jordan? Are you beginning to see what Christ meant when He spoke of the Sign of the Prophet Jonah?

We did not want to stay at Amman’s modern ‘American style’ hotels for security reasons. All sorts of spies and international agents keep an eye on these hotels looking for unusual visitors. We disappeared into Amman and took up residence at a middle-class hotel, one block from Amman’s largest mosque. The prices are reasonable and the hotel impeccably clean. Its owner is our friend, who went out of his way to help us regardless of the time of day or night. As a Christian, he understood our mission to Jordan.

Thursday, January 10th was one of those ‘lost’ days. We had slept very little on the crowded jet, and had lost eight hours in so-called ‘jet lag’. After lunch I took a nap, trying to sort out in my mind the sequence of steps of our mission.

In order for these conspirators to establish their Zionist World Government, envisioned by Esau-Edom from the beginning of time, but more recently promoted by Col. House to President Wilson as the League of Nations, and later by communist Alger Hiss to President Truman as the United Nations, it is first necessary to abolish at once three powerful religious forces in the world, Fundamental Islam, Calvinistic Protestantism, and what has come to be known as the ‘Identity Movement’ in North America and elsewhere.

The modern Roman Catholic Church, as my Traditionalist Catholic readers have been quick to point out to me, is already in the Zionist camp both theologically and politically. Hence we see the Jesuit-trained Lt. Col. Oliver North and the late Bill Casey working secretly together with Jesuit-trained Manuel Noriega of Panama, the Jesuit-trained Figueres Family of Costa Rica, Jesuit-trained Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua and others of such totalitarian persuasion. So, wherever the Roman Catholic Church holds the reigns of political power, as in all of Latin America, one sees at the same time poverty and totalitarian world socialist governments of one kind or another. The New World Order people will find no major opposition there for politics is always a direct result of Thought-Theology.

As I have taught in detail in my pamphlet Star Wars ..., the so-called fundamental churches, such as the independent Baptists, and most Pentecostal and so-called ‘Spirit-filled’ churches, have already embraced the Zionist cause, believing and teaching that the Pharisee Jews, whose fathers caused the execution of Christ, are somehow God’s Chosen People! Christ said that His Sheep hear His voice, and the very people who never hear His Voice are said to be His Sheep. Nonsense! It is because of this deliberately false teaching, the leading proponent of which is Dr. Billy Graham, that America is in the mess it is both at home and in the Middle East. All of these churches, with precious few exceptions, teach that God’s Laws, Statutes and Judgments have been repealed since The Cross, and we now live blissfully in the Age of Grace. Billy Graham was the ‘spiritual coach’ of President Bush as he was sending our men and women into battle of the New World Order Desert Storm War. Can you possibly understand this whole concept, once it is pointed out to you? I pray that you do ....

Pitted against that awesome array of false Christian and non-christian leaders, churches and cults, there are two groups, fundamental Islam and the so-called Christian Identity believers who have been called out of nearly every denomination and sect. The term ‘identity’ simply means that they teach with both Scriptural and historical records, who the modern descendants of the people of the Bible are and how prophesy applies to them. The pro-Zionist churches, and those who still teach that a Pharisee is a racial kinsman with Christ, cannot tolerate Christ’s identification of the Pharisees with the Wicked One, and see the Identity Movement as a major threat to their scheme of world socialism. Thus they are now having laws passed in our former land of the free and home of the brave, making such religious teachings, and racial identifications, illegal.

Jesus Christ warned His Sheep that the world would hate them for teaching the truth about these serious Bible truths and racial distinctions. The world would not hate His Disciples for healing the sick or offering salvation to the sinner. Thus, the world does not hate the Roman Catholic Church or the fundamental Baptists. The world may not adhere to either of their doctrines or disciplines, but still they do not hate them for what they teach. Where can it be shown that ‘the world’ hates the Methodists, Episcopalians, Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, or Jehovah’s Witnesses? Some may properly or honestly wonder in astonishment at some of their doctrines, or their zeal to gather up followers, but hate, no that is simply not done in any general way by the world. Man’s world hates those who teach the Kingdom of God upon the earth, and the racial distinctions of the Bible.

Both the fundamental Islam believer and the Identity believer have two things in common. First, they teach and believe that God’s Laws, Statutes and Judgments are still in full force and effect. Second, they believe in a literal Kingdom of God upon the earth in one form or another. As it happens, the concepts of a kingdom on the earth, and the perpetual jurisdiction of God’s Laws over His People, are the very cornerstones of the Bible whether read by the Muslim or the Christian. The world socialists, including George Bush, Henry Kissinger, and a host of others I could name, want to see a kingdom of man on the earth and they call their dream, The New World Order. Your Bible calls it Babylon.

The problem for the New World Order people is that both the fast-growing Identity Movement, and the stoic fundamental Muslim world are so dedicated to God’s Kingdom on Earth that they will not back down from the Zionists, regardless of the risk or the outcome. I have spoken to the Jordanian Muslims, and I am convinced beyond any shadow of doubt that they would rather die first. They are fierce, holy warriors, known in Arabic as the mujahideen. Some of these people come down through Peleg and their father Abraham, and others come down through Joktan’s 13 sons. You can read their names and count them if you wish in Genesis 10:26-29. Do you see the pattern of God in Arabia? God’s Shemite Israel Kingdom comes to us Christians through 13 sons of Jacob, and God’s Shemite Islam Kingdom comes to Arabia through Joktan’s 13 sons.

Who was it who united these two Shemite kingdoms at the time of King Solomon? It was the Queen of Sheba as related in I Kings 10. She was descended from Joktan, probably his 10th son. She was not of Abraham and thus not of Ishmael. Because of the testimony of the Queen of Sheba after her lessons from King Solomon, and Christ’s forecast to the wicked Pharisees that it would be the Queen of the South (Sheba) who would one day rise in their judgment, the Zionist world would have Christians believe that Sheba is of Ishmael rather than the pure Shemitic line of Joktan. Thus, as I see it today, it is going to be the Queen of the South, Joktan’s Islamic people, as holy warriors, who will combine with the Men of Nineveh and America’s Identity Movement to expose the treachery of Pharisee Zionism. Toward that end, two men of America’s Christian Israel, my companion from the Tribe of Judah and Nord Davis, Jr., from Ephraim, went to Gilead to see the ‘Queen of Sheba’ regarding the Men of Nineveh. All the prescribed pieces are in place for Christ to carry out the Sign of the Prophet Jonah for the Pharisees to see.

At four AM Friday I was awakened with a start as speaking in Arabic, for all the City of Amman to hear, began the prayers of the Ashihada, ‘The Testimony’, from the high minaret or tower next to the mosque, a block away. It sounded like about 5,000 watts of audio power right into my window! It is called out at the same time each morning, and four more times a day, and has been done this way, without fail, for 1300 years. ‘Allah is One God and Muhammad is His Prophet.’

King Hussein is one man who represents two different entities. First, he is the acknowledged Royal Arab King over the lands and kingdoms of the sons of Joktan and the Queen of Sheba. Thus, he has the right and the duty to speak prophetically for the Queen of the South. Second, he is descended from both Father Abraham and Islam’s Prophet, Muhammad. Thus, he has the right and the duty to speak for the Christian Arabs, the ancient seed of Jacob living in the Middle East.

Queen Noor, was born in America of Syrian-American stock. It was in Antioch, Syria, that Israel was first called Christians. Thus both King Hussein and Queen Noor have the Biblical right to hold the Scepter as set forth in Genesis 49:10. These two people, known by me and their subjects to be obedient servants of God, have joined in Holy Matrimony, and are one in the Sight of Almighty God. Might it then be proper to identify them together as the Queen of the South? No other monarch in the world holds the Biblical and territorial credentials at this critical time in history.

Knowing this, in somewhat more fragmented detail at the time, we set forth almost in the manner of Jonah to put God’s Word before the King. Could King Hussein have come up with our message on his own? Of course. Did he? Maybe, but since we know what Christ predicted, and know that these are the Last Days, all we had to do was be in the right place, at the right time, with the right message. In the Sovereignty of God, we were in Jordan to see Christ’s prophecy about Jonah’s Sign begin to be fulfilled. [end] Nord Davis

Nord posted pictures of king Hussein and Queen Noor of Jordan on page 54, and he looks Arab (meaning “mixed”) to me! As for Queen Noor, born in America of Syrian-American stock doesn’t prove anything. She does have the facial features of a Caucasian, but her hair is somewhat like that of an arab. If she were pureblooded, any offspring born to that union would not be pure, because of Mohammed’s mother!

What Nord is doing in part #3 of “The Queen Of The South” is contradicting some of his own good teaching in his Star Wars lesson #15, where he states in part:

The prophet Hosea records in Chapter 1 that God showed no pity on his harlot wife, the House of Jacob, and brought their nation down into ruin [1:7]. Hosea, Chapter 2:1-5 states that she is not God’s wife and He is not her husband. The next verses have some real plain talk, but the bottom line is that The Husband drove His Wife, Jacob-Israel out of His House, the ancient land of Palestine. He then put up a hedge of thorns, and made a wall so that His wife could never again find her way back to the ancient Israel lands. When the modern ministers say that Israel is ‘returning to the land of their forefathers’ when the Jews occupy Palestine, they are refuting God’s Word in this text. One of the marks of identification that the Jews now in Palestine are not Jacob-Israel is that they are actually in the land, when God said he would make sure that Israel never could go back. Jacob-Israel was to go to another place, and await the coming of their Saviour. God would place only enough of His Remnant from Babylon in the old Israel lands, among the Serpent’s Seed people, so that those prophecies forecast about Him could take place. Ancient Israel’s people, now caught in adulteries with other gods, were in place so that what was written about the Serpent Seed bruising the Woman’s Seed’s heel would come to pass ...”

Nord is very much correct concerning a “hedge of thorns, and made a wall”, but of what does this hedge of thorns and wall consist? We, as Israel, were told at Num. 33:55 that if we didn’t drive the Canaanites out of our home in the Promised Land, they, the Canaanites would become “pricks” in our eyes and “thorns” in our sides! The Canaanites were a satanic multiracial people, so now we know what a “hedge of thorns” amounts to. If one will take a good look at a map of the Middle-East today, one will find that what is called “Palestine” is completely surrounded by arabs and turks, with the multi-breed-jews in the middle of them! In my Mexicans Traced To Cain (Son Of Satan), I wrote:

One cannot fully comprehend the racial makeup of the arabs and jews unless he understands the history of Egypt from A.D. 639 until the time of Napoleon I in 1798. The history of Egypt during this period is essentially the history of the entire Middle East. Genghis Khan, in his exploits, left a mongol genetic flavor to the population wherever he conquered new territory. Egypt, during this period, found herself under various ruler ships. In A.D. 639 the arabs invaded Egypt and came to power. Next were the Fatimids in A.D. 909. After this came the Ayyubids in 1174. Then in 1517 A.D. came the Mamelukes, followed by the Ottomans when Egypt was governed from Istanbul. If you don’t understand the history of the Middle East during this period, don’t pretend you know all about the arabs and jews today!

In the 1200’s, Genghis Khan sold a company of slaves to the Sultan of Egypt, made up of turks and circassians (people who inhabited the Caucasus, not to be confused with the White Caucasians), to become the Sultan’s body guards, and were also trained as soldiers. Soon the Mamelukes overthrew the Egyptian Sultan and put their own sultan in power. The Mameluke sultans then overran Asia Minor, Syria, and the island of Cyprus. In the wake of all these arab and turk exploits, the various populations were left with a multiracial flavor, they are actually genetic hybrid mutants.

Mohammed, a half-jew, founder of Islam, was born at Mecca Aug. 20, 570 A.D. At age 40, he claimed a revelation from Gabriel and launched a hybrid religion. Gaining adherents and an army, he soon conquered all of Arabia and summoned Persia, Abyssinia and Constantinople to embrace his religion, but died before taking on Asia Minor and the Roman Empire. After his death, his fanatical followers pressed into Egypt, Palestine, Persia and Syria, and 50 years later moved into North Africa and Spain, giving the conquered an ultimatum of conversion or the sword, raping the women as they went. Upon sweeping northward into Spain, at the beckoning of the jews, they broke the rule of the Visigoths in 711, bringing with them Berbers from Africa, making Cordova their seat of government. Later the Moorish forces invaded France, but were defeated at Tours in 732 by Charles Martel. Here is an accurate description of what Yahweh’s “hedge of thorns and wall” consists of! It should now be quite clear that Nord Davis should never have made a trip to Amman, Jordan!