Nord Davis Right & Wrong on "The Queen of the South", #3


There may be some who are wondering whether or not I have permission to reproduce large portions of Nord Davis’ Desert Storm [DS] and his fifteen Star Wars lessons, but on page 49 of Desert Storm, he points out that his publication is not copyrighted and may be reproduced freely, as long as he is given credit. My object is to set the record straight, as Nord was forging political alliances with Canaanites which are forbidden by Israelite law, based upon a couple of his flawed premises, making it hazardous for the rest of us. By-and-large, I approve of much of what Nord taught, especially on Two Seedline. With that said, I will continue with Davis on page 47:

Desert Shield, “Jonah’s Sign”, part 2, by Nord Davis:

We have had evidence that an American involvement in war was being planned for the Middle East since 1985. Our Northpoint intelligence sources were supplying us with bits and fragments of data pointing strongly in that direction for the past three years. For instance, one of our Team Members is Capt. Ted Jablonski, who was an officer on the SS Austral Rainbow, TAK 1005. This is a private, merchant marine cargo ship whose ownership can be traced back to the Bush Family. There are twelve such vessels that are sister ships in the same corporation. As early as three years ago, these ships were loaded with tank ammunition, medical and food supplies, and thousands of other items necessary to wage a ground war in the desert. These ships were anchored at Diego Garcia, an island off the Persian Gulf, waiting for the ‘incident’ that would bring America into a war there. We knew that the Bush Administration had asked the Pakistan Government if they could station 50,000 troops there in early July and were refused by the lady President. We also knew that the tensions between the various Middle Eastern nations were at an all-time high and that there were conflicting loyalties, hidden animosities going back for generations, and the everpresent dichotomy between Islam and Zionism with the local Christian populations siding with Islam and the western Christian populations siding with the Zionist cause. To most of the world, these riddles are cloaked in deliberate confusion, and any solutions offered are at once suspect or dismissed. We also know that the American Government is openly and officially on the Zionist side and promoting the Zionist agenda.

The Zionist press is open in their plans and objectives which are to set up what they characterize as ‘A Greater Israel’ that would encompass much of the lands presently owned by the Arabs. Thus, we knew that any war generated in that area would have this ultimate goal in mind. Here was the tactical problem we saw at that time: the Zionist Israelis have an entrenched public relations program, with over a hundred Political Action Committees, promoting their cause in the United States. Hardly a day goes by [that] some news favorable to the world Zionist Cause does not make the news. In striking contrast, there are no Political Action Committees, or other interested groups in America telling the truth about the Arab Cause. The Zionist news media depicts the Arabs as ignorant camel drivers without a coherent cause or objective, and there was no group in America that had enough media impact to counter that basic premise. Have you ever heard of any?

So, beginning in the mid 1980’s, Team Member S.A. Freeman of Morongo Valley, California began an independent effort to correct that situation. The Northpoint Teams, then involved heavily with our efforts on behalf of the brave Nicaraguan Contras, could not get actively involved with Mr. Freeman’s Arab Cause objectives, however highly we approved of the concept.

Mr. Freeman had called his effort, Project Babylon. Mr. Freeman’s approach was to be essentially a political and financial one where some of the millions of Arab funds would finance the public relations activities under a project of his New Nation USA.

[In March, 1991, S.A. Freeman decided to ‘go public’ with the project New Nation USA, and I set the type for the 24 page pamphlet describing this all new approach to the problems we patriots face here in America. It is being mailed to each of our Team Members and other readers. If you are a reader who is not on our mailing lists, a copy of this pamphlet is available for the modest cost of $1.00 which includes postage. I want to emphasize, for the record, that my friend and Mr. Freeman are no longer associated, and that the theology, facts and conclusions found in this pamphlet are mine alone, and not the responsibility of anyone else.]

At one patriotic meeting, a friend of mine taught them the scriptural/national side of this Arab Cause in such a way as to make the Bible, with its often bewildering accounts of the ancient tribes and peoples, spring into understanding.

My teacher’s historical panorama of Arabia, with its people descending from Shem through Joktan, the brother of Peleg, began to open the eyes of those who make a study of racial backgrounds and peoples.

About three years ago, my friend made a whirlwind tour of America, speaking to 50 groups in 36 states telling these Christian Americans the story of Joktan, and the Queen of Sheba. One of his stops was at Northpoint Team headquarters here in the Smoky Mountains. He spoke to us regarding the urgency of getting a pro-Arab public relations effort going to prevent the upcoming war in the Middle East.

Suddenly I understood the critical fact that all Arabs do not descend from Ishmael as I had been taught. With that knowledge, the depth of Christ’s prediction regarding the Sign of the Prophet Jonah, and the connection with the Men of Nineveh and the Queen of the South, was glaringly obvious. It was this man’s goal to raise enough funds to go to the Men of Nineveh and the Queen of the South with the tactical approach of teaching them their role regarding the Pharisees who now occupy Palestine and fraudulently call themselves ‘Israel.’ We approved of that objective and sent this scholar on his way with our support of $300 to the cause. However, he was not as successful with most of his other meetings, as Christian patriots did not fully understand the depth of his teachings. Thus, he did not raise enough money to make the trip at that time.

Three years went by, and I did not hear from my friend again. Just one year ago, knowing that a Middle East war was soon to materialize, but not knowing who the participants would be, I began to lay out what was to be later named Desert Shield and the New World Order. It was finally published in October, 1990, both here in North Carolina and from 11 other locations across America. We were at once swamped with orders and the logistics of having enough pamphlets, boxes the right size and shipping labels on hand, was often overwhelming. We were shipping as many as 1,500 copies per day, week after week.

In the midst of all that work around the clock in our office, we received a call on the 4th of January from Cleveland, Tennessee, the closest place the Greyhound Bus comes to our Carolina home. It was this old friend. He was on his way by bus, first to Washington and then on to New York for a flight on Royal Jordanian Airlines in an effort to get an audience with King Hussein of Jordan. He had a plan that would be a ‘face-saving’ way for Saddam Hussein to pull out of Kuwait and, by fulfilling George Bush’s demands, stop the war and save thousands of American and Arab lives. I agreed to meet him in Cleveland and bring him to our office where his tactical project could be discussed. Once I heard the plan, which he called ‘Project Sheba’, and knowing that according to Bible law all things have to be established by two or more witnesses, I agreed to accompany him to Jordan with the Sheba message. We departed at once arriving in Washington, DC in a blinding snowstorm. My companion’s airfare to Jordan and back was paid for by Liberty Lobby. More than $2,000 in other expenses, including my airfare, was paid for by the Northpoint Teams. We flew all night, January 9th, arriving in Amman, Jordan at 7 PM on the 10th.

[Please Note: I travelled to Jordan with a Christian brother who was born and educated in Syria. He is now an American. He is from the ancient Israel tribe of Judah living in and around Antioch. For tactical reasons, which will not be discussed here, it has been decided that his name should be omitted from this publication. I will refer to him only as my friend, my companion, my teacher, my guide, my counterpart, etc., even though I was really his guest and companion on this mission.]

Without each one of you in our Northpoint Teams, this trip and its surprising and incredible outcome, would not have been possible.

[It goes without saying, but bears repeating again, not all of our Northpoint Team members agree with this author on all points of politics, economics, or theology. We have Team Members from every walk of political and theological life. They join with us because of the general cause we are promoting and simply because they may be distributing this pamphlet, you are not to assume that they agree on every point with this author. This pamphlet is not copyrighted and may be reproduced freely by anyone, with credit to the author.]”

Nord Davis

While Nord Davis is sometimes quite skillful with the Scripture, I am at a loss why he went back to what is called Palestine today to find the Israelites who once lived in that land. While the House of Israel was taken into Assyrian captivity and was to be sifted among the nations, Hosea 2:5-7 proclaims she will be prevented from finding her way back: 5 For their mother hath played the harlot: she that conceived them hath done shamefully: for she said, I will go after my lovers, that give me my bread and my water, my wool and my flax, mine oil and my drink. 6 Therefore, behold, I will hedge up thy way with thorns, and make a wall, that she shall not find her paths. 7 And she shall follow after her lovers, but she shall not overtake them; and she shall seek them, but shall not find them: then shall she say, I will go and return to my first husband; for then was it better with me than now.” You will notice that Israel resolved to return to her first husband, but nowhere in the Bible does it imply that she would decide to return to her old land! And why would she? For it is cursed forever!

It is a pitiful scenario to search for Israel, thinking to find her back in old Palestine. Yahweh gave her a “Bill of Divorce” at Jer. 3:8, because she committed adultery with Baal. The story of Israel is very beautifully told in Hosea ch. 2, where Yahweh complains of her whoredoms and threatens to strip her naked, sending her into captivity and desolations as in the days of Egypt, and that He would hedge up her ways with thorns (that she should lose herself, forget her ancestry), and be unable to find her paths; that in this state of captivity He would “cause her mirth to cease, along with her feast days, her new moons, and her Sabbaths, and all her solemn feasts”, and above all, she would find a hedge as an insurmountable wall making it next to impossible to return to her former home in Palestine. So what gave Nord Davis Biblical justification to return to that land during our own day? Was not Yahweh’s thorny hedge reason enough to refrain from such an unauthorized entry? By-and-large, all the squatters in Palestine (including nearly all of the Near East) today are “pricks and thorns” (Num. 33:55). Hence we know what the “wall” is made up of! So, what it amounts to is that Nord Davis journeyed to Jordan to consult with a “prick”, a descendant of Mohammed, whose mother was a Canaanite-jew!

Contrary to Nord Davis, king Hussein of Jordan is not of royal blood, according to criteria set down for the descendants of Shem, and in particular for the twelve tribes of Israel! Speaking of Mohammed, there are two “little horns” in the book of Daniel, (1) the catholic’s “pope”, and (2) Mohammed. This is what I stated in WTL #55: “In WTL #54 for October, 2002, we discussed the “little horn” of Daniel 8:9. As I had pointed out, the ‘little horn’ in that passage is not the same as the ‘little horn’ of Daniel 7:8. How often have you read or heard someone referring to the ‘little horn’ of Daniel, and they never indicate which ‘little horn’ of Daniel they are talking about. To many, both “little horns” are the same entity in their reasoning, and that simply is not true. To comprehend where we are on our walk through Daniel, you will need back issue #’s 49, 53 & 54. In the last lesson (#54) we established that the “little horn” of Daniel 8:9 was Mohammed. Because Mohammed played such a key part in Daniel chapter 8, it will be necessary for us to introduce the following:

Probably one of the more important aspects we should consider about Mohammed is that, reportedly among some authors, his mother was a ‘Jewess.’ If that account is true, apparently we have an added element to the equation. Once that added detail is brought to light, we can better understand his satanically motivated aspirations. Conceivably, he had the ‘seed of the serpent’ flowing in his veins. With this added data, we can begin to acquire an idea of what Mohammed was all about. Before we get into the story of his escapades, let’s document this apparent ‘Jewish’ connection. For this, we will use Alzog’ s Universal Church History, ©1902, volume 2, page 192:

“‘Mohammed, who was the only son of Abdallah, a Pagan, and Amina, a Jewess, and was descended from the noble but impoverished family of Hashim, of the priestly tribe of Koreish, who were the chiefs and keepers of the national sanctuary of the Kaaba, and pretended to trace their origin to Ishmael, the son of Abraham and Hagar, was born at Mecca, August 20, A.D. 570 ...’

The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon, vol. 5, p. 205 (speaking of his grandfather and father), although debated, also witnesses to this: ‘The glory of Abdol Motalleb was crowned with domestic happiness; his life was prolonged to the age of one hundred and ten years; and he became the father of six daughters and thirteen sons. His best beloved Abdallah was the most beautiful and modest of the Arabian youth; and in the first night, when he consummated his marriage with Amina, of the noble race of the Zahrites, two hundred virgins are said to have expired of jealousy and despair. Mahomet, or more properly Mohammed, the only son of Abdallah and Amina, was born at Mecca, four years after the death of Justinian, and two months after the defeat of the Abyssinians, whose victory would have introduced into the Caaba the religion of the Christians ...’ Then, in a footnote on page 205 we read this: ‘Amina was of Jewish birth.’ Von Hammer, Geschichte der Assass. p. 10 ...

At that period, there were many ‘Jews’ in that area. Again from The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon, volume 5, page 202: “Seven hundred years before the death of Mahomet the Jews were settled in Arabia; and a far greater multitude was expelled from the Holy Land in the wars of Titus and Hadrian. The industrious exiles aspired to liberty and power: they erected synagogues in the cities, and castles in the wilderness; and their Gentile converts were confounded with the children of Israel [sic Jews].’ ...

Apparently, not only was Mohammed partly of ‘Jewish’ descent, but he got the idea for his new religion from Judaism. For documentation on this, I will again quote from Alzog’s Universal Church History, ©1902, volume 2, page 195-197:

“‘The religious belief of Mohammed, which he professed to have received from time to time, either directly from God or through the Angel Gabriel, and which, after his death, had been collected from the palm-leaves, bits of leather, stones, mutton-bones, and other materials on which the several revelations had been written, and arranged into one book, known as the Koran, is little more than an incongruous mixture of Parseeism [sic.], Judaism, and Christianity.’

“‘Mohammed’s knowledge of the last two does not appear to have been derived from the Old and New Testaments, but rather from apocryphal Jewish and Christian legends. It was said, even by the contemporaries of Mohammed, that Abdallah Ebn Salam, a Jew; Salam, a convert from Parseeism to Christianity, and Sergius, a Nestorian monk, had aided him in compiling his religious system. Such were the heterogeneous constituents of Islam (Submission to God) — a simple, but incomplete system, the one essential element of which is hatred and execration of every other religion.’

For further documentation that Mohammed used Judaism as a basis for his new religion, I will quote from The World’s Great Events, published by P.F. Collier & Son, volume 2, page 581 (by Edward Henry Palmer): ‘At the outset of his career he turned to the Jews, imagining that, as he claimed to restore the original religion of Abraham, and appealed to the Jewish scriptures for confirmation of his teachings, they would support him. Disappointed in this quarter, he treated them with more bitter hostility than any other of his opponents.

“‘In the latter part of his career he took but little notice either of the Jews or Christians, and when he does mention the latter, it is without any of the conciliatory spirit which he first displayed to them, and they are not only sharply reproved for their errors, but are included in the general mass of infidels against whom the true believers are to fight.’ [Later the ‘Jews’ claimed Islam as their ‘Golden Age.’]

Again, pages 582-583 (by Edward Gibbon): ‘In the ten years of the administration of Omar, the Saracens reduced to his obedience thirty-six thousand cities or castles, destroyed four thousan/fontJUSTIFYd churches and temples of the unbelievers, and edified fourteen hundred mosques for the exercise of the religion of Mahomet. One hundred years after his flight from Mecca, the arms and the reign of his successors extended from India to the Atlantic ocean, over the various and distant provinces, which may be comprised under the names of; 1 Persia; 2 Syria; 3 Egypt; 4 Africa; and, 5 Spain.’

More excerpts from Graetz, Gibbon and Alzog state: Graetz:- ‘Waraka Ibn-Naufal, a celebrated Meccan, and a descendant of the noble Khoraish race, was a cousin of Chadija, Mahomet’s wife, and he had embraced Judaism and knew Hebrew well.’ From this, it would appear that not only was Mohammed half-jew, but also his wife. We should also notice that this ‘Waraka Ibn-Naufal’ was of the ‘noble Khoraish race.’ I be lieve that this is the same family spoken of as Abdallah, the father of Mohammed.

Alzog:- ‘Mohammed, who was the only son of Abdallah, a Pagan, and Amina, a Jewess, and was descended from the noble but impoverished family of Hashim, of the priestly tribe of Koreish, who were the chiefs and keepers of the national sanctuary ...’ Apparently, ‘Koreish’ and ‘Khoraish’ are variant spellings for the same family of people, vol. 5, page 204.’

Gibbon:- ‘... he sprung from the tribe of Koreish and the family of Hashem, the most illustrious of the Arabs, the princes of Mecca, and the hereditary guardians of the Caaba ...’ From this it would appear that many of the Arabs of the Khoraish family were being proselyted and mixed with the ‘Jews’ by marriage. How else could Waraka Ibn-Naufal, cousin to Chadija, Mohammed’s wife, ‘embrace Judaism’ and know ‘Hebrew well’?

Instead of Nord Davis allying himself with king Hussein he should rather have been tearing down his altars (mosques). I am simply amazed at Nord, being so anti-zionist, yet bargaining with a descendant of Satan. Nord surely had good intentions, but was surely misguided! Twenty years have now passed, and nothing positive has happened as a result of Nord’s valiant, but futile efforts, at diplomacy. It is clear at Deut. 32:41 that we are to await for Yahshua’s “glittering sword”!