Mark Downey's Phony No-Satan Dogma, #3


As I demonstrated in brochure #’s 1 & 2 by this same title, Mark Downey and all his cronies professing this same erroneous theory of “no-Satan” have little knowledge of the parts of speech in English and lack comprehension of both the Greek and Hebrew. I am keeping Downey’s statements in italics.

To get started with this third composition, I shall quote from Downey’s What If Satan Isn’t Real, Can Christianity Survive?, ¶12: “So, where in the devil is a real supernatural Satan in all of this? ‘For this purpose the Son of God was manifested (the Word was made flesh), that He might destroy the works of the devil’ ( I John 3:8). But, in verse 5 it says, ‘He was manifested to take away our sins.’ ‘He put away (abolished or destroyed) sin by the sacrifice of Himself’ (Hebrews 9:26). Well, which is it, the devil or sin?

“From the foregoing evidence it is obvious that it is not either/or, but rather synonymous terms. The real satans of the Bible are not fallen angels, but in fact the carnal sin nature of man. ‘He that practices sin is of the devil’ (I John 3:8). In other words, when we transgress the Law of God, it’s from our own sin nature, being enticed by our own desires. ‘For the devil sinned from the beginning’, meaning Adam and Eve ...”

Well, if Downey is correct that Adam and Eve were the devil, inasmuch as Christ was genetically of Adam, and in the image of Adam, and often referred to in the New Testament as “the son of man” meaning “son of Adam”, that would make Yahshua Christ the devil also. Many, along with Downey, scoff at 1 John 3:12 which says: “Not as Cain, who was of that wicked one, and slew his brother. And wherefore slew he him? Because his own works were evil, and his brother’s righteous.”

There are only two choices here, either the dragon (Satan) is that “wicked one” or it is Adam. Again, by the criteria that Adam is Satan, it makes Christ a descendant of Satan, and that is exactly what Downey and all of his crony “no-Satan” and anti two- seedliner associates demand! Further, if the “no-Satan” people are correct, then Yahshua came to destroy Himself. How absurd! If Adam was the first Satan, does that make Yahshua Christ the second Satan? Pardon me while I barf! But that is not all, for Downey says that both Adam and Eve were devils! Does that make us a race of devils? Pardon me while I barf again!

All these “no-Satan” and anti two-seedline people keep screaming that “it’s the flesh” ... “it’s the flesh” ... “it’s the flesh”, but Ephesians 6:12 says: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” This passage spells out in no uncertain terms both what we wrestle against and that which we do not wrestle against. And it indicates that we do not wrestle against flesh! Can’t Downey read? It appears to me that Downey needs to find out what “principalities” are; he needs to discover what “powers” are; he needs to learn who the “rulers of the darkness” are; and he needs to come to an understanding of what it means when it designates “spiritual wickedness in high places”. Off hand, I would classify Downey and associates as aiding and abetting the latter, if not all.

In his What If Satan Isn’t Real, Can Christianity Survive?, ¶16, Downey sarcastically continues on with his diatribe: “Justification imputes to us the righteousness of Christ. ‘There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus’ (Romans 8:1). We can rest assured that our rejection of Satan as a supernatural reality will not affect the integrity of true Christianity. In the real world, acceptance of such fables actually infects and contaminates Christianity with theological cancers. Ironically, the delusional deity of dual seedliners is but a mere reflection of John 8:44 which they are so fond of quoting. Little do they realize the death they bring upon themselves and others for not hearing the truth of God’s Word. They too, entertain the possibilities of their precious devil, becoming blind to the purpose of Creation and estranged from the one true God. It is clear that God has no cosmic or earthly competition and that His omnipotence is virtually infinite. Spooks and goblins are best left to spear chuckers living in mud huts.

“The contrived forces of darkness have no communion with the shining light of glory. Unless the seedliners snap out of their trance, they will be chasing shadows and be a bloody drag on the CI Movement. Christianity itself cannot survive the hypnotism of apostasy. Pagan concepts have riddled our faith with confusion for far too long. The theater of Two Seedline is an abomination which CI should divorce itself from. Surely, we have higher intellectual standards for the survival of White Christian civilization than the dueling banjos of good and evil. CI is in a precarious stage of development because of a doctrinal anarchy which endangers any semblance of Christian unity.”

Here Downey completely overlooks Luke 12:51: “Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division.” So what is all this so-called “Christian unity” all about? And why is Downey ashamed to say “Israel Identity” rather than “Christian Identity”. Any old church in churchianity (catholic and otherwise) can pretend to be “Christian Identity”, but “Israel Identity” is something special, and denotes something entirely different, and cannot be substituted with the abbreviation “CI”. And how is this great Mark Downey going to accomplish all of this so-called “Christian unity” if Yahshua Christ Himself is not behind it? Rather, it’s the communist-jews who are calling for world unity! Inasmuch as Yahshua Himself is not calling for “unity”, unity can hardly be Christian! Evidently Downey doesn’t understand that “division” is just the opposite of “unity”! So why is Downey calling for “unity” while Yahshua Christ is calling for “division”? Therefore, it doesn’t appear that Downey is following Christ’s paramount example.

Downey doesn’t seem to understand, the reason we don’t have any unity is because we, as “Israel”, didn’t do the job we were commissioned for. To give an explanation why we don’t have “unity”, I will go to Matthew Henry’s Commentary On The Whole Bible, vol. 2, page 1: “An Exposition, With Practical Observations, of  The Book of Joshua”. This passage says in part:

“… Though Joshua is not expressly mentioned in the New Testament as a type of Christ, yet all agree that he was a very eminent one. He bore our Saviour’s name, as did also another type of him, Joshua the high priest, Zec. 6:11, 12. The Septuagint, giving the name of Joshua a Greek termination, call him all along,  Iesous, Jesus, and so he is called at Acts 7:45, and Heb. 4:8. Justin Martyr, one of the first writers of the Christian church (Dialog. cum Tryph. p.  300), makes that promise in Ex. 23:20, My angel shall bring thee into the place I have prepared, to point at Joshua; and these words, My name is in him, to refer to this, that his name[s] should be the same with that of the Messiah. It signifies, He shall save. Joshua saves God’s people from the Canaanites; our Lord Jesus saves them from their sins. Christ, as Joshua, is the captain of our salvation, a leader and commander of the people, to tread Satan under their feet, to put them in possession of the heavenly Canaan, and to give them rest, which (it is said, Heb. 4:8) Joshua did not.” [emphasis mine]

A few things should be noted here. Particularly that the Joshua of the Old Testament saved the Israelites from the Canaanites of that day (attempted to give them rest). Matthew Henry almost gets it correct here, as our Joshua (Yahshua = Yah saves) will also save us from the modern-day Canaanites. Paul the apostle made it clear at Romans 16:20 that the Romans would tread, or “bruise Satan under your feet shortly”, and the Romans (who were Zerah-Judah Israelites) of the seed of the woman (Gen. 3:15) surely trounced the hell out of the bad-fig-canaanite-edomite-jews at Jerusalem in 70 A.D. But that’s not the end of the story, as at Yahshua’s second advent “the seed of the woman” (in the person of Yahshua-Christ) is going to do it again, and permanently (Zech. 14:21). Without an understanding of the two “seeds” of Genesis 3:15, the Bible makes little sense! Churchianity has made a big thing out of so-called “personal salvation” while completely overlooking the seed of the serpent vs. the seed of the woman. Note: I do not fully endorse Matthew Henry’s comments, but he did fairly well here.

Mr. Downey has practically consigned we two seed-liners to hellfire, for which I will repeat here his very words where he implies as much: “If satan is not real, the dual seedliners are not only wrong, they are in grave danger of forfeiting any chance of redemption to enter the Kingdom. It would be better for them to do nothing and shut their mouths, than to be barking ‘satan is real’ outside the New Jerusalem with the rest of the dogs, idolaters and whosoever loves and makes a lie (Rev. 22:15)’.”

Referring again to Matthew Henry’s quotation above, I direct the following to Mark Downey and the rest of the “no-Satan” wrecking crew: So, Mr. Downey, as long as the “seed of the serpent” remains with us we’ll have division. And Yahshua Christ will keep the division going until there are no more serpent-seed-Canaanites. And as long as you, Mr. Downey, refuse to help identify “the seed of the serpent” of Genesis 3:15, it will take longer to finally have peace and unity in Israel. No, Mr. Downey, it’s not we two-seedliners who are causing all the problems in Israel, it’s you! No, Mr. Downey, it is you who are delaying the process by which we will finally have unity. And Mr. Downey, why don’t you call our Almighty by His proper name? When I pray, I say, “in your name Yahshua, for you are Yahweh in the flesh!”

Mr. Downey, you said some pretty nasty things about we two-seedliners, but you really don’t need to apologize, for we two-seedliners are willing to wait until the Judgment! What you are doing, Mr. Downey, is explained at 1 Cor. 14:8: “For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?” Surely to declare there is no other enemy than the flesh, when the true enemy is at the door ready to knock it down, is sending forth an “uncertain sound”. Thus, Mr. Downey, Israel doesn’t know by your uncertain trumpet blast whether to charge or retreat, by reveille or taps! And if you can’t learn how to properly play the bugle, get out of the corps, as Yahweh doesn’t need you, as you are scattering the sheep rather than gathering them! [Matt. 12:30]

Now, Mr. Downey, I will not consign you to be “outside the New Jerusalem with the rest of the dogs, idolaters and whosoever loves and makes a lie”, as you did to we two-seedliners. But I will remind you that there is a Judgment coming where we will have to account for our every “idle word”. That Judgment will be broken down into six categories: “gold, silver, precious stones, hay, wood and stubble.” Paul says this at 1 Cor. 3:11-15: 11 For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Yahshua Christ. 12 Now if any man build upon this foundation gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble; 13 Every man’s work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is. 14 If any man’s work abide which he hath built thereupon, he shall receive a reward. 15 If any man’s work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire.”

In short, Mr. Downey, your false teachings may not prevent you from entering the Kingdom, but they will be tried by a fiery Judgment, and any teachings which fall into the “hay, wood and stubble” category will be burned, leaving you empty-handed for eternity, and that’s a long time. But if you feel comfortable with what you are promoting, go ahead and see where it gets you! For myself, I will continue writing with fear and trembling. I will say this: If Mr. Downey is so determined that the “flesh” is the only problem, he needs to extend his ministry to the bad-fig-jews and convince them to overcome their flesh! For if Cain was the son of Adam, there was no difference genetically between Cain in relation to Abel and Seth. But that’s one of the faulty premises on which both the “no-Satan” and anti two-seedline dogmas are built! For instance, all the twelve patriarchal fathers of the tribes of Israel were Biblically considered “brothers”, but actually some were brothers by full-blood while others were brothers by half-blood. So it was with Eve’s sons. And, by the way, Genesis 4:1 is a corrupted passage, as I documented in my brochure The Problem With Genesis 4:1. And that brings up another subject.

Genesis 3:15 says in part “her seed”, and it is simply amazing how many uninformed individuals are going around claming that women don’t have any seed, only men. I’ve heard grown men claim that Mary, the mother of Yahshua Christ, didn’t contribute anything genetically, and that God (as they call him) supplied the seed, and all Mary did was to mother the child. Some of the people who make this conjecture are farmers and ranchers and should know better. I find it necessary to repeat here a quotation I have often used to refute such a notion: Science knows today that each single cell of the human body has two sets of 23 chromosomes, or a total of 46. I will now quote The World Book Encyclopedia, volume 9, page 192d:

“Every human body cell contains two sets of 23 chromosomes. These two sets look very much alike. Each chromosome in one set can be matched with a particular chromosome in the other set. Egg cells and sperm cells have only one set of 23 chromosomes. These cells are formed in a special way, and end up with only half the number of chromosomes found in body cells. As a result, when an egg and a sperm come together, the fertilized egg cell will contain the 46 chromosomes of a normal body cell. Half of the chromosomes come from the mother, and half from the father”.

With this in mind, we know then that Mary supplied 23 chromosomes from her egg cell and Yahweh supplied the other 23 chromosomes from Himself without having normal sexual intercourse. If the scriptures are true, the same Yahweh who created the entire universe, which is infinite unlimited light-years in all directions, condensed His entire being into 23 chromosomes which then were united with Mary’s egg and its 23 chromosomes.

Yahweh didn’t break any of His natural laws in doing this, for in the Old testament every priest who entered the area behind the veil had to be a perfect specimen of a man without any deformities, as he represented Christ. So for Christ to be born of some unnatural genetic makeup would be contrary to His own Laws handed down to Israel, His people. Yet many of the “no-Satan” and anti two-seedline people declare that Mary supplied no seed to the physical body of Christ, and that Eve had no seed. Charles A. Weisman is one of those uninformed persons who made such a statement at a Pete Peters meeting, and Pete Peters bought Weisman’s venom hook, line, and sinker.

I would rather not have to explain to grown men about the birds and the bees, but it is necessary here. Conception starts when the 23 chromosomes of the male sperm unite with the 23 chromosomes of the female, producing the first complete cell of the newborn. Thus, after this union takes place the first cell of 46 chromosomes exists. From this single cell, as it is multiplied by division into other cells, some become specialized cells such as muscle, brain, skin, eye, hair etc. Nevertheless, each specialized cell contains the entire DNA record of the first cell, although the various functions of the specialized cells will be different. Thus, every single cell in the baby contains 23 chromosomes from each parent. In other words, in the case of Christ, the 46 chromosomes of each red cell in Christ’s blood was made up of 23 chromosomes from Mary, and 23 chromosomes from the Almighty. So also for all the other specialized cells of Christ’s physical body. Of all the millions of cells that make up the physical body of a person, half of the chromosomes of those individual cells are from the mother and half from the father. I could go on explaining the DNA of a cell and the process of cell division, but if one can’t already comprehend about the chromosomes, any further discussion would be to no avail.

I will, though, add one more thing: The baby does not receive its blood from the mother as some surmise. The baby makes its own blood from the first cell produced at conception. After conception, all the mother does is supply nourishment and oxygen to the child, and transport away the waste products produced by its living, developing body. The child’s blood is made in the marrow of his/her own bones, just as with we adults. So when Christ shed His blood, it was half from the Almighty and half from Mary (or Adam man). I would highly suggest that all the no-Satan and anti two-seedline people bone up on the subject of anatomy, along with other pertinent topics.

In his various theses, Mark Downey continually condemns what he terms “dualism”. At his Suppose Satan is Real, What Difference Does It Make?, ¶6, he remarks: “If Christianity is dependent upon a real satan, then the dualism is an absolute. God’s Word is absolute, but is Christianity dualism in the sense of two supernatural beings? Ironically, the ancient Persian religion of Zoroaster proclaimed an irreducible opposition between Ahura Mazda, the Wise Lord and Angra Mainyu, the Evil Spirit. The first incarnates truth, righteousness and order, while the latter represents the lie, unrighteousness and disorder.

“Historically, Christian dogma has denounced dualism as a heresy and condemned it repeatedly, not from the simple fact that there is a radical difference between good and evil or the sacred and the profane. No, the rejection is directed against the metaphysical or supernatural manifestation of some personage spoiling God’s creation. This is the stuff of mythologies and superstitions, whereby the priestcraft inculcates a supernatural destroyer and tempter of man. If this Satan is the personification of cosmic evil and not the adversarial agency of man alone, then how can Christianity maintain a monotheistic position?”

Again, Downey doesn’t know what he’s talking about. After researching in three encyclopedias, I glean that “dualism” does not only mean two opposing forces in the realm of the spirit among religious minded people such as “body” and “soul”, but in the metaphysical, “spiritual” and “materialistic”. Platonic dualism distinguished between a “sensible” and an “intelligible” world. Descartes’ dualism differentiated between “Thinking” and “Extended” Substance. Other forms of philosophical dualism have been outlined by Leibnitz and Kant. There is also the dualism of “mind” over “matter”. The term “dualism” was first coined by Thomas Hyde in 1700 on his description of Zoroastrianism. Yes, Zoroastrianism is based on dualism, but so is Mark Downey’s “spirit” against the “flesh” a Biblical dualism.

The only way that a person could entirely avoid dualism is to cut off one ear, gouge out one eye, cut off one leg and one arm, and ride around on a unicycle with one peddle. Also, one would have to find a source where one could purchase paper with only one side. I have no idea what an extremist anti-dualist, like Mark Downey, might use for (one-sided) toilet paper (of which he is so desperately in need).