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Flying Under False Colors


This essay might also be entitled: “The Name ‘November’ For Dummies”. If the reader is not already aware of it, there is an individual masquerading hither and thither with an a.k.a. of “Eli James”. He wrote a book he entitled The Great Impersonation, which is nothing more than an accumulation of deceitfulness, for in reality he himself is THE GREAT IMPERSONATOR!

To understand this subject, one must comprehend the unequivocal difference between three entirely separate entities, (1) the house of Israel, (2) the house of Judah, and (3) the converso-Edomite-jews who were converted to Israelitism near 135 B.C. See Josephus’ Antiq. 13:9:1. This paper will focus on an individual by the name of Joseph November (a.k.a. Eli James), who claims to teach Christian Israel Identity, while this essay will show evidence that the surname of “November” is Edomite-jewish in origin!

A Letter I had written to Eli James, Dan Johns and Dick Ford in June of 2003


This is a Letter I had written to Eli James, Dan Johns and Dick Ford in June of 2003, showing how early my differences with Eli on certain issues have existed.

June 23, 2003

Clifton A. Emahiser

1012 North Vine Street

Fostoria, OH 44830

Ph. (419)435-2836

Only to:

Eli James,

Daniel Johns,

Dick Ford,

I am sorry about the meeting cancellation! The problem seems to have been caused by one Charles Claud (maybe spelled Clawd), General Post Office, Strasburg, North Dakota, 58573. He uses the post office at Linton, ND 58552 to mail his literature. He calls himself “the Christ’s assembly of North Dakota.” In short, he’s bad news. He called me on three occasions asking the most absurd questions. On the last call, Friday, June 20, and toward the end of the conversation, out of the clear blue sky advised me that I better not attend that meeting! I acted like I never heard of any meeting, but he insisted there was one scheduled in Ohio. He seemed to know more about it than I did!

From Zechariah Sitchin to Eli James: The Evolution of the Cro-Magnon Theory


From where did Eli James get his theory that the Adam of the Bible was taken from Cro-Magnon man? Let us compare the writings of jewish novelist Zechariah Sitchin:



Zecharia Sitchin on Cro-Magnon Man

In His The 12th Planet, Pages 1-6


OF THE EVIDENCE that we have amassed to support our conclusions, exhibit number one is Man himself. In many ways, modern man – Homo sapiens is a stranger to Earth.

Ever since Charles Darwin shocked the scholars and theologians of his time with the evidence of evolution, life on Earth has been traced through Man and the primates, mammals, and vertebrates, and backward through everlower life forms to the point, billions of years ago, at which life is presumed to have begun.

But having reached these beginnings and having begun to contemplate the probabilities of life elsewhere in our solar system and beyond, the scholars have become uneasy about life on Earth: Somehow, it does not belong here. If it began through a series of spontaneous chemical reactions, why does life on Earth have but a single source, and not a multitude of chance sources? And why does all living matter on Earth contain too little of the chemical elements that abound on Earth, and too much of those that are rare on our planet?

Was life, then, imported to Earth from elsewhere?

Dan Gayman's Position on Genesis Chapters 1 & 2



Do All Races Share In Salvation?

p 149


Genesis 5:1-3 declares: “This is the book of the genera­tions of Adam. In the day that Elohim created man, In the likeness of Elohim made he him; Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.” The Bible is the history and record of one race of people: Adam. After Genesis 12, the Bible confines itself pri­marily to the study of one branch of the Adamic race, the line of Shem, Eber (Hebrew), Isaac, and Jacob Israel. The Bible never claims to be the history of all races. Not one verse can be used to support any idea that the Bible is the universal history and chronicle of all the races under heaven.

Severing All Affiliation with Eli James



Contrary to what some may believe, I have never had a close association with Eli James and his ministry! He’s just one of many people who was on my Clifton A. Emahiser’s Watchman’s Teaching Letter postal mailing list which I started in May, 1998, being free of charge to the recipient. Eli has never donated to my ministry, so I don’t owe him anything, nor does he owe me anything.

I don’t remember how Eli got on my mailing list, but at that time he was using the alias of “Joe (Joseph) November”, so evidently he had something to hide! About five or six years ago, Eli wanted to have a meeting in Ohio to write a position paper (so he said) on Two Seedline Doctrine, whereupon I was able to secure a place to meet. But upon getting into the meetings, his agenda was entirely different than he promised me, showing he was not a man of his word, and that was the end of that!

Over the years, I have become gradually aware that there are many things which Eli promotes which I consider un-Biblical, and find it my Christian duty to address, and I haven’t pulled any punches in doing so. In the process, I have received both destructive and constructive criticism which I willingly accept, but when my statements are completely taken out-of-context and twisted into something I never said, I consider it an affront. Eli James has done this very thing to my writings many times, and I had to finally call a halt to it by completely disassociating what little affiliation we had.


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