Analytical Review of Philip Jones’ The Negro, Serpent, Beast and Devil, #3

At the end of paper #2 of this series, it was shown from the Aramaic Targum pseudo-Jonathan that it was not a negro who seduced Eve, but the fallen angel Sammael, at Genesis 4:1:

And Adam knew that his wife Eve had conceived from Sammael the Angel (of death) and she became pregnant and bore Cain. And he was like those on high and not like those below. And she said: ‘I have got a man from the angel of the LORD’.”

We will continue in this third paper to make our way through Philip Jones’ book, p. 12, giving criticism where criticism is due, and acclaim where honor is due:

Today, however, we still find negroes who are ‘knee-benders’, literally and metaphorically ... in mind and body. None of them [negroes from the Gold Coast] can straighten their knees. When at work in the fields, they do not stoop like white people; their heads being thrown back, their knees bent, their legs bowed out, their feet flat, hips thrown upward, their abdomens are brought parallel with the earth, as if moving over its surface on their bellies .... We have only to look at them eating the bread which they prefer to all other kinds of bread, the ash-cake, and to witness their fondness for the ashes, and eating dust by the handfuls, to see re-written upon living negroes, a translation of the Hebrew words, ‘and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life.’ The iron wire-muzzle that used to be so common, fastened and locked around the negro’s mouth and face, to prevent him from eating dust, has gone pretty much out of use since the negro has been brought more immediately into the light of civilization and Christianity. But even yet, they are the only people in the world who are the victims of that peculiar disease called dirt-eating, cachexia Africana, or negro consumption. Long ago I wrote a treatise on it. I proved it to be a disease of the mind, occurring in consequence of the negro not being properly governed, and his falling back under the empire of his indigenous superstition. Happily, as foretold, the seed of the woman is bruising the head of the serpent, and Christianity is setting the poor negro free from slavery to that evil spirit, which seizes upon him whenever he gets beyond the hearing of the crack of the white man’s whip (The Diseases and Physical Peculiarities of the Negro Race, by Dr. Samuel Cartwright, vol. 11, pp. 135-136). So says the honorable Dr. Samuel Cartwright (1793-1862).

[Comment by Clifton A. Emahiser: Since Philip Jones has brought up the topic of “cachexia” disease, it would be well to define it: “Definition of Cachexia:

cachexia hypophysiopri´va the train of symptoms resulting from total deprivation of pituitary function, including loss of sexual function, bradycardia, hypothermia, and coma.

malarial cachexia the physical signs resulting from antecedent attacks of severe malaria, including anemia, sallow skin, yellow sclera, splenomegaly, hepatomegaly, and, in children, retardation of growth and puberty.

pituitary cachexia see ‘panhypopituitarism’:

panhypopituitarism ... generalized due to absence or damage of the pituitary gland, which, in its complete form, leads to absence of gonadal function and insufficiency of thyroid and adrenal function. When cachexia is a prominent feature, it is called Simmond’s disease or pituitary cachexia.”]

[Comment by Clifton A. Emahiser: I fully agree with Philip Jones when he describes the negros’ malformed “bent knees”, the negros’ malformed “heads thrown back”, the negros’ malformed “legs bowed out”, the negros’ malformed “flat feet”, the negros’ malformed “hips thrown upward” and the negros’ malformed “abdomens brought parallel with the earth”. I also agree with him concerning the malformed negros’ tendency to develop “cachexia” disease. What I don’t understand is: Why does Philip Jones continue to blame Yahweh for creating such malformed, disease-prone negro beings in the first place? And then make the assertion that Yahweh said those malformed, disease-prone negros were “good”?]

[Comment by Clifton A. Emahiser: We really should address this matter of “ash-cakes”, as no known flesh in the categories of man, animal, bird or marine creature can eat and digest “dust” by the handfuls! Living creatures can digest nothing larger than an “angstrom”, a unit of length equal to one tenth of a “millimicron”. A “millimicron” is a unit of length equal to one thousandth of a micron; or one billionth of a “meter”. A “micron”, also called “micrometer”, is the millionth part of a meter! A snake may swallow a certain amount of dirt with its meal, but the dirt will pass through its digestive system unabsorbed.

I did find a recipe for ash-cakes on the Internet at:

Wilderness Cooking: Secret Ash Cake Recipe:

Ash Cakes On The Coals

Build up a medium-size camp fire, and then let it die down into ashes and coals. Better yet, take advantage of the dying coals from a fire you used for another purpose.

When your coals are ash covered, but still very hot, pour 1/3 cup of the pancake mix into a container (or a clean hand). Start adding water, one spoonful at a time, and stirring the mix around with a stick or a clean finger, until the mix forms a ball of dough. You’re looking for a soft bread dough texture, a little softer than Playdough. If it’s too sticky, add more dry mix. You’ll know you have the right consistency if you can pat it into a ¼-inch thick pancake. Sprinkle some of the dry mix on your hands before patting the bread flat, to avoid gluing your hands together.

Next, toss the flat cake into the bed of coals and watch it closely as it starts to fluff up. You’ll cook it about one or two minutes on one side, depending on the heat of the coals. When it becomes rigid (like a flat biscuit), and the bottom edge begins to brown, use a stick to flip the cake over and cook it for 30 to 60 more seconds.

Use a stick to move the cooked cake out of the bed of coals, wait a few seconds for it to cool, then blow on it briskly to remove any lingering ash. A little ash won’t hurt you, a lot would taste nasty. Top your finished ash cake with butter, jam, honey or maple syrup if you like, or just eat it plain. In berry season, I’ll also add blueberries or raspberries to the dough for a sweet berry biscuit, which has never received a single complaint.” back to Philip Jones]

In our study we have also found that ‘Nagash was a title of the kings of Ethiopia ...’ (The Negro’s Place In Nature, by Dr. James Hunt, p. 251). ‘[The] Arabians call the Aethiopians Nagashi, i.e. serpents, from Nahash or the Indian Naga, a serpent’ (The Encircled Serpent, by Howey M. Oldfield, p. 20). ‘Naga’ is Sanskrit for serpent and was used in reference to the ‘Priests of the Wisdom.’ In Aramaic these priests were called Nogab, which also means ‘Illuminati.’ Drake says that ‘The Priests of the Wisdom governed Earth for 2,000 years before the Great Deluge of 9,000 B.C.’ (Gods and Spacemen in the Ancient West, by W. Raymond Drake, p.12). In ancient Egypt the negro was called Nahsi or Nehsi.

“‘[In] Persia and in other parts of the East they erected temples to the serpent tribe, and held festivals to their honour, esteeming them the supreme of all Gods, and the superintendents of the whole world. The worship began among the people of Chaldea [who were negroes according to Godfrey Higgins and Lacouperie] ... From Chaldea the worhip passed into Egypt, where the serpent deity was called Canoph, Caneph, and C’neph’ (Ophiolatreia, Health Research. p. 5). This worship passed from Babylon westward to Asia Minor and then to Rome where it still exists today. [Chaldaeans never negros! wmFinck.]

That the negro is a worshipper of his father, Nachash, is also evident from Dr. Joseph F. Rock’s discovery in 1933 of ‘an unmixed Negro people in China, the Nakhis, numbering 200,000, who, he says, had preserved their culture for 2000 years’ (Sex and Race, vol. 1, 9th ed., pp. 67-68).

[Comment by Clifton A. Emahiser: It is my position that no archaeologist has ever discovered the remains of a pureblooded unmixed negro. The following is from my essay Angels That Sinned “Chained In Darkness”, 2 Peter 2:4 & Jude 6, (#1):

We are informed at these two passages that there are angels “reserved in everlasting chains under darkness” and that God “cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment.” But, what is the nature of the binding power of the “chains”? Too often, it seems, the authors of sundry Biblical commentaries envision some kind of dungeon-like cave deep below the surface of the earth, a holding chamber for these dreadful creatures until the day of judgment.

To prepare us for a word study on these two passages, I will quote from the E-Sword program which matches all of the Strong’s numbers to the text:

2 Pet. 2:4: “For1063 if1487 God2316 spared5339 not3756 the angels32 that sinned264, but235 cast them down to hell5020, and delivered3860 them into chains4577 of darkness2217, to be reserved5083 unto1519 judgment2920 ...”

Jude 1:6: “And5037 the angels32 which kept5083 not3361 their1438 first estate746, but235 left620 their own2398 habitation3613, he hath reserved5083 in everlasting126 chains1199 under5259 darkness2217 unto1519 the judgment2920 of the great3173 day0225...”

If the reader will take notice here, the Strong’s number for “darkness” is 2217, and the numbers for “chains” are 4577 and 1199. However, the Strong’s Greek Dictionary is so abbreviated on these words, it’s about as useless as a tit on a boar, and in this instance I will not waste my time in citing it! On the other hand, The Complete New Testament Word Study by Spiros Zodhiates does much better, but one must be careful, as he will sneak some nominal churchianity dogma into his definitions. To his credit, though, in addition to his Greek definitions, for which he is usually quite honest, he also includes synonyms and antonyms which are very helpful.

Zodhiates on #2217: “... zóphos; genitive zóphou, masculine noun. Darkness, foggy weather, smoke (Heb. 12:18 [Textus Receptus], skótos [4655], darkness). Elsewhere spoken of the darkness of Tartarus or Gehenna (2 Pet. 2:4; Jude 1:6); of the darkness or thick darkness associated with the region of those who are lost (2 Pet. 2:4, 17; Jude 1:6, 13).

Synonyms: gnóphos (1105), blackness, gloom, associated with a tempest; achlús (887), a mist, especially as a dimness of the eyes; homíchle, occurs only in certain MSS in 2 Pet. 2:17 where the Textus Receptus has nephélai (3507), cloud.

Antonyms: phos (5457), light; phéggos (5338), brightness, light, such as the light of the moon which reflects the light of the sun and not possessing its own source of light; órthros (3722), dawn; apaúgasma (541), effulgence, brightness.”

Zodhiates on #4577: “... seirá; genitive seirás, feminine noun from eíro (not found in NT), to fasten. A cord, band, chain. In 2 Pet. 2:4, the chains mentioned are not to be understood as literal material shackles. The expression ‘of darkness’ (zóphou, genitive of zóphos [2217], darkness) indicates that darkness itself somehow serves to restrain these fallen spirits. If taken as a parallel passage, Jude 1:6 states that these creatures have been bound by ‘eternal’ (aïdios [126]) chains and are being kept (tetereken, perfect active indicative of teréo [5083], to keep) under (hupó [5259]) darkness. The phrase ‘under darkness’ suggests that darkness exercises some kind of dominion over these immured angels, it is something under the control of which the angels remain imprisoned.

Synonyms: hálusis (254), chain or bond for binding the body or any part of it; desmós (1199), usually in the plural neuter desmá, bonds, chains.”

Zodhiates on #1199: “... desmós; genitive desmoú, masculine noun from déo (1210), to bind. Band, bond, ligament.

(I) In the singular, spoken of a ligament or whatever matter may cause some member of the body such as the tongue to be impeded (Mark 7:35); or the limbs (Luke 13:16, see also Luke 13:11; Sept.: Judg. 15:13; Dan. 4:12).

(II) In the plural oi desmoí, and Attic ta desmá (neuter plural), bonds, imprisonment, for example:

(A) Hoi desmoí in Phil. 1:13 and probably elsewhere in the writings of Paul (Phil. 1:7, 14, 16; Col. 4:18; 2 Tim. 2:9; Phile. 1:10, 13, in bonds or imprisonment for the sake of the gospel; Heb. 10:34; 11:36; Jude 1:6; Sept.: Judg. 15:14; Job 39:5; Ps. 2:3; Jer. 27:2).

(B) In the neuter plural tá desmá. In Luke’s writings (Luke 8:29; Acts 16:26; 20:23; 22:30; 23:29; 26:29, 31) meaning that which holds someone bound, without freedom.

Derivation: desmeúo (1195), to bind, chain; desmeo (1196), to bind with chains; desmophúlax (1200), a prisonkeeper.

Synonyms: súndesmos (4886), something that binds closely; zeuktería (2202), that which yokes; speíra (4686), anything wound, a twisted rope, a body of men at arms; sustrophe (4963), a secret coalition, riotous crowd forming a conspiracy; hálusis (254), a chain.

Antonym: eleuthería (1657), freedom.” ....

Once we understand that many of these terms are veiled in idiomatic language, it behooves us to break the hidden code in which they are written. In particular, “... anything wound (or coiled in a spiral), a twisted rope ...”. This definition is a perfect description of the DNA “double helix” within every cell of an earthly life form. It is a violation of Yahweh’s genetic laws, when two alien types of DNA are locked together it forms a half breed plant, animal or person, which can never be reversed. Such creatures become a type of a third-kind. Therefore, the term “third world”, as used today to describe nonwhite peoples, is not out of order. For instance, a mule (from which we get the term mulatto) is a creature of a third-kind. There is one thing we can be very sure of, and that is the fact that Yahweh never created a creature of a third-kind! So, that brings up a very important question: Where did all of those nonwhite creatures of a third-kind come from? My position is that the negro is a creature of “third-kind”, and Yahweh fiercely hates GMO’s! End of lengthy comment, CAE – back to Philip Jones]

Thomas says that ‘the serpent gods and goddesses who live in underground abodes in the Himalayas’ are known as Nagas (We Are Not The First, by Andrew Thomas, p. 95). ‘Old Sanskrit texts speak of the Nagas, or Serpent Gods, who live in underground palaces lighted by luminous gems in the fastness of the Himalayas’ (We Are Not The First, by Andrew Thomas, p.117). It may be hard for some to believe that the lowly negro is capable of so much, but remember that the head of the serpent does not include every negro. Thus the negro does not lead himself, but rather, he lets his more intelligent offspring (i.e. mongrels) provide himself with the leadership necessary to conquer and destroy Whites. Yet we do not believe the negro is led by ‘fallen angels’.

As might be expected, ‘The mixbreeds, generally, have furnished the leaders who have sought to rally the Negro ... The white man tends to advance the mixbreed rather than the full black ... It is by standing on the shoulders of the black man that the mixbreed is able to peep into the window of the white, and from this elevation plan a means of entrance through the front door’ (Teutonic Unity, by Earnest S. Cox, pp. 213-214).

[Comment by Clifton A. Emahiser: It appears that Philip Jones is really hung-up on making the metaphorical “serpent” that sexually seduced Eve a negro, rather than a fallen angel who had the capability of causing Eve to become pregnant, (as several fallen angels later at Gen. 6:2-4 had sexual intercourse with pure Adamic women and caused them to become pregnant)! It is true that the negros are also satanic due to “fallen angels” directly having sexual intercourse with various animals getting them pregnant. Philip Jones in his Racial Hybridity, p. 102, well states: “Since the negro is himself an ape, the king of beast, he is the obvious source of pigment cells which are also present in apes.” Is Philip saying it was an ape that seduced Eve? I don’t see how we could take Philip’s statement any other way! – back to Philip Jones]

In the Hindu scriptures, Shesha (Satan) is symbolized as a twelve-headed cobra. The heads or brains of the serpent seed, who are actively working for the destruction of the White Man and the takeover of the world, are those of mixed-flesh; those who are neither White or negro, but are a product of both. The most active branch of mongrels that we know of are the Jews, known in the Bible as the ‘Synagogue of Satan’ (Rev. 2:9; 3:9; I Thess. 2:14-18). The struggle is thus more complicated than just ‘black versus White’. There is a ‘gray’ area also. The Bible explains that ‘Satan is transformed into an ‘angel of light’, meaning that he appears to be a White man. How often people ‘let down their guard’ when someone appears whose negro genes are ‘bleached out’. This gives the negro the cover he needs to work to destroy us through his mimicry.”

Since Philip cited Thess. 2:14-18, I will quote it from William Finck’s Christogenea New Testament:

14 You have become imitators, brethren, of the assemblies of Yahweh in Judaea which are among the number of Christ Yahshua, because these same things even you have suffered by your own tribesmen, likewise they also by the Judaeans: 15 those who killed both Prince Yahshua and the prophets, and banished us, and are not pleasing to Yahweh, and contrary to all men. 16 Preventing us from speaking to the Nations that they would be preserved, for which to fill their errors at all times, but the wrath has come upon them at last. 17 But we, brethren, having been bereaved of you for a measure of time in person, not in heart, more abundantly with much longing have been eager to see your presence. 18 Because we have wished to come to you, indeed I Paul, both once and again has the Adversary hindered us.” Note also Rom. 16:20: “Now Yahweh of peace will crush the Adversary under your feet quickly.”

[Comment by Clifton A. Emahiser: In this case, the “Adversary” could hardly be a gang of negros, unless one would want to count the negroid blood absorbed by the Edomite-jews! – back to Philip Jones]

Judaism uses the serpent as its symbol for conquering the world. The plans are outlined in the book called The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The six-pointed star of David and Solomon is never shown to Christians in its entire setting, surrounded by a cobra with its tail in its mouth, with the golden caduceus in the center of the star (The Mystery of Satan and the Devil, bk. 2, by B.F. Jackson p. 10).

B.F. Jackson writes: ‘Since time immemorial, Jewry’s Supreme Grand Orient Freemasonic Lodge of B’nai B’rith was located in Lhasa, Tibet in which is Lucifer’s library containing textbooks giving instructions on incomplete knowledge of God’s Cosmic Powers handed down from Lucifer in the Garden of Eden ... From the beginning, the Devil has been an ordinary Jew supreme grand master of black magic’ (The Mystery of Satan and the Devil, bk. 2, by B.F. Jackson p. 25). Norman states that the collection of books in Lhasa outnumbers those in the British Museum (This Hollow Earth, by Eric Norman, p. 56).”

[Comment by Clifton A. Emahiser: There are many serious flaws with the hypothesis of a so-called “hollow earth” that are impossible to resolve. If such a thing existed, and one would attempt to walk around the surface of the inner-earth, gravity would be reverse to outer-earth, and one would descend to the zero point of gravity, helpless to return! Norman is from Clownsville!]