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Watchman's Teaching Letter #212 December 2015

This is my two hundred and twelfth monthly teaching letter and continues my eighteenth year of publication. In the last letter, WTL #211, I discussed my boyhood and teenage church affiliation, which consisted of a mixture of tenets from the Church of the Brethren and the Evangelical Church. Through childhood, I was not aware of who believed what, or why they believed it. It would take years and a kaleidoscope tumbling of events to bring all the bits and pieces together, before they somewhat gelled into a clear picture. My parents often stated, “When Clifton gets on to something, he rides it to death”, and I have to admit they were right. I was never satisfied with the ordinary, as the ordinary bored me to tears.

An example of my riding something to death was when I was a water boy for a farmer, and it came his turn to have his crop of wheat threshed. A group of farmers owned a wheat threshing machine, and in would come several horse drawn wagons and a couple of trucks, and they would serve a thresher’s dinner at noon. Resting after eating the noon meal, several of the farmers started to discuss the going price of wheat. The conversation turned to the Chicago Board of Trade, where they would have to take whatever the jews offered them. From this, it didn’t take me very long to figure out why Hitler didn’t particularly care for the jews, and that Hitler was probably right. Right away, I started to tell everyone I could how the jews were robbing the farmers blind, and that Hitler had the right idea. I continued telling this to everybody I could for several months on end. That’s the way I am, and there is no changing me.

I left off in the last lesson explaining how Pastor Fox and a few of his partisans at the Evangelical Church in Fostoria, Ohio used a woman evangelist by the name of Pauline Stevens to preach a tear-jerking sermon, using popular male and female chaperones to pressure the young teenage girls and boys to go forward to the altar, then scheduling baptism and then formal church membership. Although both my sister and I were sucked into this, neither of us displayed any demeanor of conversion. Not only that, there was no Bible study or spiritual guidance on the part of our father or mother, outside of my father returning thanks at the dinner table. Evidently, our parents left all of that responsibility to the Sunday school teacher! So going to church for my sister and I, it was just something that was demanded of us, and was just a matter of going through the motions to get it over with. And that’s the way it continued until I entered the Navy on December 7, 1944.

Watchman's Teaching Letter #211 November 2015

This is my two hundred and eleventh monthly teaching letter and continues my eighteenth year of publication. In the last letter, WTL #210, I explained how I finally finished remodeling what was before a garage with a 20 x 20 foot recreation room attached to the garage for my barber business. By the time that I finally got into this newly remodeled building, the long hair of the 1960s was already having a negative effect on the barber trade.

When I originally opened my barber business in Fostoria, Ohio in 1954, I named my establishment, “Emahiser’s Barber Shop”, and worked under that name until about 1965. Of course, I advertised my barber service by this same name. Somehow I had obtained a copy of the Toledo, Ohio telephone book, and glancing through the yellow pages, I noticed that several TV antenna services were adjusting the names of their businesses to be the very first name in both the yellow and white pages. Generally, at that time, the barber business was gradually slowing down, and getting slower, so I theorized that if I could change the name of my business in the Fostoria, Ohio telephone book, my business would be listed first in both the white and yellow pages under “Barbers”. For many years the AAA (American Automobile Association) held that position. I eventually renamed my barber shop “A-1 Barber Service”. To make sure this would be the way my business would be listed, I called the Ohio Bell Telephone business office, and they assured me that my new DBA would place me first, both in the white pages and yellow pages, under “Barbers” in the Fostoria telephone book. People really are not aware of it, but habitually they will pick the first listed business for a service.

Also in WTL #210 I explained ... that the biggest financial break I got was when I was able to sell a portion of my large lot where my barbershop was located on Countyline street (while keeping the portion I needed for my business) to the Marathon Oil Company, for a filling station ... Anyway, according to my records, I paid off all of my debt to the Citizens Savings and Loan Association, Tiffin, Ohio, by March of 1971. With this lesson, I will give the reader a general church affiliation overview of my wife and I, which is quite varied:

The Fraud Perpetrated in Mitochondrial DNA

I recently completed and distributed an essay entitled The Fraud Perpetrated In The Field Of Genetics, and I will now zero in on the above subject. I am sure that most serious Bible students understand that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and all the twelve tribes of Israel reckoned their lineage from their fathers! What is not widely known is the fact that the converso Edomite-jews, for the most part reckon their lineage from their mothers! This should wave a red flag to all Christians that those calling themselves “jews” are not the “Israelites” of the Old Testament! I will now cite the following website [and one must grasp that this is a jewish website and written from a jewish perspective]:

Matrilineality in Judaism

Matrilineality in Judaism is the view that people born of a Jewish mother are themselves Jewish. The Torah does not explicitly discuss the conferring of Jewish status through matrilineality. The Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) also provides many examples of Israelite men whose children begotten through foreign women appear to have been accepted as Israelite. In contrast, Jewish oral tradition codified in Mishnah in the 2nd century CE serves as the basis of a shift in Rabbinic Judaism from patrilineal to matrilineal descent.

The Mishnah (Kiddushin 3:12) states that, to be a Jew, one must be either the child of a Jewish mother or a convert to Judaism, (ger tzedek, ‘righteous convert’). Orthodox opinion regards this rule as dating from receipt of the Torah at Mount Sinai, but most non-Orthodox scholars regard it as originating either at the time of Ezra (4th Century BCE) or during the period of Roman rule in the 1st-2nd centuries CE, as patrilineal descent is known to have been the standard of Judaism prior to that time. [jews refuse A.D., and use CE instead in order to reject Christ’s Dominion, CAE]

The Creation of Eve From the Curved Rib (i.e., DNA) of Adam

Our theme is taken from Genesis 2:20-23 and it reads thusly:

20 ... but for Adam121 there was not found an help meet for him. 21 And Yahweh Almighty caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam121, and he slept: and He took one of his ribs6763, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; 22 And the rib6763, which Yahweh Almighty had taken from man120, made He a woman, and brought her unto the man120. 23 And Adam121 said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of man120.”

We should not consider the above passage without taking special notice of Genesis 2:7, which states:

And Yahweh Almighty formed man120of the dust6083 of the ground127, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man120 became a living soul.”

The reader will notice that we have two extraordinarily important Hebrew words from the very start. Some King James only quibblers argumentatively contend that the KJV is god-breathed, and we do not have to scrutinize the original Biblical languages. The insolent “KJV only” people couldn’t be more wrong, for it is imperative we thoroughly research Strong’s Hebrew #’s 6083, 6080, 127, 119 & 1818 here and now!

Watchman's Teaching Letter #210 October 2015

This is my two hundred and tenth monthly teaching letter and continues my eighteenth year of publication. In the last letter, WTL #209, I explained how I finally moved my barber business from a downtown location in a basement under the Candyland restaurant to a high traffic area on a four-lane street in a residential district. Not only did the greater part of my established patronage follow me to my new location, but I gained a substantial amount of new business from the surrounding neighborhood. In addition to that, I started to get commuter business from other cities, such as traveling salesmen, repairmen, or a couple of dozen other occupations working out of pickup trucks, delivery trucks, farm trucks and vans of all sorts, too numerous to mention here. After all, Countyline street was a main thoroughfare for U.S. route 23 and State route 199. In years past, all of that transit business had to pass through the downtown district, but after underpasses were built beneath all of Fostoria’s many railways, that traffic was transferred to Countyline street. However, if they ever build a bypass around Fostoria, as they often suggest doing, that business advantage will dry up to some extent. But that has not happened in the last seventy years, and doesn’t appear likely anytime soon.

Here I was with a heavy workload in the barber business, plus a home to finish up, plus a building to remodel for my barber business at my Countyline street location. Looking back at 1962 and 1963, it amazes me that I was doing so well in temporary quarters in the kitchen of that old rundown house. But things were about to change for the worse. There were two forces that would bring this about:

(1) I was not immediately aware of it, but about that same time large incorporated drugstore chains were starting to enfranchise barbershops within their drugstores to draw new customers to their branches by offering quick barber services at a very reduced price, though the service was usually quite inferior in nature. Up until that time, the barber and beautician were usually locally owned as a proprietorship. Occasionally, I would have a customer who would brag when they were vacationing in Florida, California, or some other state having these drugstore barbershops, they could get immediate service at any time of the day, and for half the price that the Fostoria barbers were charging. It was obvious those Edomite-jew owned huge drugstore chains didn’t give a damn about the barber business, but was only using the barbers to draw people to their damnable pharmacies.

Watchman's Teaching Letter #209 September 2015

This is my two hundred and ninth monthly teaching letter and continues my eighteenth year of publication. In the last letter, WTL #208, I was explaining how it took me two years in my own barber business to get well enough established in Fostoria, Ohio to start living comfortably. During these same two years I actually sacrificed about one year in lost income, in comparison to what I would have earned at the Hotel Barber Shop in Bowling Green, Ohio for that period.

By 1956 between my wife’s income from working in the office at the Seneca Wire Mill Company, along with my receipts from barbering, we were doing well enough that we were starting to consider building ourselves a house, but we weren’t doing well enough financially to buy a house already built. So our only other alternative was to buy a lot and build a house, portion by portion, as we could afford it. Again, we were working on a shoestring, so to speak. We started by purchasing a lot in an area that others, at the time, wouldn’t consider, but we took a chance that in the future the area would be built up with new homes, and that is what happened. So we paid $100 down on a lot, and $25 a month until it was paid for. We then found out if the lot was paid for, we could get a ready-cut house for 10% down, and Sterling Homes would finance and send most of what we needed, except for the foundation, plumbing, wiring, and concrete. We got up the 10%, and we were on our way, but I had to build the house myself.

That meant that I had to rearrange my hours at my barber business to gain the time I needed to build our house, and I had to gamble that my business wouldn’t suffer all that much. I was in the barber’s union at that time, and all the other union barbers in town were working from 8.00 A.M. until 6.00 P.M. five days a week, plus Wednesday from 8.00 A.M. until 12.00 noon. Before this time I had chosen to close to all day on Wednesday, making it a five day week for me. I found out by closing all day Wednesday, the greater part of the usual Wednesday customers would show up on Thursday. So I decided to start opening up four full days a week, being closed all day on Monday and all day Wednesday. It worked as I had gambled it would, as the greater part of the usual Monday customers showed up on Tuesday.


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