The Ephraim-Scepter Heresy, Part 6


On October 4, 1996, I went to Louden, Tennessee, to the Piney Ruritain Community Center for the Feast Of Tabernacles. There was a speaker there by the name of Scott Vaught who was teaching that Yahshua-Christ was of the Tribe of Ephraim rather than the Tribe of Judah. Ever since that time, I have been trying to find the origin of that theory. I have recently discovered from where it emerged. Little did I imagine that its origin is to be found in the “Jewish” Talmud, and that the more famous “Jewish” Cabbalists throughout history have been, and are still, its greatest adherents.

As many of you already know, I have gone to great lengths to steer people away from Eugene (Buddy) Johnson’s venom along this line, for Buddy picked up the ball from Scott Vaught and started running with it and is disseminating it all over the country. I’m not going to waste a lot of time, but give you the documentation I have on this ignominious, heretical prevarication which has its origin from of the very pits of hell!

A friend of mine sent me a small 4"x6", 32 page booklet entitled The Jewish Tradition Of Two Messiahs written by staff writer Kevin Williams of the “RBC Ministries.” While the author uses the usual nominal churchianity rhetoric like “Jew” and “Gentile”, nevertheless, his is a scholarly treatise with documentation to back up his subject. He demonstrates on page 16 how some Jews differentiate between a “suffering” Messiah and a “conquering” Messiah, which is typically a “Jewish” line-of-thought. Unable to reconcile both a “suffering” and a “conquering” Messiah in one being, some of them decided that there must be two.

The Ephraim-Scepter Heresy, Part 5


This is the fifth in a series on this subject, and you might not fully understand this paper unless you have read the first four. The proponents of this theory claim that the entire Tribe of Judah are corrupted with satanic seed and that the Messiah came from the Tribe of Ephraim. They manipulate many Biblical passages entirely out-of-context to contrive such an end. With this paper, we are going to address one passage they use in their malevolent agenda. That passage is Revelation 5:5, and William Finck has the following to say on the topic: 


First, let us review some quotes from Buddy Johnson and his coconspirator, Russell Walker, on this verse. Starting with their joint paper In Search Of The Missing Birthright, on the last page of my copy dated 2-27-03: “We (Buddy Johnson and Russell Walker) have exposed this error and deception to help you overcome the lion of Judah, just as the true Greek reads in Rev. 5:5 Christ says, ‘behold I the lamb have overcome the lion of Judah to open the seals there of’.”

The Ephraim-Scepter Heresy, Part 4


This is the fourth in a series on this subject. We are going to start this paper quoting excerpts of a letter from a Mr. Buddy Johnson, P.O. Box 2284, New Tazewell, TN, 37824, to William Finck. William had sent lengthy letters to both Russell Walker, 11055 Jefferson Highway, Madisonville, VA, 23958, and Mr. Johnson, dated 25th March, 03 and 22nd April, 03. In these two letters, William Finck challenged Johnson and Walker on many aspects of their flawed premise concerning the Ephraim-Scepter Heresy. Mr. Johnson started his letter thusly: “The first issue is that of Birthright. Frankly after this issue there [sic. are] no others of the same magnitude.” I cannot answer for Finck, but I would have replied: “Is not the Scepter of equal ‘magnitude’ to the birthright?”

Mr. Johnson proceeds to quote three different dictionaries on the word “birthright”, and completely ignores any definition of the word “Scepter”! Mr. Buddy Johnson seems to have a one-track mind headed for nowhere. Then at paragraph 5 on page 1, Johnson makes an arrogant, unqualified statement: “The simple undisputed fact is that both Joseph and later Ephraim had the birthright. It is undisputed that Yahshuah [sic] was given the birthright and that he not only owns the earth but the fullness thereof. Yashuah [sic] would have had to have descended from Joseph and Ephraim to be given the birthright. This argument is simultaneously so simple and so comprehensive in its depth that it is not even be [sic] up for discussion.”

The Ephraim-Scepter Heresy, Part 3


This is the third in a series on this subject. Again, what some people fantasize or presume the Bible is saying is simply flagrant. When they deviate from the true context, the Scripture will make a liar out of them every time. The Ephraim-Scepter heresy is an outrageous undertaking designed to validate that the Scripture proves that the Redeemer many call “Jesus Christ” was of the Tribe of Ephraim rather than the Tribe of Judah. They go to long lengths and twist many passages into pretzels in order to accomplish their goal. I will again cite a passage that blows their ludicrous surmise (wild off-the-cuff guess) into oblivion, 1 Kings 12:16: “So when all [the 10 northern tribes of] Israel saw that the king [Rehoboam] hearkened not unto them, the people answered the king, saying, What portion have we in David? neither have we inheritance in the son of Jesse: to your tents, O Israel: now see to thine own house, David. So Israel departed unto their tents.”

The Ephraim-Scepter Heresy, Part 2


This is the second in a series on this subject, and it’s simply amazing what some people dream up on what they presume the Bible is saying. This subject is no exception. Evidently, they are endeavoring to find some new revelation so they can set themselves up, wittingly or unwittingly, on a pedestal and lord it over everyone else as some kind of pompous, grandiose, overblown demagogue. This is the image they make of themselves when peddling this off-the-wall, counterproductive, recycled hogwash, and that is probably overrating it. For those who don’t know what the Ephraim-Scepter heresy is all about, it’s a sorry, reprehensible attempt to remove the Scepter from Judah and place it in Ephraim’s hands. In order to fully understand, you will need to read The Ephraim-Scepter Heresy, #1. The reason for such outlandish, preposterous conclusions is because they haven’t the slightest idea why Judah was chosen by Jacob for the Scepter in the first place.

The Ephraim-Scepter Heresy, Part 1


At John 8:32, we are told “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” It is paramount, therefore, we find that truth and never deviate from it, for without it the enemy’s shackles can never be broken. With this treatise, we will investigate a doctrine contrary to all that is Holy, and will only tighten our chains of servitude all the more. This great fallacy is a formula for disaster, and when we are finished, we will see clearly how UN-Scriptural it is. The proponents of this heresy dub it “In Search Of The Missing Birthright.” Once analyzing the nature of the distortion and the unsoundness of its foundation, one can recognize it for the fraud it really is. Its very heading is a deception, for the “birthright” was never lost. The undeniable intent of this heresy has nothing to do with the “birthright”, but to remove the Scepter from the Tribe of Judah and transfer it to the Tribe of Ephraim. Let’s call it what it truthfully is! If the Scepter were to go to Ephraim, as they falsely claim, Ephraim would have everything and Judah nothing. Once grasping their subterfuge as a means to divert the eye toward the birthright while manipulating the Scepter, their entire shellgame is exposed.

After propagating the above highly misleading title-heading, the proponents of this false doctrine will say: “the birthright belonging to the House of Ephraim was hidden by the scribes who ruled the Sanhedrin” and that “the scribes also tried to distort the genealogy of the Messiah so as to create the appearance that the Messiah would descend from Judah and not Joseph Ephraim.” Continuing, they will claim that the motive was selfishly done “to enhance their own importance as they believed that they descended from Judah, and wanted to glory in being in the tribe from which the Savior-Messiah would be born.” Continuing, they make the unfounded claim, “we can safely assume that the scribes were learned Talmudic experts and that maybe they knew that they in fact were descendants of Satan but claiming to be the undiluted seed of Abraham through Judah.” How do you like that word “assume”? Answer: We can’t “safely assume” any such thing! Breaking down that word it reads “ass-u-me” (ass-of-me), and that is what they do!


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